Is NuLife Ventures A Scam – Overpriced Water Supplement MLM Scheme?

is nulife ventures a scam

Welcome to My NuLife Review! 

When it comes to multi-level marketing (MLM), the common products sold in the market are cosmetics, skincare, and financial services. However, it’s not a surprise to see a new product emerge online.

There are tons of unusual essentials sold online, such as LifeWave's healing patches and greetings cards from Send Out Cards, and now, we’re going to explore another bizarre product from NuLife.

NuLife  Review Summary

Name: NuLife 


Founders: Bill Resides, Bob Doran, and Joey Bird

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $280 For The Membership Fee + $4,275 To $9,475 For The Business Packages

nulife ventures logo

Quick Summary: NuLife Ventures is a multi-level marketing company that sells water supplements and water equipment.

Like other networking companies, they offer retail and recruitment commissions and while they are far from being a scam, there are some drawbacks to watch out for!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Apparently, what this networking company offers is related to water and so far, it has reached a decent market online. But does this mean that you should give this opportunity a try?

what is nulife ventures about

How does it work?

What are its pros and cons?

Is NuLife legit or another scam?

Let’s find out everything you need to know about NuLife to help you decide whether it’s a good opportunity for you or not.

What Is NuLife About?

NuLife is a health and wellness company that follows an MLM structure; however, unlike the usual personal care and skincare essentials, they offer something different. 

NuLife promotes water supplements and water apparatus, which is similar to Enagic, another networking company that offers water-related equipment.

According to WhoIs, the website was registered in Georgia, the USA in 2016. However, the copyright on its footer says 2014 and when you check one of its founders’ (William Resides) LinkedIn account, it says that he founded NuLife Ventures in October 2012.

So, which is which?

Speaking of founders, there are three main people involved in NuLife. The first one is William Resides or as they call him, Bill. The other two were Bob Doran and Joey Bird.

nulife ventures founders

The good news is that all of them are real people, unlike most scams that use actors or pen names to conceal the owners’ real identities.

The bad news, however, is their previous experiences. Joey and Bill have been involved in a scam called FlexKom. Meanwhile, Bob was related to another scheme called North American Power. While it’s legit, the brand has closed eventually in 2015.

Considering this, I’d feel a bit of hesitation knowing that not only one but two founders have been involved in a scam. What are the chances that they would not con anyone again? 

NuLife Product Line 

As mentioned above, the health and wellness brand promotes water supplements and equipment. 

NuLife’s water machines were manufactured by a brand named Echo, and here are some of them: 

  • Echo H2 Pitcher
  • Echo H2 Machine
  • Echo H2 Server
  • Echo H2 Ultimate
nulife ventures products

The pricing for Echo-series water machines ranges from $1,195 to $2,495.

As for their water supplement called VNox+, it claims that it stimulates blood flow. The price can’t be found anywhere. 

They also have Sedona Face Mask and Avacen products that cost as high as $7,985.

Is it worth it?

I was trying to look for a legitimate review but there is little to no feedback from users. It's either only a few people actually try their products or none at all. 

Also, there are no scientific studies or that would support the claims of NuLife Ventures so more or less, these are just marketing hype.

Considering this, I don’t think their products are anybody’s time and money.

Is NuLife A Scam?

There are several drawbacks when it comes to NuLife but I don’t see anything that points to it as a scam.

First of all, it has a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and although not accredited, it has an A+ rating.

So far, it has not been involved with any controversies and that’s a good sign, too. However, it’s not something that I would recommend.

MLM has a negative stigma but I’ve encountered a dozen networking companies that have a good opportunity; sadly, NuLife is not one of them.

There are a couple of disadvantages, like the involvement of the co-founders in scams, and two, the products and membership are so expensive, it’s not even worth it.

Is NuLife A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Often, people confuse pyramid schemes and MLMs but these two are entirely different.

For instance, networking is a legit business model. They have tangible products and/or digital services to offer. There’s recruitment involved but members are not directly compensated for the referrals; instead, they only get commissions or bonuses once their downline or team makes a sale.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, only has one source of income and that is through recruitment. It’s unstable and downright illegal. It’s not worth getting involved with and people who join here often lose tons of money. 

The same with a Ponzi scheme; it’s a scam. The only difference is that there’s a promise of a huge return on investment. 

As for NuLife, it’s a legit MLM so far and maybe that’s the only good thing about it.

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NuLife Compensation Plan

As a networking company, NuLife Ventures offers various ways to make money with them but first, members have to be qualified to earn commissions.

To be qualified, you should be able to meet one of the following:

Class 1 Commission Qualification:

  • Pay for the membership fee and purchase Avacen products worth 250 Personal Volume (PV) for retail customers or downline.
  • Sell products worth 60 PV every month.

Class 2 Commission Qualification

  • Pay for membership fee and purchase Class 2 products for retail customers or downline.
  • Sell the required Class 2 purchase for 3 months.
  • Fulfill the required NuLife Ventures’ certification course.

There are also residual commissions once you can form a team, and to learn more about NuLife’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

How Much To Join NuLife?

Like the pricing of their products, joining NuLie also comes with a hefty cost. For one, you have to pay $280 just for the membership alone.

To make money selling their products, you have to purchase any Avacen business packages, such as: 

  • Avacen 100 ($4,275)
  • Business Builder Package ($6,475)
  • Avacen Pro ($7,275)
  • Practitioners Package ($9,475)

This is just too expensive. It’s like the owners are making money from you rather than you making money with them.



Legit Business Model

Perhaps, the only thing I like about NuLife is that it’s legit and so far, it’s not been involved in any issues that would taint its reputation. 


Extremely Expensive

To become a member, you need to pay $280 for the membership fee and purchase products that are worth more than $4,275. That’s a huge amount of cash to spend, especially for a brand that has a limited market.

I mean, are you really willing to spend over a thousand dollars on water equipment? If not, then imagine how you’re going to sell it to other people. Remember, we’re still under pandemic and most people don't have enough cash to splurge on water supplements.

Not Backed Up By Science

There are no scientific studies to support the efficacy of NuLife Ventures’ equipment and supplements so I don’t see any reason why anyone should blow a massive amount of cash for their products.

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Training Tools/Support

NuLife Ventures offer training and tools online to help their members learn more about their products and marketing strategies. They also have a mobile app that trains Independent Brand Partners or their distributors.

For support, NuLife has various social media channels, a contact number, and an email address you can reach out to for questions or concerns.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Water equipment and supplements are kind of unusual but I do understand that there’s a need to develop a unique product. I have nothing against that except that NuLife Ventures should have considered providing a scientific backup to prove the efficiency of their products.

Also, the price is just too much. Who would blow over a thousand dollars for equipment that’s not even essential? I mean, most of us have lived and are still living without this, right?

The same thing with their membership fees; you are looking for a source of income, something that would perhaps help you achieve financial freedom but how can you do it if you need to spend more than two thousand dollars just to get started?

I know that starting a business takes time and often, money but do you really think NuLife is worth it?

What's Next?

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I hope this NuLife Ventures’ review has enlightened you. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop them down below.

Thank you!

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