Is Digital Income System A Scam? High-Ticket MLM Business Opportunity With A Pyramiding Scheme?

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Welcome to My Digital Income System Review!

Online jobs are everywhere. Indeed, there are a lot of business opportunities to choose from but the problem is the decision on which to take and the challenge is also on finding a trustworthy and stable income-generating job. 

Digital Income System Review Summary

Name: Digital Income System


Founders: Derek Jones and Bill Foley

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Membership Levels Ranging From $1000 To $25,000

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Quick Summary: Digital Income System is a business opportunity that offers a high-ticket affiliate program where it would cost affiliates thousands of dollars in purchasing expensive levels to earn higher commissions.

Just like other multi-level marketing companies, it focuses more on recruitment because the higher your membership level is, the greater your income potential. But with no physical products, it could be quite risky to step into this business venture. With certain red flags, not recommend this one!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

And you’ve probably landed on this page to investigate a certain job opportunity you’re trying to pursue. Kudos to you because that’s one of the best things to do before venturing into the unknown, be informed! By being aware, you could avoid fraudulent schemes and be able to identify scams. 

Now, I’ll be discussing a high-ticket business opportunity called the Digital Income System and why many people perceive it as a pyramid scheme rather than an MLM. 

What Is Digital Income System About?

Digital Income System is a high-ticket business opportunity that requires you to purchase expensive levels costing $1000 to $25,000 in their affiliate program to maximize your earning potential and gain higher commissions. 

Relatively new in the business scene, Digital Income System was just established just this April of 2019. It was founded by Derek Jones and Bill Foley who were also the founder of another MLM business, Big Profit System. 

As to what is stipulated in their website, Digital Income System is an integrated, all-in-one marketing solution for generating stable online income through the use of done-for-you traffic, marketing automation, and salesforce crowdsourcing.

Having said that they do entice potential affiliates with the “get done for you marketing system”. In terms that they already provide affiliates with training, tools, and resources, as well as leads provided by the company. They have a professional sales team that will call qualified leads and closes the sale for you. But with no physical product of retail value, the company only promotes the “program” itself, so what they sell are their membership levels and they do put a lot of focus on recruitment. 

The way Digital Income System works is similar to 2 famous high-ticket business opportunities namely My Own Business Education (MOBE) and Digital Altitude but both were already shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that were both marked as SCAMS.

How To Make Money With Digital Income System?

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You start by signing up and choosing a certain membership level to buy from their program. Note that your “coach” will try to sell the highest level possible. Their membership levels will cost you from $1000 to $25,000. 

Here are the following membership levels and their corresponding prices:

  1. Entrepreneur – $1,000 
  2. Director – $3,000 
  3. Professional – $5,000 
  4. Ambassador – $12,000 
  5. Executive – $25,000 

As discussed above, being an affiliate, it is already inclusive of digital coaching courses, training, tools and resources and leads that the company provided and will be called and processed by their professional sales team. Yes, you’ll have a get it done-for-you marketing system with traffic that gets rotated between members. You’ll have access to the member’s back office and tools that allow you to build your email list. You’ll also have access to an email autoresponder with pre-packaged promotional emails written for you. You’ll also gain access to SMS tools and SMS autoresponder that will help you send pre-written messages, as well as tracking and analytics tools.

With regards to their compensation plan, likened to a Multi-level marketing platform, Digital income provide income opportunities by commissions mainly through recruitment. 

So after signing up as an affiliate and buying the membership level of choice. You will promote the same system by recruiting others to sign up and you will earn a commission every time someone you recruited signs up. The Digital Income System compensation plan pays a 50% commission on the recruitment of a new affiliate.

These are the corresponding commissions depending on the level on which your recruits will purchase:

  1. Entrepreneur Level: $500 recruitment commissions
  2. Director Level: $1,500 recruitment commissions
  3. Professional Level: $2,500 recruitment commissions
  4. Ambassador Level: $6,000 recruitment commissions
  5. Executive Level: $12,500 recruitment commissions

But note, commissions will only be based on your level as well. This is where levels become relevant. Because being as well a high ticket business opportunity, you have to be at the same level (at least) as those recruits who purchase a membership level under you, to maximize your earnings. If you are signed up for the Director level and the person you referred signed up for higher levels, you only earn a commission for the Director level. In short, you’ll only earn commissions based on the level you’re currently subscribed to. 

