Is Ascira A Scam? John Sachtouras Another Pyramid Scheme?

is ascira a scam

Welcome to My Ascira Review!

Networking companies do not have the best impression; however, this did not stop the brands from building and growing this kind of business model. After all, it’s legit and there really is potential in earning an income.

Ascira Review Summary

Name: Ascira

Website: Ascira

Founders: John Sachtouras

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $199 To $4,999 For The Member’s Fee

ascira logo

Quick Summary: Ascira is a brand new networking company that is yet to launch officially. It’s under the niche of education, claiming to offer content managed by business leaders, speakers, and authors. 

It also offers up to 70% discount on car rentals and hotel bookings. While it sounds legit, there are tons of red flags to watch out!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

However, not all multi-level marketing (MLM) brands are equal; some are legit, some have low-income potential, and some are scams. That being said, it pays to check reviews first to know if the opportunity is worth your time or not.

In this post, we will talk about an MLM company called Ascira -- a brand new business that calls itself “The company for the people.”

Will it really provide people their “desire to increase their income” or is it just another brand that gives nothing but empty promises? Is Ascira legit or a scam? How does it work and what makes it different from other MLM programs?

Find all the answers you need in this honest Ascira review!

What is Ascira About?

Ascira is a brand new multi-level marketing company founded by John Sachtouras this year.

According to its website, it offers a “revolutionizing education” headed by top business leaders, authors, and speakers through Ascira Academy. It’s almost the same as Crowd1 and RISE Network.

It also offers discounts on hotel booking, car rental, and other travel-related expenses, like the ones promoted by another MLM company called Plannet Marketing 

But before we discuss more on what they offer, let’s talk about their founder, John. 

founder of ascira john sachtouras

Sachtouras, according to his LinkedIn profile, has over 30 years of experience in multi-level marketing. That’s good because networking is not like any ordinary business as it requires time, effort, and strong skills in marketing and recruiting.

However, there’s something off about John as he was involved with scams before founding Ascira.

Before starting his own company, Sachtouras has been a member of Organo Gold, hitting over $600 a month. I know that sounds exciting; however, the coffee MLM company is known for being a pyramid scheme.

Other than Organo Gold, he’s been involved with FutureNet, a social media platform in the MLM scheme but was also tagged as a scam. We’ve reviewed this before and although it seems like a unique platform, there’s really no opportunity to make money unless you’re one of those who are on top of the pyramid.

While John is not the founder of these schemes, he’s been deeply involved with these and it’s alarming and disappointing because he knows how these programs work. What are the odds that he will NOT apply these tactics to his own brand?

Ascira Product Line

Unlike usual MLM companies, there are no tangible products to sell. 

Referring to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guideline on spotting pyramid schemes, this is already a red flag. According to it, the commissions or incentives from the program do not come from real sale of products to the market; rather, it comes from inviting people to buy into their system.

ascira academy

They do have digital products, which is the Ascira Academy. It says that it will provide quality content for education purposes but if you will check the video from its homepage, it’s not really clear what it’s about.

You don’t know what they will teach you and if it will really benefit you as an individual.

There are also discounts for travel-related expenses and they call the program “Smart Travel.” Maybe this is good for frequent travelers; however, there are no details about the products other than it following a monthly subscription model.

The thing about this is that you don’t know what you’re getting into unless maybe, you’ve joined the platform. That’s not good because how will you know if you’re really going to save from discounts or you’re going to spend more on the monthly subscription?

Is Ascira A Scam?

Ascira is a new brand so it’s too early to assume but again, following the guidelines of FTC, there’s a possibility that it’s a scam.

First of all, the absence of retail sales. The only way to make money is by recruiting people to join the platform and that’s bad because of two reasons.

For one, how will you be able to get your investment back in case you can’t invite another person? The business model is not stable because, without recruitment, there’s no other source of profit. 

Another reason is that this business model is not legit in many states and countries.

Ascira claims to offer “one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry” and if you’re new to this kind of opportunity, you might think of it like a perfect opportunity. However, according to the FTC again, one characteristic of a pyramid scheme is that these brands promise large profits to their investors.

Is Ascira A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Looking at how it works and its structure, it resembles a pyramid scheme.

As stated above, there are no tangible products to sell so there’s no retail commission. The only source of income is by inviting another person to join the program.

This means that the way to earn money is by inviting people to join your team and encouraging your downline to do the same, thus forming a pyramid.

I’m not saying that you will NOT earn money here; there’s a chance to have an income, especially if you’re on top of the pyramid. However, if you’re at the bottom, it’s more probable that you will lose cash than earn.

To learn more about how the Ponzi scheme works, you can watch the video below:

Ascira Compensation Plan

As mentioned, the only way to make money with Ascira is to recruit people basically to reach a certain and earn more commissions.

Here’s an outline of Ascira’s ranking:

  • Bronze 
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Double Platinum
  • Diamond 
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Prime Ambassador
  • Master Ambassador 
  • Global Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Royal Ambassador

The goal is to increase rank and you can get this by meeting milestones or goals, such as enrolling another person to Ascira Academy and Smart Travel. For this, you can earn around 20% commissions.

You also get another 15% commission for every recruit plus residual commissions for the sales that your downline makes.

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How Much To Join Ascira?

Now here’s another red flag with Ascira: it’s expensive and I don’t think it’s worth it. I mean, there are tons of high-ticket programs to join but it’s worth your time and money. In this brand’s case, I don’t think the fee is reasonable.

Anyway, here are the two plans:

Associate Pack $199

Members will get two-month access to their Smart Travel and Ascira Academy and 1 convention ticket.

Pro Pack $499

Members will get three-month access to their Smart Travel and Ascira Academy and 1 convention ticket.

Founder’s Club $4,999

Members will get 12-month access to their Smart Travel and Ascira Academy and 4 convention tickets. 



I don’t like anything about Ascira so I’ll discuss the cons instead.


Owner’s Bad Reputation

John Sachtouras has been involved with a couple of scams and of course, he knows what’s really going into these platforms. 

It’s not easy for me to trust this kind of person because one, I don’t think they care about ethics and other people, and two, there’s a huge chance that they will apply the same tactics to their new platform.

Expensive Membership Fee

Imagine, you need to spend almost $500 for three-month access to their platform. Not only is this expensive, there’s no guarantee that you will get your investment back, especially because you have no other option to earn it. No retail sales, just pure recruitment and if you think it’s easy, you’ll have to think again.

Pyramid Scheme Structure

As mentioned, the only way for you to earn is to invite people to join the platform and encourage them to do the same. Yes, there are other platforms introduced to you to make money, like Smart Travel and Ascira Academy but if you'll think of it, you can only earn by recruiting people to join the program.

Are you really willing to risk your money, time, and reputation in joining a scam-like program?

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Training Tools/Support

Most MLM platforms, such as this one, have their own training so you can learn how to recruit more people. Since you have access to Ascira Academy, you have the guide and tools you need to run your business. Since they did not share more details about this, I’m not certain if these tools are even useful.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Ascira sounds like a good opportunity -- that is if you read it’s a mission but if you can read the entire website, every detail is vague. You’re not even sure what you are getting into because the only thing they’re emphasizing is that they will help you earn an income.

However, that’s almost impossible because there are no tangible products to sell other than the membership. It’s a red flag and probably, this will call attention in the future.

The membership fee is expensive and if you’re a newbie, I can’t recommend this to you. I don’t recommend this to anyone at all. It’s risky and not just because you need to invest a huge amount but also because it might be tagged as a scam.

What's Next?

There are tons of opportunities to make money online; the question is: is it legit?

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I hope you learned a thing or two from my Ascira review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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