Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam? [2021 Review] Make $2000 Cash Without Experience Or A Lie?

Welcome to My 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review!

More or less, it only takes a name to know whether the program is good or not. Based on the reviews I’ve had in the past, most low-quality platforms had these titles that are sure to catch everyone’s attention, including “millionaire lifestyle”, “6-figure program”, or anything that makes making money sounds easy.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review Summary

Name: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle


Founders: Scott Miller

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing But More Like A Pyramid Scheme In Disguise

Price: Cash Gifting/Packages Starting From $2,000 To $22,000 + Admin Fee Ranging From $195 To $495

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Quick Summary: 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is promoted as a multi-level marketing (MLM) but in reality, it’s a pyramid scheme with no tangible products to sell. It focuses mainly on recruitment and if you’re not careful enough with this kind of program, you might end up putting your money down the drain.

Read this honest 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review to find out why I consider this platform a scam.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

So, in this honest 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review, we’ll find out if this platform is the same old low-quality platform that only sounds too good to be true or if it’s the real deal.

This means covering out what it’s all about, revealing if it’s a scam or not, its pros and cons, and many more.


The website’s been shut down because of several red flags but for the sake of transparency and additional information, I am doing this review. Apparently, the program was launched under a new name and so, I want to give a warning.

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What Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle About?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a network marketing company under the niche of internet marketing. It claims to help you create an 8-figure income, as the name suggests, even without experience or special skills.

It was founded by Scott Miller, who was the same person behind a massive pyramid scheme called TelexFree.

As mentioned above, the website’s been shut down but when it was live, there’s little to no information at all about this company. For me, that’s odd because normally, multi-level marketing (MLM) platforms take advantage of their page to talk about the owners, what they’ve accomplished, the recognition that their products have, etc.

And speaking of products, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has no product at all. The only way to make money here is by driving people into their platform and recruiting new members. That being said, it’s more likely to be Ponzi scheme rather than an MLM.

But before we go on, I’d like to clarify the difference between a pyramid scheme and an MLM as most people think that these two are the same. While there’s recruitment required in both platforms, multi-level marketing is a legit business model. 

It can be profitable if you are good at making sales and inviting people to join the platform. Also, an MLM has tangible products or if not, they offer valuable services that members can really use, such as coaching and mentorship. Also, with this business, you will not receive commissions after you acquired a new downline rather, when your team hit a sales quota or a new milestone.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, is plain recruitment. You are compensated directly for inviting a new person. However, this kind of business model is not only unstable but also illegal in most states and countries.

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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Product Line

While some legit MLM companies do not offer tangible products, such as slimming coffee and cosmetics, they provide valuable services, such as mentorship. However, with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle, the only thing you can purchase as affiliate memberships that are overpriced.

There are training resources included but I don’t think it’s worth the price. Besides, the main focus of this platform is to obtain more members so for me, I won’t waste time anymore.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Compensation Plan

The program’s been shut down so I don’t see any reason why I need to elaborate more on its compensation plan. But, just to shed some light, here’s a quick video about it:

Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam?

No arguments needed. It’s definitely a scam and if FTC’s action is not enough to prove it, I’ll give more red flags below:

  • More Likely A Pyramid Scheme

Obviously, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a pyramid scheme because it has no legit products or services to promote. Also, the commission you get depends on the number of people you bring into the company plus the type of membership you purchase.

  • Commission Depends On The Membership

As mentioned above, your compensation depends on the membership or package you obtain for yourself. Don’t forget that these packages are expensive so for me, there’s a huge chance to lose your money.

  • Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

The program claims to help members earn $2,000 worth of commissions and obviously, this means easy cash. However, no one can really get that huge amount in just a snap unless the person’s a celebrity, has joined a lottery and won, or is highly-skilled and recognized.

Also, I’ve mentioned that the company might be under a new company and it’s named Online Entrepreneur Academy. It was created by 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle’s officers, including Jerry Maurer, Alex Dee, and Brian Kaplan. 

Both programs -- 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle and Online Entrepreneur Academy -- were sued already because of telemarketing fraud. These companies have stolen not only dollars, but millions worth of cash. The bad news is, there’s still a chance for this kind of business to be introduced in the future so, watch out!



8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a high-ticket pyramid scheme that offers five packages to choose from. Take note, I called it a pyramid scheme because it’s far from how an MLM program works. I mean, I’m not interested in any network marketing platform because I find it challenging and complicated but pyramid scheme? Well, it just made things worse.

Anyway, here’s a quick outline of the packages:

  • Basic Membership worth $2,000 + $195 Admin Fee
  • Builder Package worth $3500 + $295 Admin Fee
  • Advanced Package worth $6,000 + $395 Admin Fee
  • Pro Package worth $12,500 + $445 Admin Fee
  • VIP Package worth $22,000 + $495 Admin Fee

These packages include training resources on various topics, such as the law of attraction, tips on self-confidence, motivation, weight loss, email copy, podcasts, etc.

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Who Is It For?

It’s not for anyone. 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is clearly the type of program you want to get rid off. It’s only after your money and not about helping you make money.

Also, it’s a get-rich quick scheme so if I were you, I’d rather spend time working on legit money-making programs even if that meant acquiring skills and expertise to make it work. After all, these things are important if you really want to be successful.

Training Tools/Support

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has covered a lot of topics that can help in starting and growing a business or even your professional career.

The problem is, you can easily find these resources online — FOR FREE! Well, I know some gurus or experts share their personal experiences and tips that’s why it comes with a fee but with this platform, I don’t think the prices are reasonable.

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Final Opinion/Verdict

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a dream -- only if it’s real. Make thousands even without experience? Now that’s something many of us want, right? Sadly, this kind of scheme is not only illegal, it also puts many finances and relationships at risk.

First, there’s no guarantee that you are going to make cash even if you purchased the most expensive package, the one that costs $22,000. You have to convince as much people as you can and often, this might lead you to telling bold claims or lies as well, much like how the program was marketed.

Second, since you’ll be compensated through recruitment, you’ll be forced to invite everyone, whether you know them personally or not. This might put a strain in your relationships with friends and families. 

Also, the fact that it has received a complaint from FTC is more than enough to tell you that you should ignore this kind of business at all cost!

What’s Next?

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Just a heads up though, unlike low-quality programs, this one would require time,effort, and hard work but the results are promising, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Also, I hope I’ve enlightened you with my 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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