Is Clicxads A Scam? Beware Of This Crypto-MLM Scheme!

is clicxads a scam

Welcome to My Clicxads Review! 

Without a doubt, it’s easy to find opportunities that will help you make money online; the problem, however, is finding not only the right offer but also the legit one.  

There are tons of fraudsters taking advantage of people who are desperate to make a regular or extra income over the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them either have no time or patience to research the brand before signing up.

Clicxads Review Summary

Name: Clicxads


Founders: Nii Okanta Ankrah

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free To Join + Membership Packages

clicxads logo

Quick Summary: Clicxads is a multi-level marketing company that offers an opportunity to invest through cryptocurrency. It also promotes adpacks to help members make money online.

However, as legit as it sounds, there are tons of red flags to watch out for so be sure to read the entire review before making a decision.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

So if you’re here to know more about an opportunity before making a decision, then pat yourself on the back for doing a great job. You see, taking time to really get to know the program before even signing up is one way to avoid scams. 

In this post, I’ll help you learn more about a crypto-related opportunity called Clicxads.  

It claims to help you make money through investment, adpacks, and recruitment but is there more to this, or is it just another scam? 

Let’s find out as we go along this honest Clicxads review. 

what is clicxads about

What Is Clicxads About?

Clicxads is an online opportunity that offers a variety of ways to make money online. First is through adpacks, which is a part of “revenue sharing.” 

Basically, the user will watch some advertisements per day to earn money. 

Since it’s supposedly a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, it also requires its members to recruit so they can earn commissions. 

While it seems like a legit networking company, there are red flags to watch out for. For instance, there’s no mentioned founder or CEO on their website. However, on one of their marketing videos, it says that a man named Nii Okanta Ankrah is the CEO. 

We’ve reviewed more than a hundred opportunities on this website and usually, low-quality programs or scams share a similar practice -- they don’t divulge the name of their founder or any people behind the platform. They might use an actor as the face of their program but when searched online, these people don’t really exist. 

clicxads founder nii okanta ankrah

As for Clicxads, Nii Okana Ankrah is a real person and that’s just one good thing about the company. 

Unfortunately, Ankrah has been involved in several Ponzi schemes, such as Dunamis. He’s also connected to a scammer named Joe Abel, who was arrested for fraud charges. 

Ankrah has also joined another MLM called Vida Divina, which is legit but has several complaints. 

Clicxads Product Line 

Clicxads does not offer any tangible products you can consume or make money from; instead, they have adpacks. As a member, you can invest in this through Bitcoin or BTC. 

Adpacks, as mentioned, is an opportunity that pays people for watching a package or number of advertisements. It sounds legit since it’s possible to get paid by just watching ads. 

However, the horrible truth about Clicxads is what they truly offer and that is getting paid for inviting people into the platform.

This is horrible because it’s a telltale of a pyramid scheme.

Is Clicxads A Scam?

Clicxads don’t simply have drawbacks, it has red flags that you should watch out for. 

If we will base on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) statement about pyramid schemes, it will prove how much of a scam Clicxads is. 

For instance, the absence of products. The crypto-company has no products or digital services you can make money from other than the membership packages.  

The main way to make money is through recruitment and not only is this illegal, but it’s also unstable. Once the recruitment stops, so does the profit. 

Also, the founder or supposed to be CEO of the program is questionable.  

Nii Okanta Ankrah has been involved in several scams and while Clicxads is a different platform, it’s almost the same as his previous companies, which are related to cryptocurrency. 

Is Clicxads A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Based on how it works, Clicxads is more like a pyramid scheme rather than a legit MLM company. 

For the benefit of the doubt, these are two different business models. 

MLM is legit and it offers tangible products that can be consumed and members can make money from. It also offers additional commissions for members who can grow their team but instead of directly compensating them for direct recruits, they receive bonuses from the sales that their downlines make. 

Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, have no tangible products and even if they do, they’ll require their members to buy more products than they can ever sell. Often, these products have poor quality.  

The main source of income for pyramid schemes is recruitment. Members are compensated for the investments of their recruits. Without recruitment, there’s no other way to make money with pyramid schemes. 

It can’t be considered a Ponzi scheme though since it doesn’t offer huge, guaranteed returns but still, you should not join this platform. 

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Clicxads Compensation Plan

Clicxads offers fixed returns based on the membership package you’ve invested.  

Below are their membership packages and corresponding ROI: 

  • Basic - Up to 105% returns
  • Professional - Up to 111% returns
  • Enterprise - Up to 115% returns
  • VIP - Up to 118% returns 

You’ll also earn through referrals, which is the main way to make money here, by the way.  

For instance, Basic members obtain a 3% commissions for their level 1 recruits; Professional members earn 4% on their level 1 recruits and 1% on their level 2; Enterprise members get a 5% commission on their level 1 recruits, 2% on their level 2, and 1% on their level 3; VIP members, on the other hand, make 6% commission on their level 1, 3% on their level 2, and 2% on their level 3. 

I don’t think that Clicxads is worth your time so there’s no use discussing the compensation plan; however, if you’re interested to learn more, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Clicxads?

Joining Clicxads is free; however, if you want to earn commissions and return on investments, you need to enroll in their membership. 

clicxads membership rates

Below is the rate per membership: 

  • Basic - Free
  • Professional - ₿0.001733 a month or roughly $55.38
  • Enterprise - ₿0.004619 a month or roughly $147.62
  • VIP - No information was disclosed about this. 

As a pay-to-play platform, you need to buy or spend money on their program first before you can earn, and apparently, the more you pay, the more money you make.



There’s nothing to like about Clicxads so I’ll discuss the drawbacks instead. 


It’s A Pyramid Scheme 

The biggest con of Clicxads is that it’s a pyramid scheme. It’s illegal and is bound to collapse anytime, with or without paying you. 

Do you really want to get involved with this scam? 

Remember, you have to recruit people and let’s say you’ve successfully invited your friends or family, do you think they won’t involve you in case they lose money over a fraud? 

Even so, your name would likely get tainted just like Ankrah, who had a negative reputation just because he was a part of Dunamis, a pyramid scheme, before Clicxads. 

Founder’s Bad Reputation 

As mentioned above, Nii Okanta Ankrah’s reputation is questionable since he was a member of a pyramid scheme. What are the chances that he won’t do it to his own company, especially since it’s almost the same business model?


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Training Tools/Support

Clicxads offer back-office training for its members to learn how to earn in adpacks. They also have YouTube videos to help members learn a bit about their business.

Final Opinion/Verdict

It’s unfortunate to know that even until now, there are many fraudsters taking advantage of people online; what’s more unfortunate is that there are people who believe them. 

I know it’s not easy to spot a scam, especially when there are promising offers but remember, there’s no such thing as easy cash. If the opportunity is too good to be true, it’s because it is! 


Scams like Clicxads should be avoided. It’s a pyramid scheme that’s bound to close anytime. What’s terrifying is the fact that you might lose tons of money rather than earn them but don’t worry, there’s always a better solution!

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I hope this Clicxads review has helped you. 

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to drop them down below.

 Thank you!

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