Is Affiliate Networking Mastery Worth It? What This Training Platform Is NOT Telling You?

Welcome To My Affiliate Networking Mastery Review!

Make money opportunities are abundant online and so are these training platforms. In some way, these programs can help individuals earn a decent income over the Internet.

However, not all training platforms are created equal; some are beneficial while some are just a waste of time.

Affiliate Networking Mastery Review Summary

Name:  Affiliate Networking Mastery


Founders:   Stefan James

Product Type:  Affiliate Marketing

Price:   $997 For One Time Fee Or $397 In Three Installments?

Quick Summary:  Affiliate Networking Mastery is a training course that showcases various ways on how you can build a long-term affiliate networking business. Stefan James, who is a renowned marketer these days, built this program to teach the fundamentals of establishing a good network based on his own proven and tested methods.

But what makes this program quite controversial? Is Affiliate Networking Mastery worth your money and time or not?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will talk about Affiliate Networking Mastery, a course that talks about making money through affiliate networking business.

We’ll find out what it’s really about, its pros and cons, and whether it’s worth your time or not so be sure to read the entire post.

What Is Affiliate Networking Mastery About?

Affiliate Networking Mastery was created by Stefan James. He is an entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada who has built quite a successful business over the years.

Affiliate Networking Mastery has been established way back in 2016. 

Basically, it is a step-by-step training course that aims to teach people how to build an online brand that would generate substantial profit through marketing.

In order to give you a clear representation of how it works, these are the following topics that are being included in their training tutorials:

  • Finding a niche

  • Blogging

  • YouTube marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • How to monetize everything through affiliate marketing

Affiliate networking is a legit business model that won’t require you to purchase products or services nor recruit other people to join. 

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll have your own unique link, which you can place in content and social media posts.

To earn commissions, you should be able to complete an action using your unique link. 

For instance, you are promoting an appliance or a digital course; if a person purchased or signed up using your link, you will get a commission.

So basically, you are just marketing products and services and making money online.

Affiliate Networking Mastery Product Line

The Affiliate Networking Mastery contains various training including the following as follows:

  • More than 70 step-by-step tutorial videos categorized into 7 main training modules having more than 20 hours worth of content

  • Downloadable PDF like transcripts and summary for each of the lesson

  • 90-Day Email Coaching Program

  • Weekly Webinars

Likewise, the course itself consists of 7 different modules, with each module covering a different topic as follows:

Module 1: Introduction, Strategy, and Mindset

It entails the general overview of the course, and James goes through the entire strategy of affiliate marketing. He tackled the actuality of affiliate marketing being not a get-rich-quick-scheme as it will take time and dedication, during the mindset section. 

Module 2: Market Research and Keywords

It encompasses your focus on researching your niche. He will be teaching you to effectively evaluate various affiliate links, products, payouts, and the number of available ones. 

Module 3: How to Build Your Online Brand and Presence

Upon having your market, James will now teach you in building your brand. Basically, it refers to signing up for social media platforms. This module will pave the way to showcase the procedures in creating your accounts. It just involved things such as:

Putting a background picture

  • Linking your social media

  • Putting a profile picture

  • Putting a description

Most of the things here rely on technical tutorials regarding various used platforms.

Module 4: How To Get Followers And Subscribers With Compelling Content

You will learn here how to elevate the number of your followers and subscribers by producing content that will hook up people's attention. 

He will be tackling different content creation strategies for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Module 5: How to Get Visitors & Followers FAST

It revolves around two things which are clickbait and PPC. He discusses the creation of compelling headlines on YouTube, which is simply pointing out clickbait. Indeed, it can be an effective way to lure people into watching it right away and might eventually be converted as one of the subscribers. 

Module 6: How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

This one is the most straightforward for you to put an affiliate link in your Youtube channel or Instagram bio and promote it. You'll be enlightened as to how you can put your affiliate link in your channel, and how to advertise it. Trying his best, he made it a little bit methodical by involving the “dos” and “don’ts”, but certainly it's too obvious to even hide. 

Module 7: Performance & Optimization Strategies

You'll be getting knowledge here as to how you can set up analytic tracking, how to read the data, and how to use the data to optimize your content. It will be useful for the attainment of long-term success. James himself, even considers the idea of split-testing your content to optimize it for greater success. 

It’s almost the same as:

Is Affiliate Networking Mastery A Scam?

No, Affiliate Networking Mastery is a legitimate training course that would help you get started using methods for affiliate marketing. 

The long-term experience of online promoting other people's products or services by the man behind this program, Stefan James, was used as the basis as to what will be the content to be taught. 

Significantly, he's not just some fake guru, he garnered quite a good impression on his profession, so he's a real online marketer that you can rely on getting valuable information. 