See more about Digital Income System and their compensation plan in this video.

Is Digital Income System A Scam?

The company was just recently established this year (2019), so it’s pretty much too early to conclude if it’s a SCAM. But there’s something fraudulent on how Digital Income System works, with no physical products and with too much focus on recruitment, it is even coined as a Pyramiding Scheme. 

They even don’t have enough company information or other credentials that prove their legitimacy. They even don’t have a Better Bureau Business (BBB) profile. Definitely, not recommending this program to anyone!


Before being an affiliate, you will choose to purchase and subscribe to one of the five membership levels. Here are the following membership levels and their corresponding prices:

  • Entrepreneur – $1,000 
  • Director – $3,000 
  • Professional – $5,000 
  • Ambassador – $12,000 
  • Executive – $25,000 

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Simple Compensation Plan

One thing I like about what they could ever is their simple and straightforward compensation plan that can be easily understood by anyone. But with regards to how things are done in that is another story. 


Will Cost You A Lot Of Money

Since the Digital Income system is a High-ticket business opportunity, it would be of a high cost and it would be too risky. Yes, it will cost you $1000 and as high up to $25,000 joining as an affiliate. 

And you’d probably opt to take the higher levels since higher commissions are made available through them. With no physical product, it’s not a free business sign up because you have to PAY to play. Yes, you have to purchase one from their expensive levels to maximize your earning potential and to gain higher commissions. 

System Dependent

It does promise a “Get it all done for you” marketing, but such systems would probably unreliable in the long run! If the system closes, so does all your money. If it loses, you will as well lose your investment. 

Like A Pyramid Scheme

Without any physical products to be sold and that you only earn by recruiting people to the program and with all the red flags of a pyramid scheme, definitely not a great opportunity to join! You could probably foresee the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) closing this business in the future. 

Emphasis On Recruitment

With no tangible product, this company is more focused on recruitment. The more people you recruit to join, the higher the income potential. Being solely focus on recruitment, this could be hard for those who are not into this type of business. It can’t be even for all, so recruiting would be a challenge.

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Who Is It For?

It could be for those who are consummate in digital marketing and the High-ticket business. Likened to an MLM scheme, it focuses more on recruitment. 

So it could be as well intended for those who are good at recruitment. It could be also for those who are working from home. It can be a part-time job and it could be for those who are quite rich since it will cost a lot of money investing in this business. But chances of having a lucrative income is quite hazy, definitely not recommending anyone to join this business opportunity! 

Training Tools/Support

Being an affiliate in Digital Income System is already inclusive of a couple of things. The company surely puts a lot of support to its affiliates by providing them with digital coaching courses, training, tools and resources and leads.

You’ll have as well a “get it done-for-you” marketing system with traffic that gets rotated between members. You’ll have access to the member’s back office and tools that allow you to build your own email list, access to an email autoresponder with pre-packaged promotional emails and access to SMS tools and autoresponder that will help you send pre-written messages, as well as tracking and analytics tools. 

And basically all these tools, training, and coaching are designed to help affiliates sell their system because there’s no real physical product. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In conclusion, Digital Income System is a job opportunity that somehow gives a decent and simple compensation plan. But being just established just this year 2019, it’s still too early to say that it’s a SCAM, since it’s relatively new in the scene. 

But I would not still recommend you joining this business opportunity, one of the reasons is that it is like a pyramid scheme business model. With no physical product and a whole lot focus on recruitment, there’s definitely something fraudulent about that!

High ticket business opportunities are all rarely legitimate. So success definitely can’t be guaranteed! It will even be too pricey joining this program. And since it encourages a higher cost of investment, you’ll probably lose a lot of money in the end. 

Claiming to be a “get it done for you” marketing is also risky, depending solely on a system that could be dangerous. It can be unsustainable and would even probably close in the end. So better skip this job opportunity and see my top recommended programs that will not only give you a secure and safe earning opportunity but can as well give you a high-income job.

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I hope I have enlightened you with my Digital Income System review and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to do so in the comment box below.

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