Is Do You Bake A Scam? Should You Trust This MLM Company That Promotes Gluten-Free Meal Mixes?

do you bake review

Welcome to My Do You Bake Review!

For some people, they think multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are nothing but a scam; however, for those who know how it really works, they see it as an opportunity to make a good income.

If you’re one of them, you may be looking for a new opportunity to take that’s why you landed on my unbiased Do You Bake review or you’re simply looking for a way to make money online.

Do You Bake Review Summary

Name: Do You Bake


Founders: Jennifer Williams

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $35 For The Membership Fee + $200 Purchase Every Quarter

do you bake logo

Quick Summary: Do You Bake is a legit MLM company that provides food mixes and an opportunity to make money. It’s still new but so far, it’s one of the network marketing company you can consider if you love cooking and earning cash out of it.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Whatever your intention is, this post is all about a network marketing company called Do You Bake. This will answer everything you need to know, such as:

How does it work? Is Do You Bake a scam or a legit program? Can you make money from this? What are its pros and cons? And of course, the difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme.

We’ll also share our top-recommended program if you want to make legit money online so be sure to read the entire review.

What Is Do You Bake About?

Do You Bake is a multi-level marketing company that claims to promote “delicious, yummy, satisfying food.” It was founded in 2012 by Jennifer Williams, who, according to their website, has an interest in food and fitness. 

What inspired Jen to build the brand is the goal to have a healthier, balanced life. Before Do You Bake, she weighed 245 pounds and she always felt exhausted and so she realized that she needed a transition, thus the birth of her MLM company.

do you bake founder jennifer williams

Do You Bake is all about providing food solutions that are not only easy to prepare but also, healthy and delicious. According to its website, it has no preservatives, no additives, and no fillers.

After two years, the brand launched a new website with a catalog that makes it easier to see mouth-watering meals and food mixes. In 2015, a sister-company called Crave It was launched and like Do You Bake, it’s all about promoting easy and nutritious recipes.

With more than 200 products to choose from, the brand has become one of the most popular companies that offer healthy and delectable food.

Do You Bake Product Line

There are literally a lot of products to choose from on their website. There are beer breads, casseroles, and even drinks. Our mouths are watering just by looking at the photos.

Just to clarify the products, these are food mixes; not the entire meal itself. For instance, their Slow Cooker Rib EZ: Honey Garlic includes only their signature rib rub and the honey-garlic glaze but not the meat or rib itself.

do you bake products 2

What we like about it is that it offers keto products and other healthy meals that are gluten-free, which, we believe, is in demand since more and more people are becoming health-conscious nowadays.

But the point is: can you make money from selling these products?

How To Make Money With Do You Bake?

Like other MLM companies, there are two main ways to make money with Do You Bake.

The first one is by selling the products based on the suggested retail price. To do this, you have to become a member first and it comes with a certain price that I will discuss below.

Based on their compensation plan, you’ll get around 20% to 37% commission depending on your. For ambassadors, you’ll earn 20% per sale and for Platinum Vice Presidents, which is the highest rank in their compensation plan, you’ll get 37% for every product you sell.

The second way is to recruit people to join the platform but unlike a pyramid scheme, you don’t get paid just because another person was successfully invited rather, you make money when your downline makes a sale.

do you bake compensation plan

Another way is by making a sale through the Hostess Rewards Program. This is the typical hosting/party event that most MLM companies make, such as Traveling Vineyard and Tastefully Simple, which by the way, also sells food mixes. 

To learn more about Do You Bake’s compensation plan, you can watch the video below:

Is A Do You Bake Scam?

Do You Bake is not a scam; it’s a legit MLM company that offers tangible products and an opportunity to make money.

However, it’s still new to the industry and before relaunching their website, there are several complaints against them. Some negative reviews are about expensive products and misleading compensation plans.

Hopefully, their reboot is all about improving these complaints.

They also have a record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB); however, they are not accredited and they have an F rating.

Nonetheless, it’s a legit MLM company you can consider if you want to earn money through sales and recruitment.

Also, we’d like to give you an idea about the difference between a network marketing company and a pyramid scheme.

A network marketing, MLM, or networking company is a legit business model. It has tangible products to sell or in some cases, services, such as coaching or mentorship that offer valuable information. 

There’s also the recruitment part but unlike scams, you will not be compensated just because you invited a member; rather you earn a commission from the sales that your downline makes. You also get incentives and bonuses if your team reaches a sales quota or obtains a milestone.

As for pyramid schemes, this is illegal in many states and countries. It only offers one way to make money and that is by recruiting “investors” who will pay a certain fee. 

You'll get a commission out of this fee and you’re lucky if you’re on top of the pyramid; if you’re at the bottom, it might be a challenge to earn commissions or get your investment back.

do you bake product line


Aside from the good-looking meal mixes, Do You Bake also offers a good price for those who want to become their member -- or ambassador as they call it. 

To become a member, you only need to pay $35. This will allow you to sell their products and earn commissions. You also need to purchase at least $200 worth of products every quarter to keep your account active.

However, if you’re able to invite 35 people to join the platform, you can waive the $200 purchase every 3 months.

The membership fee also includes your own Do You Bake website, which allows you to make more sales. However, you should know that the commission you’ll get from website sales is lower compared to the sales you make in person.

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Legit Company

Many companies are claiming that they offer a “legit” way to make money online; however, some are scams. That’s why it’s legit brands like this deserved to be commended for offering a real way to earn an income.

Products Are In Demand

Aside from looking delicious, they claim that their products are healthy, GMO-free, and with no preservatives. These essentials are usually in demand because many people are becoming conscious of what they eat. That being said, you can easily market your product as long as you know how and who to promote these products.


Poor Reputation

At first, glance, Do You Bake seemed to be a nice, harmless brand that offers nothing but healthy and delicious meal mixes. However, when you browse online, there are several complaints about the brand, including the compensation plan.

Let’s say you’ve already signed up for this platform and you’re now recruiting people to join the program, do you think it’s easier to invite people knowing that they can easily see the negative reviews online?

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Who Is It For?

Do You Bake is ideal for those who love to cook and eat, especially those who are conscious of the ingredients that they are using. It’s also ideal for those who have experience with network marketing since it requires selling overpriced products and recruitment.

Training Tools/Support

Do You Bake offers a mentoring program for its members. This will not only help them make more sales and start their business but also, for overall personal development. 

Also, since you are also compensated based on the sales that your team makes, you can expect mentorship from your own upline as well.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Do You Bake is a legit MLM company that promotes mouth-watering food mixes. It’s in demand and for us, this kind of product has a good place in the market. We mean, it’s food and it’s one of the necessities.

However, since the price is a little steeper than the average prices of food in the market, this can be a challenge. Also, being an MLM company, you should have high expectations since it’s not easy. While we do agree that you need to work hard to make money, selling overpriced products and recruiting people can be extra challenging and almost a waste of time.

If you want to avoid these things, you can refer to my top-recommended program below.

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I hope my unbiased Do You Bake review has enlightened you. If you have any questions, please feel free to share your thoughts below. You can also join our mailing list to get updates on the best ways to make money online.

Thank you!

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