What is Paraiba World? Crypto MLM Scam Hiding In A Facade Of A Bank?!

what is paraiba about

Welcome to My Paraiba World Review! 

Here’s another online income opportunity that revolves around cryptocurrency, and while this digital currency is legit, most opportunities related to it are not.

In fact, we’ve reviewed over a dozen networking companies that offer such investment, such as Clicxads, iQuandex, and SuperSage.

Paraiba World Review Summary

Name: Paraiba World

Website: www.paraiba.world

Founders: Erich Ely

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $100 To $50,000 For The Investment

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Quick Summary: Paraiba World presents itself as a private bank but it is actually another cryptocurrency investment scheme. It claims that they generate return revenue by trading cryptocurrency yet there’s no evidence of trading being done, making it sound more like a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme!

There are just lots of red flags about their program, including not disclosing the name of their founder/s or other vital information. Meanwhile, there are sources online pointing out who the real owner is, and apparently, he’s been involved in another crypto scam. 

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

Now, we’re going to talk about Paraiba, another crypto-investment scheme that’s making abuzz online. 

But why?

Is it because this time, Paraiba World is a legit opportunity or otherwise?

What makes it different from the other cryptocurrency programs?

what is paraiba world about

While it presents as a unique private bank, would it be worth your business venture?

What Is Paraiba World About?

Paraiba World claims that they’re a “unique private bank” under the “Unique Private Bank” in Moheli, one of the Comoro Islands. 

However, on Paraiba world’s website, there was no information provided as to who owns or runs the company or to where they are currently operating. What they only offer is an incomplete address in Comoro Islands, which is a series of small Islands on the Southeast coast of Africa. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to prove that they have a physical business there. 

Checking on WHOIS, it appears that their domain has just been created just in 2019 and is addressed in Panama.  

paraiba world domain

While Paraiba World claims to be a bank, further research reveals that it’s more like multi-level marketing or a pyramid scheme that operates in the cryptocurrency niche.

It claims that they generate return revenue by trading cryptocurrency yet there’s no evidence of trading done.

It promises a passive income opportunity but apparently, it’s not even registered to do so. Therefore, it is simply committing securities fraud.

As mentioned, there were no founders mentioned on Paraiba World’s website, yet their marketers have been all around various Make Money Online (MMO) forums and a common name has shown, Erich Ely, as the owner. 

paraiba world erich ely

The family name “Ely” is common in Germany, so it’s quite hard to track information about him and his experience.  

However, third-party information revealed that Erich Ely was one of the German promoters of the Ponzi scheme - OneCoin

Paraiba World Product Line

They stated on their website that they are a financial partner you could rely on, offering the following:

  • Trade Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Banking
  • Bank Endorsement
  • Business Banking
paraiba world product line
paraiba world product line

But apparently, Paraiba World is one of those crypto schemes that don’t have retailable products or services. They promise ROI through investments made but what they really offer is the membership itself.

Is Paraiba World A Scam?

It appears that Paraiba World is a scam. 

There are no actual products and the main agenda is about recruiting people into the program. It’s not even a legit multi-level marketing (MLM) company but more of a Ponzi and pyramid scheme.

It doesn’t also have any necessary permissions from various financial regulators and is not registered to offer a passive investment opportunity in any country. That means it is committing securities fraud. 

Is Paraiba World A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

For the benefit of the doubt, let me explain what the differences between an MLM and a pyramid scheme are.

Networking, network marketing, or MLM is a legit business model. They offer various ways to make money, such as selling their products and/or services and inviting people to join the platform. However, instead of getting directly paid for the recruitment, you only earn when your team or recruit makes a sale.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, has no tangible products or services to sell. What they only offer is their membership, thus you only get paid when you can recruit another person into the program. It’s illegal and unstable and Paraiba World is a perfect example.

Paraiba World can also be considered as a pyramid scheme because of the promise of an ROI. It’s also illegal and risky to get involved with so if I were you, I’d avoid this kind of platform immediately.

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Paraiba World Compensation Plan

Since there are no retail sales, profits come from the promised ROIs and the recruitment.  

ROI Commissions - Paraiba affiliates invest $25 or more on the promise of an advertised daily return.

  • Invest up to $49,999 and receive 0.3% a day
    • Invest $50,000 or more and receive 0.5% a day

Returns are paid for 100 days, after which the initially invested amount is returned. Making a total ROI of 130% - 150%.

And as mentioned, you need to invest a minimum of $100 to avail of commissions.

Recruitment Commissions - Earned commissions based on the investments made by recruits or downlines.

