Is Univox A Scam? Legit Survey Or Another Scheme To Stay Away From?

Welcome To My Univox Review!

Have you ever tried answering surveys online? If yes, how was your experience?

There are many opportunities to make money over the Internet but one of the most popular are paid surveys.

It’s easy and it doesn’t ask any complicated skills; all you have to do is share your opinion about a certain product, service, or experience and get a reward in return.

Univox Review Summary

Name:  Univox


Founders:   Market Cube

Product Type:  Paid Survey Site

Price:   Free To Join

Quick Summary: Univox is a survey site that pays you for sharing your views and opinions on different products, services, and more.

As a compensation, you will be rewarded by points but the question is, is it worth your time? Will it offer cash or just gift cards? Most importantly, is it legit or just another scam?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

While most companies offering such opportunity is legit, there are certain drawbacks such as it being a waste of time. However, there are other market research brands that are worth a try.

The question is: is Univox one? Is it legit or just another scam?

Let’s find out in this honest Univox review.

What Is Univox About?

Univox is a website which allows you to share your feedback and real opinion regarding various services and products that are available on the market or even to services and products that are not yet out, which are soon to be release on the market  This paves way for helping businesses to enhance  and address concerns of the consumers about their services and prouduct based on the given feedbacks by Univox. Relationship between consumers and this platform is essential, that explains why they are willing to pay to get their desired opinions and any reliable data.

Univox was established way back 2011, and a market research company known as Market Cube operated it that welcome anyone worldwide to join them. Their headquarters was based in the United States with offices in India and London. It only implies how it was recognized as one of the most established paid survey sites in the industry.

Members of this platform will be rewarded with points of various amounts every time that they complete a survey or do other paid activities on the site. With a certain amount of points, you can convert it into cash or a gift card of your choice.

Therefore, who can join?

Univox accepts worldwide members residing in more than 150 countries spread across six continents, with the age of 18 years old or older. However, the availability of the surveys still depends a lot on geographical locations.

Furthermore, I will dig deeper about this website if ever you wanted to sign in as a member.

It is a requirement to first register as a user in order to be classified as a member. It has a straightforward process and takes about 90 minutes to complete. Upon registration, five pieces of information are being asked like; gender, geographic region, shopping habits, car ownership, and their age, even basic demographic information will be likewise asked. There are also additional questions to answer that will further complete your profile. Such informations and process are important since it will be the basis to match you to a survey later on with the aim to involve only the most qualified people to participate. After completing the process, you will be awarded 500 points which is equivalent to $5.

Upon the completion of the registration process, you are entitled to participate in surveys if you received email invitation. Hence, you may end up not eligible to take it but still receive small points as a disqualification bonus.

Univox Product Line

Univox has different earning opportunities as follows:

Paid surveys

It is the main way to make money on Univox Community. It is a great way to have your opinion heard and earn some cash at the same time. However, it is limited. It can, however, vary from country to country, so in some countries you will have access to more surveys than in others. It can also vary depending on the time of the year and days in the week.

The number of points awarded on a survey will depend on factors such as the length, topic, and the target group. Most surveys are worth 100 points, although some surveys may be worth more.


Univox Community regularly offers contests. To find out what contests are available, you have to check their social media accounts and sometimes it is posted on their website's forum section.

Possible contest might be a quick little quiz or a challenge where you have to write a bit more or where you have to answer a question about Univox. In general, the contests don't take long to participate in, and it is free. Rewards aren't usually big but it depends upon the contest.

“Surprise me” contests

Another kind of contests on Univox is called the “surprise me” contest. Regularly, a few winners are chosen that will receive a little extra reward. The rules are not completely clear, but the winners are supposedly chosen based on survey activity. There is a greater chance to win if you're active on this platform. Just don't expect for huge reward, but a little extra reward is also nice once in a while. 

Wheel of Fortune

Every day you get 1 free spin on the Wheel of Fortune. Just log in and click a button to get this. You can win points worth up to $10, if you're lucky. It only takes a few seconds to spin the wheel, so if you decide to become a member after reading this review, you should make sure to use this chance.


Univox is not just a place where people take surveys, likewise they try to create a community.   They have a forum where people can post questions and communicate. You can obtain and ask questions here. In general, people are quite active in the forum so if you are interested in a community aspect, then you should definitely check out that section. But it is not a requirement to be active in the community so you can just focus on the Univox surveys and the other earning methods if you prefer.

Invite a friend

You can invite friends and get a little bonus if they join. You will get $1 for each friend that joins and do at least 1 survey or attempts 10. After that, you will get 10 cents every time your friend takes a survey. It can be a nice way to make a little extra money.

Wall of fame bonuses

There is a section on Univox called “wall of fame”. This is two different leaderboards with the most active member of the day and the most active member of the month. Every time you do something on Univox, you will earn points in your engagement score. It is this engagement score that will determine your rank on the leaderboard so it is not just about the amount you earn. The reward you get if you finish in the top of the leader board will depend on your membership level. There are four types of membership: Basic, Verified, Premium, and Ambassador. You move up levels by being active. 

