Is Finish Line Network A Scam? Would It Really Cost You Thousands Of Dollars Investing In This MLM Opportunity?

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Finish Line Network Review Summary

Name: Finish Line Network


Founders: Joel and Kitty Kellman, Paul Counts, Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers, Todd McCart, and Chad Stalvey

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $20 /Month Membership + Upsells Worth More Than Thousands Of Dollars

finish line network logo

Quick Summary: Finish Line Network (FLN) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells internet marketing related products and just like other MLM opportunities, you can earn in this company through commission on sales, residual income from downlines and through bonuses.

Yes, you pay $20 monthly membership plus the additional upsells that would cost you thousands of dollars. With a high startup cost, probably not a high-income potential opportunity for newbies in the business!

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

Nowadays, MLM opportunities are anywhere. And now we will discuss an MLM company Finish Line Network (FLN), with a high startup cost, will this be a great opportunity to try your aces as a rookie in this kind of business?

Is Finish line network a legitimate MLM company? Is FLN not a scam? What are the pros and cons of joining this company? Yes, we will tackle all of that here and we will try to answer all of your queries in mind.

Let’s talk about this MLM Opportunity- Finish Line Network in this review!

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What Is Finish Line Network About?

Finish Line Network (FLN) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells internet marketing related products. The company started in late 2018. As stipulated in their company website, there are three companies, three industries with one purpose and that is committed to the advancement of the online entrepreneur. 

These are the 3 companies:

online sales pro logo
success counts logo
traffic authority logo

Their concept is simple: to Gain the knowledge, tools, and connections that are considered the cornerstones for online profitability, without having to run the profit race, thereby "Starting At The Finish Line".

They’ve defined the profit race as the amount of time it takes to make a profit without giving up. It's a proven fact and no secret that failure to realize a profit through an online endeavor is far greater than success, and that's where FLN comes in.

FLN was founded by a couple of people who were as well part-owners of their partner companies.

These are FLN’s founders: Joel and Kitty Kellman, Paul Counts, Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers, Todd McCart, and Chad Stalvey. 

Joel & Kitty Kellman are part owners of the lead generation tool Online Sales Pro while Greg Chambers and Doug Wellens are founders of the company Traffic Authority which sells traffic generating products. 

Finish Line Network Product Line

FLN's products were created around a trait that's shared among successful businesses across all online profit industries. Their products focus on what's creating profit now and not what may possibly bring profit in the future. One of their core focuses is the “here and now”.

finish line network products

Their 4 main products are: Silver package (Automation), the Gold package (Education), Email Profits On Demand [ePOD] (Digital Training) and Digital Domination (Events). You can learn more by clicking this link

  • Silver Package - Costs $47/month, it consists of core management applications aimed at maximizing your business by letting you be more productive thereby increasing profit. It also comes with a cellphone application for both iPhone and Android users, that would be convenient for you and will help you be in simplifying day-to-day tasks. G
  • Gold Package - Costs $130/month, this gives you access to a live webinar hosted by a highly successful and iconic figure in the online. Consisted of virtual live events and as well as bonus modules that would help you make money and help you boost your business.
  • Email Profits On Demand [ePOD] - Costs $1,997, this is a digital training that provides strategies for effective email marketing and monetization.
  • Digital Domination - Costs $997, these provide live events at a given place to increase online marketing skills, business values, and personal relationships. 


  • Silver and Gold package - costs $177 per month
  • All In Bundle (includes all four products - Silver Annual, Gold Annual, Email Profits On Demand, and Digital Domination) - costs $4,997.

How To Make Money With Finish Line Networking (FLN)?

Just like any MLM company, you can earn in FLN through commission on sales, residual income from downlines and bonuses. But first you have to sign-up and pay the monthly fee of $20 but if you want to get product-based commissions, you have to purchase the product you want to sell. 

Finish Line Network Compensation Plan

  • Commission On Sales - You get 50% commission
  • Residual Income - Depending on the sales activity of your downline
  • