1 Click Trading System Review – Another Crypto MLM Pyramid Scheme To Watch Out?

is 1 click trading system a scam

Welcome to My 1 Click Trading System Review!

Multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities in the crypto niche are often generalized as pyramid schemes and we can’t blame the people for making such assumptions. Over the years, most networking companies have been proven to be participating in fraudulent activities.

But then, there are still a few MLM opportunities that are not only legit but also profitable.

The question is -- is 1 Click Trading System one of those? 

1 Click Trading System Review Summary

Name: 1 Click Trading System

Website: www.1clicktradingsystem.com

Founders: Doyle Shuler And Richard Hornshaw 

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $99 For The Monthly Fee

1 click trading system logo

Quick Summary: 1 Click Trading is a cryptocurrency trading program that is built on a multi-level marketing business model. It also comes with a trading app.

While it looks like nothing’s going on, we find this income opportunity questionable. Not only with the thought that the owner has been involved in a couple of pyramid schemes but also, the business opportunity itself has the dangers of being a pyramid scheme.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Or is it another scam that takes advantage of people’s vulnerability?

Well, you better find out before jumping in such opportunities.

We’ve reviewed a dozen of schemes that offer cryptocurrency trading but we could barely find a legit one, including GoMiner, Ad-Doge.Com, and Doubleway.

But to give the 1 Click Trading System a benefit of the doubt, we will be making this unbiased review, unveiling important information about this income opportunity. The goal is to help you come to a logical decision on whether you should join this business opportunity or not. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with this 1 Click Trading System Review!

What Is 1 Click Trading System About?

1 Click Trading System is one of those MLMs that operates in the cryptocurrency niche. It offers a trading platform and an income opportunity that comes with incentives more focused on recruitment. This basically means that you only get paid when you bring people into the program.

1 Click Trading System was founded by two men who both have an interesting background in the MLM world. These two I’m referring to are Doyle Shuler and Richard Hornshaw. 

Doyle Shuler is based in South Carolina, USA. In 2010-2011, he promoted gold-themed opportunities, such as ISN Coins and Preservation Of Wealth. ISN Coins is more of an affiliate autoship recruitment scheme while Preservation Of Wealth was an outright pyramid scheme. 

It was around 2016 when he stopped promoting such MLMs opportunities and in 2018, Shuler had transitioned into the world of cryptocurrency.

This led him to promote several cryptocurrency MLM Ponzi schemes, including Sports Trading BTC, My Passive Trades, and Kangot.

On the other hand, Richard Hornshaw is based in the UK. Apparently, in 2017 he was promoting World Global Network but after a year, he left the company and began his venture with cryptocurrencies, involving himself in a couple of MLM cryptocurrency scams.

1 click trading system founders

The earliest he was promoted was in August 2018 and it was an opportunity called World Cryptocurrency 101 but later in just 2 months, by October 2018, he moved on to Karatbars International. He apparently jumped on the cryptocurrency fraud bandwagon and it went on. In January 2019, Hornshaw promoted HGFX Online, which was also a collapsed Forex trading scheme, and also he was involved with the pyramid scheme-  GoFounders.

All those MLM experiences with cryptos probably brought Shuler and Hornshaw to the launching of 1 Click Trading System.

1 Click Trading System Product Line

There are no physical or digital products to sell in 1 Click Trading System. The only opportunity for affiliates is to promote the affiliate membership itself. This affiliate membership in turn will provide access to a cryptocurrency trading signals service, which is said to be an artificial intelligence software. 

However, 1 Click Trading System doesn’t provide specific information about this service on their website. 

1 Click Trading System comes with a cryptocurrency app along with training on how you purchase your crypto for trading along with joining the right trading companies and how to connect your trading app. 

1 click trading system app

It is not an “automatic” process for trading as they claim since you have to press a button for it to proceed. The app will take control of the stop loss for you on their recommended trades so that you won’t lose too much money. 

To learn how 1 Click Trading System works, you can watch the video below:

Is 1 Click Trading System A Scam?

Though we can’t totally conclude that 1 Click Trading System is a scam, we can’t confidently say that it’s a legitimate opportunity, too. 

Not only that the founders have a bad record of being involved in crypto scams, the signals service that they offer is also questionable. 