The daily wall of fame reward is between 25-200 points depending on your membership level and there is only one winner. For the monthly wall of fame, there are 20 winners. The rewards range from 25-600 points. If you are an active member, this is a nice bonus even if it is not huge.

Disqualification Bonus

Be aware that you will not qualify for all the surveys. Sometimes it can take patience to find the ones you qualify for. If you attempt to complete a survey but end up getting disqualified, your account will still be credited with up to 5 points.  This is something that not many sites offer.

First Sign-Up Bonus

Univox is one of the few paid survey sites that gives you a sign-up bonus. You will get a $2 credit by just signing up.

Is Univox A Scam?

Univox is definitely a legit site to join and it offers legit payout methods. It is even operated by a reputable market research company namely Market Cube which have been into business since 2009. Different businesses depends on Univox in getting reliable feedbacks from almost 3 million consumer members just to make informed decisions.

Univox Compensation Plan

You will get reward points of various amounts every time that you complete a survey or do other paid activities on the site. Every 100 points equivalents to $1. The minimum payout threshold varies depending on the level of your membership. The 4 different user levels are:

● Basic Users

The redemption activates at 2,500 points or $25.

● Verified Users

The redemption activates at 2,000 points or $20.

● Premium Users

The redemption activates at 1,500 points or $15.

● Ambassador Users

The redemption activates at 1,000 points or $10.

Every level start redemptions at 1,000 points or $10 and maximum redemption of 10,000 or $100. You can join all for them for free and you can earn your membership progression into each level, depending on the number of surveys that you completed. As you step up the ranking in the membership level, the cashout threshold will become lower. The lowest is at $10 or 1,000 points.

Remember that your points can expire if you're not active. However, the site does not indicate how long you have to be dormant for your points to expire. Therefore, it is advisable to get your payout as soon as possible to avoid losing your points. The payment process can take up to 15 days to complete. 

Univox has numerous payment methods. You can withdraw your earnings through the following:


The minimum cashout threshold is set at $25, which is a little high for a survey taking platform. Payment is direct to your account.

●Gift Cards

Members can choose payment via a gift card if they prefer. This could be an Amazon gift card, or another option is a “Reward E-Gift Card” which can act as a gift card for many different stores. The minimum cashout threshold is still $25, and the gift card usually arrives in a few days.

● Virtual Mastercard

Another option is a virtual Mastercard reward card, and this can acts as a payment method for any online platform that accepts a Mastercard payment.

● Reward Links 

Receive a Reward Link e-gift card, which can then be turned into a gift card from dozens of your favorite stores.

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How Much To Join Univox?

Joining Univox is free!



● Free To Join

There's no need to spend a single cent. It is free to begin with.

● Site Is Mobile Friendly

Univox Community has its own app you can download and thereby be able to take surveys on the go. You can download the Univox app both via Google Play and the App Store so you can use it both for Android and iOS devices.

● Several Payment Options

You can select on how you're going to convert and payout your earned points, it can be via PayPal, purchased of gift cards, Virtual Mastercard or either reward links.

● Disqualification Bonuses

There are cases when you're not eligible for the survey but you still end up earning small bonus points of 5 which is equivalent to $0.05. It's better than getting nothing at all.

● Sign-Up Bonus

By simply signing up to this site, you can get $2 as bonus. Between this bonus and the sign-up survey, you’ll essentially be given $7 free just for signing up and filling out your profile information.

● Referral Bonuses

By referring friends to join, you can get a referral bonus. Once your friend tries to qualify for 10 surveys or successfully completes one survey, you will get $1. You can refer up to five individuals for a total of $5 in potential bonus awards.


● High Payout Threshold

Payout threshold varies depending on the level of your membership, either way, the lowest possible payout threshold is at $10, which is still quite high compared to other survey sites.

● MIA Customer Support

When members find difficulties on this site, they can't easily reach out on its costumer support team. This could take you an ample of time before you can seek assistance regarding your concern about the site.

● High Rate Disqualification

Even if Univox gives small bonus when you get disqualified from a survey, the amount of disqualification happens often than being qualified for it. You had already invest your time on surveys before knowing that you are not qualified.

● Time Consuming

Since surveys are limited and worst, there's a possibility that you might be rejected. Likewise, other earning methods on this site will earn small points, therefore, it will take you quite a while to reach the payout threshold.


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Training Tools/Support

If you have concerns about Univox, visit the Q&A section on the contact page. However, if the bot cannot fix your problem, you can send a ticket through email instead. But if you need an immediate response, you can contact for support through the toll-free number. Also, you can reach them through their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Seek support via phone, email, and the contact form on the main website. Tel: 1-866-344-7832, Contact:, and Email: [email protected].

Final Opinion/Verdict

Univox is a legitimate website that has paid millions of members for doing surveys and several earning opportunities on their site for years. It even offers legit payout methods. However, there are occurring drawbacks like limited and high disqualification rate on surveys and high payout threshold. Therefore, you must decide thoroughly if you wanted to join or not, yet, if you opt for a sustainable income, this isn't the one you're looking for. There are better options to consider than this platform. 

So, I don't recommend joining Univox since it is far from being an ideal site. However, the decision is yours to make.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading our Univox review.  If you have questions or opinions we are pleased to hear from you in the comment section below. 

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