Is AttaPoll A Scam? What REALLY Happens Inside This Survey Platform?

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Are you familiar with mobile survey apps as a sort of income generation? Can you really earn money out of it? Significantly, are these apps even legit to deal with?

For your information, a mobile survey app is one of the convenient ways to earn money online. You can complete answering surveys and doing other tasks wherever and whenever fits your schedule. In return, you can earn a good sum of money as long as you're patient and hardworking.

Attapoll Review Summary

Name:  Attapoll


Founders:   AttaPoll Ltd

Product Type:   Paid Survey App

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary:   AttaPoll is a mobile-only survey app that will pay you for answering surveys about a wide range of topics.

Upon successfully completing these tasks you'll be rewarded with credits. But, are these credits can be converted as cash or you can just redeem it for cryptocurrency?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In this review, I will discuss AttaPoll and help you decide for yourself whether this one's worthy to be pursued or not. 

Rest assured that I'm not in any way connected to this app so all I'm gonna do is to provide all the facts about this platform. 

So sit back and be ready to figure it out with my honest AttaPoll review!

What Is AttaPoll About?

AttaPoll is a mobile survey app that affirms to use of consumers feedback and insights to help companies and organizations who need input for marketing purposes. 

These companies are more than willing to pay AttaPoll users for their participation in helping them to address concerns about their existing and even soon-to-be-released products and services to attain development.

A British company that was based in London namely AttaPoll Ltd., owned and incorporated Attapoll way back in 2016. 

There are no issues with privacy or payouts with the said company.

AttaPoll uses a credit system, and each credit is worth 1 cent. So, you need 500 credits to earn $5. These credits can be converted as cash or either cryptocurrency.

It’s straightforward and similar to various survey sites, such as Offernation, GPTHub, and PointsPrizes.

AttaPoll Product Line

The earning opportunities in Attapoll include:

Paid Survey

After logging in, you can find all the available surveys. Each survey displays the reward and the approximate time you can complete it. It can help you prioritize higher-paying surveys and those that fit your schedule.

There is a qualifying question to determine whether you match the target demographics before you can successfully proceed in completing a survey. Take note to answer the questions as honestly as you could get because if Attapoll detects that you're lying, your account might be blacklisted.

You can earn 10 to 60 credits per survey and it can last up to 30 minutes. Check your notifications regularly since surveys are accessible every day.

Invite Friends

Every member of Attapoll has their own unique invite link. All you need to do is to share it with someone close to you and for each person, you refer, you'll get 50 credits once they completed three surveys. You can check the status of your referrals on the “Invite Friends” screen.

 It may not have as high rewards as other survey sites, thus, you can invite countless people to join the platform since it has no maximum number of possible referrals.

Is AttaPoll A Scam?

No. Attapoll is a legitimate online earning opportunity. 

The company has a good reputation within the online community and different marketing research companies depended on this platform on getting trusted consumers' feedback and insights with the aim of developing their own brands. Besides, it garnered a 3.8 rating and has reached over 1,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. It also accumulated a 4.5 rating on the Apple Store. 

It is even free, to begin with! It's hard to scam people with no money involved. All in all, checking the reviews and comments of the users, AttaPoll App is legit. 

Nonetheless, like any other apps, it has its own advantages and disadvantages therefore you must judge it yourself, but before doing so, be sure to know the facts to be fair and square!

So, keep reading and be enlightened with my review!

AttaPoll Compensation Plan

AttaPoll uses a credit system, and each credit is worth 1 cent. Every completed survey and every successful referral will earn you a certain number of credits. You can think of these as your earned points.

There's an option whether you opt to convert your earned credits for cash or cryptocurrency. However, before you can payout there is the minimum threshold to reach, further details about different payout options are given as follows:


Android and iOS users can avail themselves of this payout method. The minimum threshold is $5 which is equivalent to 300 credits. Expect your payment within a few days.


If you opt to get your earnings via cryptocurrency, you can select this one. But first, you need to reach 10,000 credits at the very least before Attapoll could convert it as Bitcoin.


This is another option if you want to redeem for cryptocurrency. You need to reach the minimum credits of 1000 before you can payout using this method.


If you are feeling generous, you can donate your earnings to your chosen charity. Hence, you need to have at least 50 credits before you can avail of this.

They offer a low minimum threshold compared to other paid survey sites. However, it still depends upon the number of available surveys and the number of your referrals on how long before you can reach it and request for payout. 

