Complete Guide To Partnership Marketing Course Review – What You Need To Know First Before Signing Up

Welcome To My Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing Review!

Have you ever wondered how to begin engaging with marketing partnerships? Perhaps, do you intend to make new collaborations in your own business? 

Many business owners look for individuals with this kind of skills so there’s a chance to build up a sustainable career out of it. 

For this reason, online courses are increasing in number. 

Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing Review Summary

Name:  Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing


Founders:  Jim Howard

Product Type:   Partnership affiliate marketing

Price:   $59.99 For The One-Time Fee

Quick Summary:  Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing Course is an online educational course in Udemy that helps you earn money through partnership marketing.

However, will it obtain you worthy benefits in return? Or is it a mere scam that you must be wary of?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

For instance, one of the most popular courses these days is the complete guide to partnership marketing. However, before you get to finalize your decision whether to give this course a shot or not, you should do your own research in determining if it's a downright scam or a genuine opportunity to help you in fulfilling your goals.

In that sense, I am going to review the complete guide to partnership marketing to let you have a grasp with the fundamentals of this course. 

That way, you can brace yourself in judging it accordingly. Keep reading as I get down to the facts right away!

What Is Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing About?

The Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing Course is a course from Udemy that wishes to gain you learnings with regards to partnership marketing. 

This course specifically covers basic co-marketing strategies up to the extent of fostering advanced collaborations. 

If you happen to be new to marketing partnerships or are planning for new collaborations with your upcoming business, then this course might be a great course for you to join. 

It is only one of the few partnership marketing courses out there, which makes it stand out from the rest of the courses. Therefore, it implies that there are only a limited selection in the market. 

So, teaming up with like-minded brands plays a vital role in maximizing profits and attracting bigger streams of customers which was the intention of this course. 

On the other side, this course along with hundreds of other courses having various topics and subjects was being hosted in the educational platform namely, Udemy. It is considered as one of the biggest online educational platforms.

The creator of this course is Jim Howard. 

The same way as most of the creators out there, Jim himself, has his own share of successes both in the physical marketing world and online. He is known to be a partnership marketing expert and a professional who has over 15 years of field experience. 

Multiple live events have been lectured by Jim Howard and he even wrote articles tackling some of the best and the most popular marketing publications in the UK such as PerformanceIN and EConsultancy.

The Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing Course function is to teach you about the things that you need to know regarding marketing partnerships. Identifying the ten types of partnership marketing and how you can choose your appropriate partners is the first step. After which, planning and creating your own co-marketing campaign  will allow you in tracking down and analyzing the collaboration. 

Once you buy this course in Udemy, you can likewise access all of the aforementioned offers.

Inside Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing

Acquiring knowledge is made possible with the included 2 hours of instructional video, 14 articles and a full-time access to the complete guide to partnership marketing course. 

The complete guide to partnership marketing course is divided into 11 sections including the following:


You'll get to determine the basics with regards to partnership marketing and how you can be able to apply it online and even in the physical world.

Understanding Partnership Marketing

An in-depth discussion of partnership marketing is done in the most basic and simplest way as possible. You'll figure out what it is all about and how you can accumulate money out of it.

Types of Partnership Marketing

You can be able to choose the appropriate one for your business model, since you'll get to comprehend the different types of partnership marketing. It is significant in order to perfectly match your marketing style and personality.

Deciding Your Partnership Objectives

You should determine your goals and evaluate its feasibility. You should come to know if your plans and goals are realizable by gauging your present status and your networks. After which, you can choose the correct partnerships.

Utilizing Your Assets

You learn how to appropriately utilize your assets and pursue their usage to their maximum potential. You can be able to leverage on these assets and expect for the elevation of the profit margins since the right way of managing them are being laid out here.

Deciding Your Partners

Have full grasp to the traits of the commendable partners and prioritize what you think would generate you best results even on short-term or long-term. Filtering out your potential partner pools and selecting the ones that would best fit your brand and goals are the goal here.

Partner Relations

You'll get to comprehend the appropriate means of fostering the relationship with your partner in order to leverage each other. That way each other's strengths will help advance your individual businesses.

