Is CrownIt A Scam? Another Survey Website To Watch Out?

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Crownit Review Summary

Name:  Crownit


Founders:  GoldVIP Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Product Type:  Paid Survey Site

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary: Crownit is a market research platform and a full-stack agency providing consumer insights to businesses by conducting surveys online. 

In return, you will receive a reward for the simple task but the question is, can you turn this reward into cash, or is it just like other similar websites that waste your time?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will talk about a survey website called Crownit to know whether it’s a good online opportunity to try or watch out? It claims to offer rewards but can you turn these rewards into cash?

What Is Crownit About?

Crownit is a leading marketing research company in India, providing consumer insights to local businesses and big brands by conducting surveys online in exchange for rewards. 

It offers fast, accurate, and reliable insights that like any other survey results, it aims to address business concerns, services, and offerings. 

It’s similar to the previous websites we’ve reviewed in the past, such as:

It was first established way back in July 2014 and has traveled a long way since then. 

GoldVIP Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd., a technology company that maintains multiple online platforms to conduct online market research, is the founder of Crownit. 

It enables users to share their data in the form of survey responses and more to gain corresponding rewards.

Whenever you answer surveys and upload receipts, you will get scratch cards for a chance to win Crown points and gift cards. Once you accumulate enough crowns, you can redeem them for gift vouchers.

However, are you eligible to join?

Unfortunately, not everyone can access Crownit since it is only highly available in 40 cities in India without having strict restrictions, as long as you can successfully oblige their registration procedure. However, some tasks presented on this website such as games are also available to the US and UK residents.

Inside Crownit

There are different methods for you to earn rewards and it includes as follows:

Upload Bills

You can take a picture of your bills and upload it to the Crownit app in return for crowns. There are certain categories of your bills for you to select like utilities, fuel, travel, fashion, restaurants, medical and online shopping. 

Complete Surveys

Members can take part in marketing research studies and earn rewards for sharing their insights. Surveys are simple online questionnaires that provide a critical source of data and insights for businesses. However, some surveys are sent for manual review, which can be accepted or rejected based on the quality of your answers.

Once your survey passes the quality checks, you will be eligible to get a scratch card, which may contain various rewards such as crowns, gems, Paytm cash, and vouchers.

For instance, a scratch card is a card or ticket having one or more sections coated with an opaque substance that can be scratched off to reveal a possible prize. This is quite a downside, since members aren't aware of how much they will earn, and worst like in some cases, you won't receive anything after being unqualified due to dishonest and insincere answers to survey questions.

Play Games

You will be eligible to play games for 3 days, whenever you upload a bill. If ever you win in these games, you will receive gems that you may redeem for rewards.

Weekly Rush

Members have the opportunity to win prizes every Friday between 3 to 4 pm. You will have the chance to win various prizes if your Rush ticket will be lucky. You can have a Rush Ticket for every approved bill uploaded in the app.

 Job Referral

You can also earn crowns whenever you refer your friends for Crownit open positions. Just send them your friend's resume at [email protected] and you can receive 5,000 crowns worth ₹2,500 once your friend was successfully appointed. Take note that the referral amount will only be credited when the appointed person has worked for a minimum of 3 months and withdrawn 3 full salaries.

Watch the video to learn what survey is about.

Is Crownit A Scam?

Crownit is not a scam. It is a legitimate website and even recognized as India’s most trusted online market research platform. 

In fact, over 100 enterprises depend on Crownit for consumer insights across marketing measurement, product R&D & feedback, shopper journeys, and market share. 

t is also operated by GoldVIP Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd., a reputable marketing research firm in India. 

Crownit has 1,000,000 downloads to date and has a good 4-star rating of about 42,289 users. Likewise, the idea of joining this platform for free makes sense that it isn't a scam, to begin with since no money is involved. 

Although it is a legit earning opportunity, there are still drawbacks to be minded carefully. You may end up wasting a significant amount of time in exchange for low rewards because of the pending crown, rejected bills, unapproved surveys, technical issues, and more. 

It will require you much of an effort to attain a substantial income. After all, paid survey sites aren't fitted for everyone's needs and desires. It's up to you whether you'll settle for less than you actually deserve or seek better alternatives instead.

Crownit Compensation Plan

The more time you spend, the more money you can make by taking part in these activities. By completing and qualifying surveys and doing other activities on Crownit, you will earn different scratch cards which may contain various rewards such as crowns, gems, Paytm cash, and vouchers.

Approximately 0.4 Rupees is equivalent to one crown, yet it's constantly changing. You can redeem your crowns for gift vouchers, or as recharge on your phone number. Simply tap on redeem, select Vouchers and follow the instructions to buy a voucher.

Take note that you won’t be able to redeem crowns instantly as you earn them. You can only redeem Crowns that are available in the “Eligible to Redeem” count, which is generated at the company’s sole discretion.

For instance, "Crowns” refers to the points issued to GoldVIP members for performing a valid action as required by the Company. Crowns can be redeemed for services, goods, or e-vouchers on the Crownit App.

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How Much To Join Crownit?

To join Crownit, you need to download it on your Android and iOS device and then create an account. Next, register using your phone number; if you ever skip the registration, you can get access to the app but won’t be able to complete the tasks.

Upon completing the registration process, you need to agree to their terms and conditions. It is free and open to qualified individuals from ages 18 years old and above.



Free To Join

Crownit is 100% free. You won't spend any amount of money just to join. 

Various Earning Opportunities

You have different methods to avail yourself of rewards, you can either complete surveys, upload bills, play games, join week rush, or refer vacant job positions on Crownit to your friends.

Site Is Mobile Friendly

Crownit is a mobile-only platform having over 2 million verified user bases with deep consumer profiling. Therefore, you can explore different earning methods and receive rewards wherever and whenever fits your schedule.

Different Redemption Option

The scratch card you have received by completing and qualifying a survey, contains different rewards like crowns, gems, Paytm cash, and vouchers. Crowns and gems can be redeemed for gift vouchers, or as recharge on your phone number. You can select where you'll use your vouchers on the partnered platforms of Crownit which you can check on their website.


Technical Problems

There are complaints from users not being able to open the app, upload bills, and complete surveys.

Limited Surveys

First of all, Crownit is only eligible in more than 40 cities across India.

There are only a few offered surveys for you due to the number of its members and there are instances that the surveys you complete may not get approved and you may never get paid.


Bills are usually pending for quite a while and you have to answer lots of questions hoping to be qualified, but it will take you an ample amount of time since getting a reward isn't guaranteed, so time spent isn't worthy.

Low Earning Potential

There are only a few surveys available on the site and a massive number of participants. So, you will have less of a chance to get a survey and despite doing other earning methods corresponding crown (points) isn't that high.

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Training Tools/Support

For any complaint, dispute, clarification, and information about Crownit application or about the collection, retention, or disclosure of your information you may contact [email protected]

Final Opinion/Verdict

Crownit is a legitimate online opportunity. You can receive rewards by qualifying to surveys and doing other earning methods such as uploading bills, playing games, joining week rush, and job referral. However, just like any other survey site, it has only low earning potential due to limited offers like surveys. 

There's a screening procedure to determine if you qualified for the survey. So, it can be a waste of time when you complete answering the survey questions but end up not eligible for it.

Even though skills aren't required in survey sites, still, you will struggle just to reach a substantial income and you need plenty of time to fulfill it. 

All in all, I don't recommend joining Crownit, yet, if you really want to pursue online income generation, there are better options than this one. Just check the top-rated GPT sites in your country and try your luck to achieve better outcomes!

What's Next?

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