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Affiliate Marketing is earning money by promoting the products of a company or another individual.

Here's how affiliate marketing works: people visit a landing page, they subscribe to your mailing list, you send some emails to them, they purchase a product using your link, and you earn a commission from the sale.

12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Website:   www.easy.12minuteaffiliate.com

Founders:   Devon Brown

Product Type:   Affiliate Marketing System

Price:    $9.95 For The First 14 Days + $47/ $97 Per Month After

Quick Summary:  12 Minute Affiliate is a program that will teach people how to earn money with affiliate marketing. It was created by Devon Brown, an online marketer.

The program claims that you can earn money while you sleep using their "Sleep-Sales" technology on their sales page.

In fact, this program's name comes from their promises that it takes 12 minutes to set up, and you can earn money by working only 12 minutes a day. But is this another too-good-to-be-true program that will take advantage of you or is it a legit one?

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

It can be complicated to do affiliate marketing. But a program created by Devon Brown, 12 Minute Affiliate, claims to help you how to do it in a simple way.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate Affiliate really an easy way to do affiliate marketing? And does it give results?

This 12 Minute Affiliate Review will tell you what this program is all about.

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate About?

12 Minute Affiliate gives you an automated sales funnel to help you earn money from Clickbank affiliate commissions.

The landing pages, email swipe text, and affiliate items are all prepared for you in three niches: personal development, weight loss, and home business.

12 Minute Affiliate is divided into five areas: Quickstart Guide, Traffic Area, Service Manager, Resources and Support, and Facebook Group Access. I'll show in detail what you will learn from the training.

Quickstart Checklist

In this section, you will be given instructions on how to get started. The steps are summarized below:

  • Pick a niche that you want (options are home business, weight loss & personal development)

  • Create a Clickbank account for free.

  • Purchase Aweber Auto-responder ( a tool that collects email addresses and sends out emails from you)

  • Integrate your autoresponder and landing pages with Clickbank.

Each step is accompanied by a video. The videos are designed to assist you in successfully completing each stage.

Devon additionally gives users the option of having their accounts set up by the customer service team. While the do-it-yourself method takes only 12 minutes, the support team will take 1-2 business days to complete the setup.

Traffic Area

The Traffic Area is the place to go if you want to buy traffic. 

The program does not have clear instructions on how to begin generating your own traffic using free tactics like SEO and social media or paid advertisements like Facebook ads and Google ads.

So, you need to pay for the traffic.

Service Manager

You have complete control over your autoresponder and the entire funnel that is offered to you.

You'll get access to 30 pre-built affiliate funnels based on the three most popular and profitable niches. There will be ten funnels for the home business niche, ten funnels for fitness and weight loss, and ten funnels for personal development.


There are a few more features included with this package, including replays of live training, swipe emails, eBooks, and product lists to advertise as affiliates.

The 12 Minute Affiliate system includes over 240 done for you professionally written emails in addition to the DFY affiliate funnels. The system provides you with 80 emails in every niche, which you can import into your auto-responder.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

12 Minute Affiliate's support team can be contacted by phone or by submitting a support ticket. You can also join the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook group.

It’s almost the same as:

Is 12 Minute Affiliate A Scam?

No, 12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam.

But I don't think it's a good program because it falls short of their promises.

They tend to make affiliate marketing so simple and so easy. But that isn't the case for most people.

They promised that you would get results quickly. The truth is, affiliate marketing takes time, skills, and experience.

They don't give proper training on how to get free traffic. Instead, you need to pay for the traffic.

This means you need to have more money so people would click on your link. But not everybody would buy from you, though. You might need to spend thousands of dollars just to get a few hundred dollars of affiliate commissions.

12 Minute Affiliate Compensation Plan

12 Minute Affiliate teaches you how to make money using affiliate marketing. You will earn money from the commissions of Clickbank products that you will be able to sell. This includes eBooks, courses, and other products.

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How Much To Join a 12 Minute Affiliate?

The program has provided five payment plan alternatives. As a result, deciding on a budget-friendly option is simple.

  • The first alternative is to pay $9.95 for a trial of the program, which you can try for 14 days. After a 14 day trial, you may get it for $47 each month.

  • You can pay $397 per year.

There is also a higher level of membership which is the gold membership. The cost of a gold membership is $97 per month or $797 per year.

But what's the difference between a basic membership and a gold membership?

Users with a basic membership can only promote products in one niche. The Gold membership, on the other hand, allows customers to market products in all three niches: home business, weight loss, and personal development.



Legit Platform

It's tied to ClickBank, a well-known and reliable platform, and is founded by a real person. Usually, scams use paid actors or pseudonyms to hide the real people behind the program but not with 12 Minute Affiliate.

Beginner Friendly

The simple setup process, which takes about 12 minutes, is good for both beginners and intermediates.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product within 60 days. This is good for two reasons; one, you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the program and two, it shows how confident they are with what they offer.

They are not 


No Traffic Means No Business!

12 Minute Affiliate wants you to get traffic by paying for visitors. This is around $99 per month or more if you want more traffic.

This is known as solo advertising, and it involves sending an email to an existing "email list" with a link to your landing page. This is in the hopes that people on that list will click through and buy what you're selling.

No Profit

There are a lot more costs for affiliate marketing. Let us calculate it.

12 Minute Affiliate costs $47 per month for a basic membership. Then, $99 for the traffic. You'll also need to pay at least $19 a month for the Aweber autoresponder.

That means you need to pay at least $165 per month.

But how much will you be earning?

Say, you will buy $99 for 100 clicks. But you don't get 100 individuals to sign up for your email list just because you got 100 clicks.

According to 12 Minute Affiliate, the average opt-in percentage is 25 percent. But let's say that it's 30 percent to be generous. So, 30 people joined your email list.

But how many people would actually buy a product?

Again, they're claiming a conversion rate of 1-5% for email funnels, but we can assume a 10% conversion rate. That means out of 30 people in your email list; three people buy a product.

The majority of ordinary Clickbank products cost around $50 and payout a 50 percent commission. That's a $25 commission. 

Here's the calculation to make it easier:

$99 gets you 100 clicks

30% or 30 people join your email list 

10% buy or three people 

$25 x 3 = $75

So, the total commission you will get is $75. This is even less than what you spent!

Numerous Upsells

When you join the program, you'll see four upsell screens. You'll be bombarded with more upsells within the training videos once you enter the members' area.

However, it will only lead you deeper into the rabbit hole as you try to figure out why this "very simple" thing isn't working.

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Training Tools/Support

All members of the 12 Minute Affiliate system have access to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, if you get stuck or run into technical difficulties, you can contact the customer service representatives.

You can also ask them technical questions about the system. You must go to the system's main dashboard and submit a help ticket each time you run into an issue.

Within a few hours, a member of the customer service team will contact you. All of their responses are correct. That implies they'll take care of practically any problem you're having. You can still use the system's dashboard's FAQ section to fix difficulties.

You'll gain access to a members-only Facebook community in addition to user support. You can connect with other members, ask questions, offer assistance, discuss your successes and failures, seek motivation and support, and learn what works in the group.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The 12 Minute Affiliate system will assist you in building a large email list to use in your marketing campaigns. It will help advertise your landing page, allowing you to make more money.

The program will teach you how affiliate marketing works. However, keep in mind that success is not guaranteed by the system.

If you want to try the system, you can pay $9.95 for a 14-day trial.

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Thank you for reading our 12 Minute Affiliate review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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