What Is SalesVision? Where Would This Digital Marketing MLM Take You?

is salesvision a scam

Welcome to My SalesVision Review!

You must have heard someone introduce you to SalesVision and endorse it as a good way to earn income online because it’s created by experienced Internet marketers. 

SalesVision Review Summary

Name: SalesVision

Website: www.salesvision.com

Founders: Vincent Ortega Jr.

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $7 To $250 Every Month

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Quick Summary: SalesVision appears to be a digital marketing multi-level marketing company that promotes business games, which are actually the name of the training to teach members how to market products online.
In simple terms, it’s an internet marketing training program but apparently, they’re just various subscriptions into their compensation plan.
Since there are no retailable products, the program itself is almost a pyramid scheme placing focus on recruitment. Plus, the founders' reputation will probably make you think twice about joining this program.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

So now, you’re probably here trying to verify that and would want to know more about this opportunity. We know there’s a bunch of online money-making opportunities out there but where would choosing SalesVision take you? 

Will it guarantee you the income you desire? 

what is salesvision about

Is it worth a shot? 

Is SalesVision legit in the first place?

Find out all the necessary information about this company in this honest SalesVision review.

What Is SalesVision About?

SalesVision is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was created to provide a sales funnel for “My Daily Choice”, a health and wellness MLM company that markets CBD products. However, they’ve lost ties and have now gone independent. 

The website domain “salesvision.com” appeared to have existed a long time ago way back December 1997 since it has been owned by multiple parties for the past years and was just recently bought by Vincent Ortega Jr., who apparently, is the founder and owner of SalesVision. Well, he brought the domain to promote SalesVision’s “business games.” 

As mentioned, it’s more of like a subscription to an internet marketing training program. It also seems like a sales funnel, a lead generation tool, and a digital marketing agency. 

It also has a real estate academy from where the company’s top affiliate known as Asia Love is making income. 

To participate in these business games, you have to log into your Facebook account and share to earn Legacy Points. You can then use these points to win gifts, prizes, and giveaways daily.

Vincent Ortega Jr. runs SalesVision with his co-founders Vincent Sr. and Gillian Ortega, his parents. 

salesvision founders Vincent Ortega Jr

Now, these names may sound familiar as they are also the ones behind Elevated Legacy. Apparently, SalesVision is not Ortega’s first system together with his parents as he’s also been involved with Elevated Legacy. 

It seemed like Elevated Legacy was nothing more than “give me your Facebook data”, like this $19.99/month subscription failed. This program transitioned into reselling watches and CBD oil through My Daily Choice and this was back in 2018. 

It was in 2019 when SalesVision was created. My Daily Choice terminated SalesVision’s distributor account in November, saying that the business was “competing” against MDC.

Back to its founder, Vincent Ortega Jr. may have been a great and successful internet marketer but actually he’s also known for his negative reputation in the industry.

Ortega has been involved with the Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN), which was a pyramid scheme in disguise.

It was supposed to teach members how to make money with blogs, creating marketing videos, forwarding emails, posting affiliate links, and connecting with people on Facebook. Yet, this training didn’t live up to its purpose. 

Vincent was also involved with another shady company called Online Sales Pro which left its members with nothing but disappointments and heartache from a heap of money lost. Ortega may be a great marketer but clearly, the programs he had been involved with had failed. 

SalesVision Product Line

SalesVision offers different “Business Games” that will allow affiliates to earn money from and this depends on how they’re paying monthly.

These are the four different levels: 

  • Sales Vision Free Games - Under this subscription, you’ll be able to access 2 products called Speed Wealth 360 and Mindset 360. Speed Wealth 360 teaches you how to make money on YouTube by promoting SalesVision while Mindset 360 is Asia Loves’ mindset course that teaches you how to set up Instagram and YouTube. It’s also a development course that helps you find your purpose in establishing your business online.
  • SalesVision Apprentice Games - This comes with the mentioned 2 programs above and with an additional course called Limitless 360 which is a course made to organize your business online and gives you something like a short to-do list. This is probably the only thing that’s valuable in this program because some of the items are really crucial and might be missed out on by new entrepreneurs. You also stand a chance of winning a house or car payment worth $1000, loaded into your SalesVision Black Card when you subscribe to this game
  • SalesVision Professional Games - You get the first three programs mentioned above plus other training courses available such as Limitless 360. You also stand a chance of winning a car, a house payment worth $1000, and a chance of winning on Vince’s birthday, a custom Rolex which costs $54,000. 
  • SalesVision Diamond Level Games - You get all of the courses above plus another course exclusive only to this subscription. You also stand a chance of winning a $1000 car or house payment, a $54,000 Custom Rolex, and a $300,000 Bentley.

