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Have you heard of paid survey websites? Which platform have you tried? In our website alone, Best Lifetime Income, we’ve reviewed over a dozen survey sites that may or may not be worth your time and now, we have another one called Google Opinion Rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards Review Summary

Name:   Google Opinion Rewards


Founders:  Google

Product Type:  Paid Survey site

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary:  Google Opinion Rewards is a conduit for businesses and organizations whereas similar to survey sites, people can participate, but in straightforward questionnaires.

In return, they'll earn points. Sounds like an easy job but the question is, how can you redeem these points? Can you exchange it for cash or gift cards only? Is it even worth your time?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

It’s one of the most popular online opportunities now that require only a little of your time. In exchange, you’ll get points, which are typical for survey websites.

But how does it work?

Is it worth your time or is it just another scam?

Let’s find out in this honest Google Opinion Rewards review.

What Is Google Opinion Rewards About?

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey site claiming to use consumer feedback to assist industries. The answers to short and straightforward surveys have been used by businesses and organizations to make key decisions about their products and services.

The website was established way back in 2012 by one of the biggest technology companies in the world with a wide range of internet-related services -- Google.

Google Opinion Rewards gives rewards to participants with either money or points. Upon reaching the payout threshold of $2 you can redeem your points as Google Play Credits.

So, can anyone join? 

Fortunately, no. Only people over 18 years old are qualified and the app is available in 26 nations, including the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Brazil, and many others.

Remember that when taking surveys, honesty is a must. Google has its ways to determine if participants are lying. For instance, it can send random questions to see whether you are honest. In case you're not, you might be blocked from taking surveys on the platform.

Google Opinion Rewards Product Line

The platform does not offer any products or services other than surveys, such as:

Short Surveys

It is the main way to earn money here. Even though it is simple and easy to complete, you will receive limited surveys once in a while. You may even get disqualified after giving invalid answers. 

Worst, there is an expiration for an offered survey, upon the span of 24 hours a survey might expire if you fail to answer it. The number of offered surveys varies upon demographic information and the season of the year.

Local surveys

It is another unique survey offered on Google Opinion Rewards. These surveys gather information about a location recently visited. The feedback you provide may sometimes be posted to Google Maps with your consent. However, keep in mind that your views become public when posted on Google Maps, and anyone can see them. Occasionally, you may be asked to upload the receipt for the purchase you made in a particular location. Good thing is that you can always retrieve and delete the receipt data.

Other Ways to Make Money on Google Opinion Rewards

Audience Measurement Panel

Occasionally, Google Opinion Rewards have an “Audience Measurement Panel '' where invitations are sent to volunteers to share their social media habits. They are required to use their internet services with an installed “Screenwise meter”. It will help Google to assess their prospective customers to improve their products and services. It is likely to research that needs volunteers who are chosen depending on their demographic group, locations, household, and other key factors. It may be thousands or hundreds of people if the demographic is wide in range and more data is needed.

It can be a good earning opportunity and an advantage if you spend a lot of your time browsing the internet or TV. More rewards are given to frequent volunteers as Google gathers data on viewing habits, cookies, IP addresses, and more. Google will determine the website you visit, your favorite programs, how often you access the internet, and how long your sessions online last. You can actually redeem their earned points at 100 times the rate for a single dollar.


An invite to deliver feedback on the Google Opinion Rewards app may be sent to you.

Likewise, for a particular survey that you answered recently, it may be essential.

Check the app homepage, click the “Feedback” button in the upper left corner. You can see these opportunities. 

Google seeks to improve the app using data and the quality of the surveys presented to its users. It's not an option to get more surveys, however, it helps to emphasize issues and requests for new features of the app.

It’s almost the same as Offernation, GPTHub, and PointsPrizes.

Is Google Opinion Rewards A Scam?

Google Opinion Rewards is definitely a legitimate site. Given that it has been established by Google, which is one of the biggest technology companies in the world with a wide range of internet-related services, it supported its credibility. It has also worked with some major companies like Ikea, Lowe’s, Chili’s, etc. 

In fact, the app had over 10 million downloads and a good reputation with the online survey-taking community. It even works for free, you won't spend a cent which makes it hard to conclude that it's a scam.

The sole problem is the low-income generation yet it makes sense since offered surveys are limited and even expired within a day. 