Simply, it aims to be of help and not to just rob your money. In fact, you'll be able to access workable video lessons that will build up your knowledge of affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Networking Mastery genuinely offers multiple contents, and the major plus is their offered 30-day money-back guarantee. Not to mention that they have an active community. In that sense, it is far from being a scam.

Affiliate Networking Mastery Compensation Plan

Aside from the aforementioned training and offered teachings and strategies, Affiliate Networking Mastery likewise comes with some bonuses, involving the following:

  • “My Ultimate List of Affiliate Programs” – A list of affiliate links

  • “Fast-Track To Profits”- A sales formula

  • “Done-For-You Website”- A premade website

  • “Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Funnel- A premade sales funnel

A valuation of $4,488 was placed by Stefan James on these bonuses. In addition, access to his private Facebook group is offered. 

Most importantly, there is an accessible 30-Day money-back guarantee covering the entire course as well as the bonuses, in case you aren't satisfied with the course.

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How Much To Join Affiliate Networking Mastery?

The cost of Affiliate Networking Mastery is $997 for the one-time payment. However, for those who cannot afford this, James himself offers a payment plan, which totals $1,191 across 3 payments.



Well-Structured Training Program

This course is seen to be a well-structured one, containing a beginning and an end. It can be easily implemented for it involves a step-by-step format. 

Even the included video modules of this course are comprehensive. Your expectations from someone having definite knowledge and experience with affiliate marketing will be satisfied.

Focused On Long-Term Results and Building a Brand

The focus of the whole course is to help you, the same way as Stefan did with Project Life Mastery, to establish a brand in your niche. 

Simply, you are bound to build a real business through this course. The long-term results are being prioritized more than the short-term gratification. If you get lucky with it, you might be able to be successful as Stefan James and you can fulfill your dream of becoming an authority figure in your niche.

Based On Workable Method

The methods being used inside Affiliate Networking Mastery are proven and tested. These workable methods can help you accumulate money online by following the step-by-step applications.

Legitimate Online Entrepreneur and Mentor

Stefan James is not just an average online guru that will only scam and get your money. Rather, he genuinely intends to help you to enhance your life in totality. He specifically introduced a course that could boost up your financial aspect.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Affiliate Networking Mastery offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can activate if you happen to be unsatisfied with the course.


These Methods Take a Long Time to Materialize

It will take you an ample amount of time and effort for these methods to work. Sometimes, it takes several years until you can successfully establish your plan. The fact with this course remains that your success will vary greatly by your hard work and wisdom. 

This course is not an easily get-rich scheme.

Affiliate Networking Mastery Has a Very Low Success Rate

Generally, you'll be needing to exert a maximum of your effort just to process your brand build-up and to authorize your niche. Most people don't understand the low success rate before they decide to join this course.

High Premium Price

An extreme premium of $997 was being charged for this course. Most people will hesitate to spend such a significant amount when they can just obtain strategies and knowledge from other courses with cheaper costs.

Does Not Present Unique Value

Unfortunately, Affiliate Networking Mastery lacks a unique value in justifying its starting price. 

Even though it offers decent content and training, it doesn't imply that it's worth spending such a huge amount of money.


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Who Is It For?

Affiliate Networking Mastery is ideal for those who are interested in affiliate marketing; however, because it’s expensive, you should have extra cash to cover the cost.

Training Tools/Support

Affiliate Networking Mastery gives members access to their private Facebook group where their members can be able to share and communicate their thoughts, queries, and experiences with one another.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Affiliate Networking Mastery is a legitimate training course that will help you with your affiliate marketing. 

The founder himself, Stefan James, provides ways in turning your hobby into a profitable career in the means of affiliate marketing. 

Most of his sales copy focuses on making passive income in due time. 

Being a member, you get to access every part of the course that you'll need in building up your knowledge and to accumulate money as an affiliate marketer. The ability to generate passive income can be made possible through Stefan's taught strategies and concepts. 

But, you must be aware that all of this will successfully work if you already have a sizable audience. If you're far from having that, you may end up not seeing your desired results.

You definitely need an incredibly large audience to generate the income that would be enough to quit your job. 

Using only the strategies won't be enough to accumulate significant earnings unless you never stop uploading videos. It could take you years to build up your audience. 

This course will best work for you if you already happen to be an affiliate marketer and a brand owner. Indeed, Stefan James fulfilled his promise, but the created expectations through his sales channels will only disappoint you afterward.

That being said, I don't recommend you join Affiliate Networking Mastery. However, the decision is yours to make, it would be up to you whether to bravely take the risk and try your luck in gaining helpful learning in establishing your business. Be mindful and decide in accordance with what you think would give you the best outcomes.

What's Next?

Want to make money without buying any products or recruiting people? If yes, then I suggest that you join our top-recommended program.

You can explore the following if you sign up:

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  • Webinars to help you start your business online

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Comprehensive guide

  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my Affiliate Networking Mastery review. Please don't hesitate to share your insights or ask questions in the comment section below.

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