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Website: online sales pro scam
Price: $37/month, $97/month or $997/year
Founders: Vincent Ortega Jr.
Overall Ranking: 5/10
Who’s it For: Novice Online Marketers


What is Online Sales Pro About?

Online Sales Pro is a complete training system that is easy to use and packed with features intended to help you is online sales pro scamgenerate leads, which eventually turn into sales. The program teaches you how to generate leads for any company, product or service, as well as how to convert those leads into actual sales.

When you sign up for Online Sales Pro, you will have access to pre-made landing pages, an auto-responder for email marketing, training in sales, marketing and social media, custom domains and more. You do get a variety of tools with Online Sales Pro plus, but the Online Sales Pro reviews are still quite mixed.

Is Online Sales Pro Scam?

Is Online Sales Pro scamming people outright? The answer to that is no. You are given a variety of tools to work with, but the problem is that there are up-sells and the training can often be vague and at some points, worthless.

One of the main issues with Online Sales Pro is the founder Vincent Ortega Jr., who also ran the Internet Lifestyle Network. When the Internet Lifestyle Network shut down, everyone that invested their time and money in the program were left with literally nothing. Unfortunately, Online Sales Pro is similar in nature and the training is just as vague as the Internet Lifestyle Network programs were.

Another issue is that the price listed isn’t the final price you will be paying. It starts out as $37 a month, which is already a bit expensive, but then you are persuaded to sign up for the $297 full year membership and upgrade to another level. This is just where the up-sells begin. Although they aren’t quite as bad as other online marketing training programs, there is still some shady marketing techniques going on. 

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One of the issues with Online Sales Pro is that you are subjected to up-sells. The program starts out as $37 a month, which is already a bit expensive, but then you are persuaded to sign up for the $297 full year membership. Yes, this is a discount, but it’s simply a marketing tactic to get more of your money upfront. Additionally, if you want to unlock everything that Online Sales Pro has to offer, you will need to upgrade to the MVP membership. This costs $97 a month or $997 for the year.

When comparing the programs, the MVP membership upgrade simply allows you to join their affiliate program and is not worth the additional cost.

Pros / Cons


  • There are a variety of tools at your disposal
  • The app is intuitive and convenient


  • The training is vague and worthless and some points
  • There are up-sells and it can become quite costly
  • Vincent Ortega Jr. is not a name you can trust

Online Sales Pro is a system that claims to teach members how to generate leads through online marketing. The great thing about their platform is that you are provided the tools necessary to do so. With sleek landing pages to choose from, an auto-responder to make email marketing a breeze, and plenty of community support, the program gives you the tools that you need. The app featured by Online Sales Pro is also a hit, giving you updates when you earn commission or when a new lead is generated. The app is also available in both iOS and Android devices and is simple to use.

While Online Sales Pro might provide you a solid suite of tools, what they lack on is quality training. Overall, the training is often vague and occasionally even includes information that is not correct.

Additionally, there are up-sells and the $37 a month membership fee is only the beginning of what you will end up paying. Backed by a man that left his past customers with nothing when Internet Lifestyle Network folded, Online Sales Pro isn’t a program that I can really get behind and trust.

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Who Is It For

Online Sales Pro is a program that is made for beginners in lead generation or those who have no technical experience. The system is easy to use and does not require the usage of any tech skills. It comes with built in landing pages, which means that you will not be responsible for building them from scratch and all of the grunt work that comes with that. However, while the tools are great, the lack of quality training makes this a problem that we cannot recommend.

 Training Tools / Support

The one area where Online Sales Pro really excels is in the tools that are offered. You are of course given team training, training in sales and marketing, and even social media training, but the tools and features are what keep Online Sales Pro from a completely abysmal rating.

The training is often vague and provides misinformation, but the tools are quite helpful. You are given over 500 landing pages to choose from, an auto-responder tool for email marketing, a sales funnel and custom domains. Online Sales Pro also offers an easy to use app for both iOS and Android users, which is a great feature. In terms of support, you have access to a variety of community help pages and are even given client support directly from Online Sales Pro staff.

Final Opinion / Verdict

Brought to you by Vincent Ortega Jr., Online Sales Pro is marketed as an all in one system for lead generation and sales conversions on the internet. Providing both training and tools, you’d think the program really had something quality to issue. The problem with Online Sales Pro is that the training is often vague, and the program is designed for beginners who will take the misinformation they are given as fact. Overall, when combining the poor training and up-sell tactics employed by Online Sales Pro, this is not a program that I can highly recommend.

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