After all, not everyone's meant to be part of survey sites. It's a matter of choice and outlook in life.

Google Opinion Rewards Compensation Plan

The Google Opinion Rewards app pays in Google Play credits or a dollar amount. Apple users will see dollar amounts since they are not eligible for Google Play credit. You can earn dollars through surveys and is usually between $0.50 and $1 per completed survey. 

On the other hand, you can earn points by participating in the Audience Measurement Panel. 100 points are equivalent to $1. 

There are two main ways you can get paid on the Google Opinion Rewards app:

Google Play Credit

There's a “spend your play credit” button to tap on the home screen of the app or can either be accessed in Google Store. You can select rewards in the form of content, including games, books, movies, music, or anything else that is available in the Google Play Store.


If you connect your Google Opinion Rewards account to your PayPal account, you can get cash instead. The payment will be directed to your PayPal account automatically. 

Be sure that your Google Opinion Rewards and PayPal accounts have the same email address. If the email addresses are different, the payment process slows down considerably and it could take up to 30 days to arrive. After this process, future payments will be credited automatically. Payment notifications will go to your primary email address.

Take note, when setting up your account, you will be asked to link your Google payment profile. This will enable Google to send Google Play credits directly to your account.

Keep in mind that you will not receive any form of payment if you can't reach the payout threshold of $2. Moreover, the balance in your Google Opinion Rewards account will expire one year from the time you answer a survey.

How Much To Join Google Opinion Rewards?

It is free and it involves an easy process.

To get started, just download the Google Opinion Rewards app on your phone. Don't forget to associate it with your Google payment profile. This will ensure that the Google Play credits will reach your account. 

Next, complete an introductory survey. The system will use these demographic questions to find surveys that are interesting and relevant for you. 

After which, you'll receive a notification to complete your first paid survey, and then you will see a confirmation page. This is where you can see your first credit applied to the Google payment profile. 

However, take note that permissions aren't enabled on this site. You need to enable permission so Google will know whether you have visited stores and locations that require customer feedback which is one way of earning on the app.

Likewise, you must disable battery optimization to get a hold of apps running in the background. It is also important to enable the location on your device to receive more surveys.

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Free And Convenient

Google Opinion Rewards app is free to download and it’s available in most parts of the world. Any qualified person can take part in earning opportunities on the go on their mobile phones or even explore it in the comfort of their own homes. Surveys are even easy and simple to deal with.

It also has a low payment threshold, which is good news. You only need to reach $2 before you can payout to your desired payout method.

Site Is Mobile Friendly

Both Android and iOS users can download the Google Opinion Rewards app. However, only Android users can earn Google Play credits, and iOS users must choose cash rewards instead.


Limited Surveys

Surveys are only offered once or twice a week. There's even a chance that you might get disqualified after completing it. Another thing to worry about is that if you are offered a survey and you failed to answer it within 24 hours, it might expire.

 Low Earning Potential 

Only a few surveys are available on the site and a massive number of participants. Therefore, you will have less of a chance to get a survey.

Also, unlike other paid survey sites, referrals aren't available. You can't earn an additional sum of money from this program.


You have to answer many questions hoping that you will be qualified for a survey. But if you are not eligible, your time's wasted because you will not get any reward.

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Training Tools/Support

The Google Opinion Rewards app has an inclusive knowledge base section that will assist you on how to fix the most common problems its users experience.

If you are part of the Audience Measurement Panel, you can fill out an online form in case you have inquiries and need further help. You’ll need to provide your email, phone number, and type of problem you’re experiencing. You'll need to elaborate on the particular problem you encounter.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Google Opinion Rewards is a legitimate website that offers people different opportunities to earn money or points that they could redeem for Google Play Credits. It is even easy to have access and explore what more it could offer.

Thus, despite the legitimacy of this site, downsides are always constant. Surveys are limited and worse offered surveys expire within a day. Hence, some users still enjoy getting free content from the Google Play store as a reward for voicing their opinions. Thus, you decided to weigh things up if you wanted to pursue this app or not. If you think it has quite the potential then go for it but remember that it cannot replace a full-time job. It's only a beneficial side gig but not a sustainable one.

That being said, I don't recommend joining Google Opinion Rewards. I know for a fact that there are far better options that are actually deserving of your efforts and time.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading our Google Opinion Rewards review. If you have questions or opinions, we would appreciate it if you share them below.

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