Is PHP Agency A Scam – Another Insurance-Related Scheme?

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Insurance is important as it protects a person’s income in terms of providing a guaranteed amount to the insured in case of an accident or critical illness or to their beneficiaries in case of death.

PHP Agency Review Summary

Name: PHP Agency


Founders: Patrick Bet-David

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: At Least $500 To Get Started

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Quick Summary: PHP Agency is a networking company and a third-party business that offers financial services, such as insurance. It’s legit but it has several drawbacks so be sure to read the entire post before you join as an affiliate.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

However, not all people are aware of its significance; some even think of it as a scam and I can’t blame it. Before learning about what it is and how policy really works, I’m like most of you. I don’t think I need it, especially because I’m too young to die or to get sick. 

But then, it’s essential and mainly because of the reason above. 

Insurance itself is legit; however, it’s the company that promotes it that should be the one in question. 

So in this post, let me help you understand what PHP Agency is about. Is it a legit multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers financial services or a Ponzi scheme? How does it work? Can you really make money from this program?

What Is PHP Agency About?

PHP Agency is a network marketing company that operates under the financial niche. It offers life insurance and other financial services.  

Take note that they are only third-party companies partnering with insurance companies, such as National Western, Foresters Financial, Allianz, and more. 

It was founded by Patrick Bet-David in 2009 and as of now, it has over 11,000 licensed financial agents.

php agency founder patrick bet david

According to his website, Patrick is a startup entrepreneur and the founder of PHP Agency. He’s also the content creator of Valuetainment on YouTube and it’s impressive to know that he has over 2.5 million subscribers. 

Now, he may not have prior experience with other businesses or networking companies but considering the number of years that PHP Agency has been operating, we can tell that he must be doing something right about it. 

PHP Agency Product Line 

The MLM brand is more focused on insurance-related services, such as term life insurance, indexed universal insurance, return-of-investment term life insurance, no medical exam life insurance, and fixed indexed annuity insurance.

php agency services

Is PHP Agency A Scam?

PHP Agency is not a scam.

Some people might think of it as a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid because 1.) it sells insurance and 2.) It requires recruitment. 

However, PHP Agency is registered with the SEC and, although NOT accredited, it has a record with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. 

I’ve reviewed similar programs before, such as AmeriPlan and Primerica and as an insurance company, it’s not easy to get this kind of rating. More or less, people have tons of complaints against it so it’s good to know that PHP Agency has more positive reviews. 

But then, there are drawbacks that I’d like to discuss before you join the program. This is important because to avoid setting false expectations. 

Lack Of Transparency 

The first thing that I noticed is that PHP Agency is not transparent about the fees that you will shoulder to become a new affiliate.  

You will spend money so I believe it’s just fair for you to know how much money you need to spend to become a member and if it’s really worth your time. Other than the fees, for sure you will need to shoulder expenses, too once you become a financial agent. 

Requirement To Earn Commissions 

Before you earn from selling insurance and the other financial services they offer and recruitment, you have to buy your own policy, too. 

While insurance is important, I believe that it should not be forced to any individual. It’s a personal choice and no matter how big the commission is, it should not be the insurance company that will decide for the person to get it.

Is PHP Agency A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

I don’t think PHP Agency is not a Ponzi scheme. 

As mentioned, the company is legally registered and has a record with BBB. It also has complaints but it’s good to know that the positive feedback outweighed the negative ones. 

However, I can’t blame those who see this business model as a pyramid scheme because of how it works.  

The compensation plan focuses on those who can recruit more people. Even if there are retail sales by selling insurance, those who can recruit more will receive higher compensations. 

Also, there are no tangible products like slimming capsules or coffee and according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), companies without goods to sell is considered a red flag.  

With PHP Agency’s case, there’s no retail but they do offer a legit product, which is insurance.  

But then, it would be better if they would be transparent about everything and focus less on recruitment. 

It would also be good if they would force their agents to purchase their policy and let them realize whether they want it or not on their own.

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PHP Agency Compensation Plan

When it comes to making money with PHP Agency, there are two ways to be compensated. The first one is to sell insurance and the second one is to recruit another person. 

Like most MLM companies, the commission depends on the rank of the person; the higher the rank, the bigger the incentives. 

For instance, trainees earn around 30% for selling insurance services while a Senior Marketing Director earns 75%. 

For recruits, you can earn up to 40% bonus depending on the number of potential applications you have.

Here’s an outline of PHP Agency’s ranks:

  • Trainee
  • Associate
  • Field Associate
  • Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Senior Marketing Director
  • Executive Marketing Director
  • Senior Vice President
  • Executive Vice President
  • President’s Council
  • Chairman’s Council

To learn more about PHP Agency, you can watch the video below:

How Much to Join PHP Agency 

As mentioned, PHP Agency is not transparent when it comes to the expenses that the potential financial agent will cover.  

I did find a source saying that you need to pay $150 to get started, $20 for the pre-licensing course, $150 for the event tickets (whatever that it), $24 for the Blueprint, $15 a month. 

According to the said source, you need to at least have $500 to get started. 

This is a huge amount, especially when you’re just starting. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to get that back, especially since you’re selling a product that most people don’t want. It will be a challenge for both new and seasoned agents so if I were you, I’d think twice about joining the program. 



Product Is Essential

I know a bit about life insurance and for me, this is something you need, especially when you’re the breadwinner of your family. Imagine, what if suddenly something happened to you and you have little to no savings? Even if you do, you will need to use these savings just to cover your hospital expenses, right? 

That being said, insurance is important when you want to secure you and your family’s future. I have nothing against PHP Agency’s financial products because they are legit anyway. 


Expensive Membership Fees 

The costs stated above are not confirmed but more or less, I believe this is what you need to pay and it depends on your state. 

I think all insurance agents really have to pay that huge amount so if you’re a newbie, I don’t recommend this for you. I was an insurance agent before and I did not go on with becoming one because of passion-related concerns but I tell you, it’s a tough world out there. 

You will receive tons of rejections and unless you’re willing to put extra effort into it and invest in training and yourself, too, there’s little to no chance for you to become successful. This is from my own experience.  

I do see some of my fellow agents earn some commissions but this is if they think of their insurance service as their main source of income. Most of them don’t have other jobs anymore just so they can put their time on marketing it. 

Lack Of Transparency 

PHP Agency is not honest about the fees that the agents need to pay and for me, this is a drawback because they don’t know what they’re going into.  

For me, it’s better if they have an idea of how much they need to pay, especially before attending a seminar because for sure, they will encourage people to join and most of them won’t have the time to evaluate the opportunity. 

Agents Are Required To Buy Insurance 

To earn commissions, you have to buy your insurance first.  

It’s good that you have your own policy because it only shows that you believe in insurance and your brand but it should not be forced or used as a requirement since this is a personal decision. For me, this is more of a red flag because it’s obvious that they are doing this for personal gain.

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Training Tools/Support

As an agent, you have access to PHP University where you can learn more about building your business. 

According to their website, seasoned PHP affiliates also have access to the content taught by the founder, Patrick Bet-David itself.

Final Opinion/Verdict

PHP Agency is a legit multi-level marketing company that markets financial services, such as insurance. However, they are a third-party company only, and considering the amount you need to pay, it’s not worth it. 

The commission you’ll get is probably smaller compared to the ones you can get by being an agent from insurance companies directly. They’re also not transparent with it and the fees you need to pay, too. 

Also, the requirement to buy insurance is a red flag so if I were you, I’d skip this program and if you want to become a financial agent, it’s better if you will apply directly in insurance companies. 

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Thank you for reading my PHP Agency review!

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