Is SalesVision A Scam?

Well, we can't totally conclude that SalesVision is a scam but it’s not something that would give us the best benefits. 

There are also a lot of things that negate this opportunity from getting our favor since first and foremost, the owner’s previous reputation with other schemes is already an alarm to avert such opportunities. 

Due to the lack of retailable sales, it can even be considered a pyramid scheme.

Is SalesVision A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Well, we can’t totally prove that it’s a scam but I personally think that it is more of a pyramid scheme.

Why? It’s simply because of the lack of retail sales and if you will rely on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guidelines, this is already a red flag. and it is most probably that your income will come from a recruitment

Yes, you may be sort of getting digital products, such as educational training and marketing tools but the fact remains that it doesn’t teach you anything about Internet marketing. The truth is that the so-called training is really geared towards promoting the company. What is really marketed here is the affiliate membership itself or in simple terms, recruitment. 

The founder’s reputation is not also a good sign since he’s been involved with a couple of pyramid schemes.

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SalesVision Compensation Plan

The commissions you get from SalesVision’s subscriptions vary. In SalesVision, the higher your subscription is, the higher your commission percentages will be and as expected, you can’t earn from a free membership. So, you’ll opt for those priced subscriptions.

Here’s a run-through of the percentage of commissions you earn from each SalesVision Business Games subscriptions:

  • Apprentice members earn 10% of all personal Apprentice membership sales.
  • Professional members earn 25% of all personal sales of Apprentice and Professional memberships.
  • SalesVision Diamond members earn 25% of all personal paid membership sales and another 25% from all the sales of their personal recruits.

You are also maxed out by your membership’s percentage. If you sign up a recruit on Diamond, and your rank is Apprentice, you only earn 10% of the signup.

See more about their business and compensation plan in this video:

How Much To Join SalesVision?

Apparently, joining in SalesVision is free. Just complete a signup form and once you’ve verified your account, you’ll get a SalesVision VISA black card with a dollar on it. 

The community comes with Business Games subscriptions, you’ll have to subscribe as a member. 

There is a Free Games subscription ($0). However, to maximize earning opportunity, perks, and benefits, you’ll have to sign up with any of the paid accounts below.

  • Apprentice Games ($7/month)
  • Professional Games ($77/month)
  • Diamond Games ($777/year or 6 monthly payments of $250)



Well, one thing I’ll give SalesVision merit for is that they are upfront about who runs or owns the company. But other than that, I don’t see anything to like about this opportunity. 


Owner’s Negative Reputation

One major red flag is the owner and founder, Vincent Ortega’s bad reputation. The head represents the whole company. So with all those pyramid schemes and scams, Vincent Ortega has been involved with, would you still entrust your future income with his lead? Honestly, this alone is enough reason to avoid such an opportunity! 

Needless Training

Yes, they may provide digital materials and training but it’s just another needless training to lure you into their scheme to promote their business opportunity. 

What they incorporate in their training is something geared towards helping you promote the SalesVision System itself. In fact, the training courses are not the main driving force here because what you’re marketing here is the membership itself. 

The courses are just bonuses and to help you market the program. Apparently, these courses have no value outside SalesVision. The training provided here cannot be used for setting up another business that’s nothing to do with Salesvision. 

Recruitment Scheme

It doesn’t offer any chance for retail sales and the only option to make money here is through recruitment, making it more like a pyramid scheme than a legit program.

It’s also focused on incentivizing recruitment, which is against FTC’s guidelines. I guess it’s just a matter of time when they find this out and take necessary measures against such fraudulent schemes. 

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Training Tools/Support

Joining SalesVision, you’ll have to subscribe to a Business Game and each level is inclusive of digital materials, training, and courses for online marketing. 

You’ll also get a SalesVision VISA black card with a dollar on it. A support center is as well as available for everyone.

Final Opinion/Verdict

For now, we may not totally conclude that SalesVision is a scam but neither could we say that it’s really a legitimate system. There are just a lot of reasons to really be doubtful of this opportunity. 

I’ve already stated enough in the cons corner and if I were you, I would not definitely jump into such a program. This opportunity would take you nowhere.

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Anyways, thank you for reading my SalesVision Review! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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