They mentioned having an AI service but they won’t provide any information about it. Why? Now, that’s something dubious. Though it’s not a confirmed pyramid scheme, it has the dangers of becoming one. 

It also does not have a record with the Better Bureau Business (BBB). 

Is 1 Click Trading System A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

1 Click Trading System may not be considered as a pyramid scheme for now but many points are leading towards it. For instance, it has no retailable products to make money from and the only way to be compensated is to offer the membership itself. In simple terms, recruitment.

Also, the founders -- both of them -- have been involved in pyramid schemes, most of which work almost the same as 1 Click Trading System. It’s not to disdain them and stereotype the opportunity but what are the chances that it won’t happen again?

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1 Click Trading System Compensation Plan

Apparently, 1 Click Trading System’s compensation plan is not that complicated. However, to be qualified to get commissions and be paid, affiliates should recruit others who would also do the same. 

Well, here’s a quick run-through of how you’re going to earn income in their opportunity. 

1 Click Trading APP Income - As mentioned it comes with an APP and you’ll earn from the trades you make with 1 Click Trading’s app. However, there’s no guaranteed income here.

Referral Commissions - 1 Click Trading System pays recruitment commissions via a unilevel compensation structure. In a unilevel structure, your recruits are placed under you and are labeled as your first level. Their recruits become your second level and so on. 

You earn a commission based on your rank and the levels. The lower the levels, the lower the percentage tier. 

Direct Referral Commissions - For every member you personally recruit, you get $7 per month as long as they stay active. 1 Click Trading System pays $7 per affiliate recruited, down a maximum of seven levels of recruitment, and an additional $7 per recruit signed up is paid to the first upline “Super Affiliate”. 

To qualify as a Super Affiliate, an affiliate must recruit and maintain five subscription active affiliates. Note that commissions are tied to ongoing monthly fee payments and commissions are paid for as long as they continue to pay. 

Affiliate Ranks - Apparently as an MLM, 1 Click Trading System comes with affiliate ranks, and the commission rate increases as your rank increases. 

How Much To Join 1 Click Trading System?

To become part of 1 Click Trading System’s income opportunity, you’ll have to shell out $99 a month and this is required to be converted into Bitcoin.



1 Click Trading System may come inviting because of the handy app or whatsoever it offers but honestly, for me, there’s not much to like about its opportunity.


Founders Involved In Crypto Scams 

As mentioned, the founders have been involved in crypto scams and what’s alarming is that it’s not only once but a lot of times. This alone is a red flag! While 1 Click Trading System is a different program, there’s still a possibility that fraudulent activities can happen on this platform again.

Dangers Of Being A Pyramid Scheme

1 Click Trading System may not be a pyramid scheme for now. However, it has all the makings of a being one. It doesn’t have retail products and the incentives are all focused on recruitment and not so much on selling the app. Plus, with the founder’s reputation on crypto scams and pyramid schemes, it’s most likely that 1 Click Trading System is gonna be one in the future. 

Trading Is Risky

Even fully equipped with all the training, there is still a high chance that you’re going to lose money because of its inherent volatility and other external factors because trading is indeed inherently risky. So don’t gamble your chance and lose it. 

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Training Tools/Support

Once you become a member of 1 Click Trading System, you’ll be able to gain access to the back office and the integration instructions. The members also gain access to a said “artificial intelligence software” cryptocurrency trading signals service that comes with the app.

Final Opinion/Verdict

1 Click Trading System may not be a scam but we can’t as well totally say that it’s a legit opportunity. 

It could be the perfect income opportunity for some people but will all the red flags stated, I can’t recommend it to anyone.

Nonetheless, the company seems to have a fair compensation plan. It even comes with a handy app that’s good for trading enthusiasts but as an earning opportunity, gaining lucrative income is uncertain as you could lose lots of money, especially if you’re aware of how trading inherently works.

1 Click Trading System also has the dangers of becoming a pyramid scheme and the thought of the founders’ involvement in crypto scams really makes me uncomfortable. 

If I were you, I wouldn’t entrust my money or time with them.

What's Next?

1 Click Trading System does not sound like a good opportunity but doesn’t worry, there’s always a better alternative.

Join my #1 recommended program now and have access to the following:  

  • Training resources
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Anyways, thank you for reading my 1 Click Trading System review. I hope this has enlightened you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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