Partnership Strategy and Planning

Discussing the long-term goals and plans thoroughly will serve as a good strategy in building your partnership and attaining success. By knowing the basics and even the advanced techniques, you can make your business stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Launching Your Campaign and Go Live

You will begin to learn how to properly launch market campaigns. You can also figure out how to tap into the digital world in order to achieve growth in your business.

Partnership Campaign Results and Analysis

You'll learn the fundamentals of analyzing your partnership's health and results, in order for you to further strategize the plans in the future.

Course Summary

The end part of this course will serve as the conclusion by summarizing the need for you to call to action so you have the knowledge on what to do later on.

It’s almost the same as:

Is Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing A Scam?

No. The Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing course is a legitimate course from Udemy that aims to teach the fundamentals regarding partnership marketing. 

However, some people are in doubt about the legitimacy of this site due to the fact that immediate wealth and success isn't guaranteed upon the completion of this course. 

You must take note that it would be still up to you on how you will apply your learnings from this course in fulfilling your goals. Nonetheless, it is far from being a scam.

How Much To Join Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing?

All you have to pay is their one-time payment worth $59.99 which is somehow a reasonable price considering its content, but it costs more compared to other courses that are available in Udemy that are on sale for less than $20.

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High Student Rating

Many subscribers are seen to be satisfied with the provided benefits of this course since it indeed contributes to the success of partnership marketing.

Many Related Courses

The instructor himself, namely Jim Howard, has many other related courses that you can actually check out upon finishing this course. 

Such courses will supplement your learning since they are all related to partnership and affiliate marketing. It can be a nice way to enhance your knowledge in this particular industry.

Positive Reviews

A total of 3,516 students have been taught by Jim Howard and he attained an average review of 4.1 out of 245 reviews which showcases a positive response from the students.

Trusted Instructor

Jim Howard has been a professional in acquisition, growth and partnership marketing for more than 15 years, managing marketing teams from UK start-ups to FTSE 100 companies. 

He has experience conducting lectures at live events and wrote some renowned UK Marketing publications like EConsultancy and PerformanceIN, making him one of the trusted instructors.


Negative reviews

Some people aren't happy with the course because of its content. It might be an unpleasant factor that might affect the expectations towards this course.


The Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing Course costs $59.99. It might be considered as a reasonable price but by doing comparison, you get to see the gap between the average price for most Udemy courses. There are many cheaper options than this one.

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Who Is It For?

The complete guide to partnership marketing is best recommended especially for beginners in partnership marketing. 

Likewise, if you are interested and would want to try engaging with partnerships in your own business, and are open to obtain new helpful knowledge in order to enhance your digital marketing skills, then this course is made available for you to check out and join.

Training Tools/Support

The trainees of the complete guide to partnership marketing course are being provided with a  way to get support. 

The instructor himself,who offered training from this course, would serve as an avenue if you happen to seek an online business training course that would guide you in starting your own online business venture.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing is a legitimate affiliate marketing course that tackles on how you can build up a sustainable career out of partnership marketing. 

It has been created by a successful and trusted marketer, instructor and writer in the likes of Jim Howard, who added credibility for this course. 

The content of this course is indeed informative and helpful in nature and it can be used to allow better marketing in order to earn passively out of the website through partnership with successful individuals who are aligned with your branding. 

It also involves basic and advanced strategies that can guide you in boosting up your profitability by your business and network.

However, for you to be able to benefit from this course, you'll need to spend money and invest an ample amount of time and effort. 

You must also be reminded that the rate of success is low and you cannot expect to be rich in an instant. 

There are many alternatives than this that could be less expensive but have related contents. That being said, I don't recommend joining the complete guide to partnership marketing.

Instead, you can opt for other online business opportunities that would give you a better end. Thus, it's up to you to decide on what you think would fit your needs and aspirations. Decide smartly and accordingly.

What's Next?

In growing your money online, you must seek guidance to make it as successful as possible. That being said, we have a top-recommended program that could help you in maximizing your time and effort and at the same time, support and motivate you to earn cash at the comfort of your home.

You can explore the following if you sign up:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my "Complete Guide to Partnership Marketing" review. Please don't hesitate to share your insights or ask questions in the comment section below.

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