  • Recruit 1 to 4 members and receive a 0.05% recruitment commission rate
  • Recruit 5 to 9 members and receive a 0.1% recruitment commission rate
  • Recruit 10 to 19 members and receive a 0.2% recruitment commission rate
  • Recruit 20 or more members and receive a 0.3% recruitment commission rate

Your recruits should also invest a minimum of $100 to qualify for this.

Residual Commissions - Paid out via a unilevel compensation structure. All recruits are placed under you as the First Level, and their recruits as the Second Level, and so on. You’ll earn a percentage of commission from these various levels. 

Pool Share - Paraiba World takes 0.35% of the company-wide invested funds and places them into 7 bonus pools. Each pool is split 0.05% and paid out daily following the qualification criteria:

  • Pool 1 – Personally invest $1000, recruit at least one member and generate $1000 in total personally recruited member investment
  • Pool 2 – Personally invest $5000, recruit at least three members and generate $5000 in total personally recruited member investment
  • Pool 3 – Maintain a $5000 personal investment, recruit at least five members and generate $15,000 in total personally recruited member investment
  • Pool 4 – Personally invest $10,000, recruit at least ten members and generate $35,000 in total personally recruited member investment
  • Pool 5 – Personally invest $15,000, recruit at least fifteen members and generate $95,000 in total personally recruited member investment
  • Pool 6 – Personally invest $20,000, recruit at least twenty members and generate $180,000 in total personally recruited member investment
  • Pool 7 – Personally invest $50,000, maintain at least twenty personally recruited members, and generate $500,000 in total personally recruited member investment 

Rank Achievement Bonus

Paraiba World’s compensation plan also comes in affiliate ranks namely:

  • Yellow – Personally invest $1000, recruit at least one affiliate and generate $1000 or more in personally recruited affiliate investment volume
  • Blue – Personally invest $5000, recruit two to four affiliates (two must be Yellow) and generate $2000 or more in personally recruited affiliate investment volume
  • Green – Personally invest $10,000, recruit five to nine affiliates (one must be Blue), and generate $5000 or more in personally recruited affiliate investment volume
  • Purple – Personally invest $15,000, recruit ten to nineteen affiliates (two must be Green), and generate $10,000 or more in personally recruited affiliate investment volume
  • Red – Personally invest $20,000, recruit 20 or more affiliates (three must be Purple), and generate $20,000 or more in personally recruited affiliate investment volume
  • Paraiba – Personally invest $50,000, maintain 20 personally recruited affiliates (five must be Red), and maintain $20,000 or more in personally recruited affiliate investment volume

To learn more about this, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join Paraiba World?

Joining as a member into their program is free; however, to avail of the compensation plan and qualify for the commission, one should invest a minimum investment of $100 up to $50,000 or more. 

Take note that Paraiba World’s investment terms expire every 100 days and reinvestment is required to continue earning.



Honestly, there’s nothing really to like about Paraiba World so I'll discuss its cons right away. 


Lack Of Transparency

Paraiba World is not as transparent as one expects it to be. There are no details about the owners or even anyone from its team, no details about its location, or even trading activities.

How would you trust your money on such programs if they can’t provide any vital information to support their legitimacy? If things went south, who are you going to communicate with or look for if the company has not provided any information, to begin with? 

Securities Fraud

Paraiba World comes with promised ROIs from trading and since it’s a passive income, they should be registered. However, they are not. So, it's operating illegally and breaking security laws. 

No wonder it’s received two securities fraud warnings from Germany and Austria. It was in June 2020 when BaFin issued the first warning against Erich Ely and Paraiba World. 

The Financial Market Authority also issued a warning, citing that “Paraiba World is not entitled to carry out banking transactions that require a license”. 

They also pointed out Paraiba World as a Hong Kong shell operation. Both warnings are the equivalent of securities fraud notices in other countries. So, this alone is enough reason to evade such opportunities! 

No Proof Of Trading And Income Statement

Paraiba World has no income disclosure statement or any evidence of its trading activity. The only way that their members are earning is through recruitment, which is a telltale of a pyramid scheme or a downright scam.


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Training Tools/Support

There’s not much information about training and support about this opportunity but like similar programs, joining might give members access to materials and tools and the back office.

With regards to their support, there is a contact tab you can click to email them. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

To conclude, Paraiba World is nothing but a fake bank that promises daily ROI through crypto trading.

It’s not even a legit MLM but another crypto scam to get rid of.

It can’t even prove that it’s registered or has real trading activity conducted.

It has a lot of red flags and all of it points out that Paraiba World is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

What's Next?

There’s no such thing as guaranteed income, that’s what I’m sure of but there are tons of legit opportunities that can help you earn decent cash online.

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I hope this Paraiba World review has enlightened you and if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to share them below.

Thank you!

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