To request a payout, tap on the blue button “Check Balance” and choose your payment method. It usually takes just a few hours to receive a payment. If you don’t get paid within 24 hours, just contact the company at [email protected].

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How Much To Join AttaPoll?

It is free and accessible worldwide so anyone can possibly join no matter where they live. However, the survey offers highly depend on the location. It pays out in the local currency.

The signing up process is as easy as it gets. To become an Attapoll member, first, you must download and install the app on your phone. Then you need to agree to the terms and conditions so you can proceed in answering some questions.

You will then be asked by the app to choose your opted Google account. 

Take note that it should be similar to the Google account that you've used for your PayPal account to easily link your Paypal account to Attapoll. Likewise, you can avail of this app and download it from Apple Store, with the same signup procedure.

After which, you're required to answer some basic profile questions. This information is needed for Attapoll to find appropriate surveys that would match you. The questions are about your education level, employment, household income, among others. It is worth 3 to 10 credits depending on your country. Each study takes about 1 minute to complete.

Then, you're good to explore Attapoll and start earning!



Free And Easily Accessible

You won't have to spend a dime just for joining Attapoll. It has a straightforward sign-up registration process. All you need to do is to take surveys and refer them to your friends and you can start earning.

On-The-Go Earning Opportunity

AttaPoll is an app that allows its members to make money from practically anywhere. Surveys are generally quick so you can complete it whenever it fits your schedule.

Referral Program

Another chance to boost your earnings on this platform is through referrals. Just make them join by sharing their unique link and once they completed their three surveys you'll get credits.

Good Payment Threshold and Cash Out Options

The minimum threshold before you can payout is £3 or $5 which is relatively low compared to other paying survey sites. This is ideal because you can get a short payout as long as you're hardworking. They also offer PayPal as a way to cash out. It is a convenient and secure platform to transfer your earnings.

Control Over Surveys

You have control over what survey you're going to take. You can decide by prioritizing the better offer based on how long it will take and how many credits you will earn.


Low payment

Even though you can decide on what survey you are going to take, there's no guarantee that you will qualify. If fortunately, you completed a survey, still, the credits you'll get aren't that high. Although the minimum threshold is low, it will take you quite some time to reach it.

Disqualification To Surveys

You might be rejected to take the survey since you're not matched to the target demographics and there are cases when you end up not eligible for it after answering a survey.

Limited Surveys

Despite getting disqualified, you can't be certain to receive surveys daily since many users are looking forward to taking it as well.

Time Consuming

Given the fact of low payment, disqualification to surveys, and limited offered surveys it will take you ample time before you can reach your target earnings and be able to payout.

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Training Tools/Support

If ever you need assistance, you can't receive it from their website since there's nothing you can find but only the information regarding the app. 

If you opt for help, you can visit the application itself and check out their FAQ section and look for a possible solution to your concern. 

If you can't find any related queries like yours, you can submit your own question by scrolling towards the bottom of the FAQ section and just simply click on "I have another question". 

After which you'll be directed to a form where you can fill in your question.

With regards to their payment procedure, if you encounter problems like delays in receiving your payout, you can contact the company at [email protected]. Overall, they provide a decent support system for their members. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

AttaPoll is a legit survey app that pays its members for answering offered surveys and doing referrals. It offers a couple of good qualities but likewise, it certainly has its own bad sides that need careful thought.

This survey-paying app might attract users because of its low payout threshold and convenient payment methods offered. Hence, they will eventually figure out that it won't give them sustainable earnings due to low rewards redemption, limited surveys, and possible disqualification. 

Therefore, a low payout threshold can't guarantee them an early payout since it will still take them a long while to reach it.

Nonetheless, if you're enthusiastic enough to pursue reward-earning apps, then you can consider this as a side gig to earn money. Keep in mind that in any way it cannot replace a full-time job. So, Attapoll isn't something that could support your living. 

In summary, I don't recommend joining AttaPoll. Yet, if ever you're interested to know better-paying survey sites, I suggest you check out the top survey sites in your area. It might contain the earning potential you hope to encounter.

What's Next?

A great outcome comes from a great process. Every process must be filled with opportunities; an opportunity to go, grow and glow. Opportunity to go indicates that you must attain that unstoppable dream. 

Meanwhile, the opportunity to grow means you're open to changes. Significantly, an opportunity to glow is the attainment of full enlightenment. 

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Thank you for reading my Attapoll review. Please feel free to ask questions or share your opinions below.

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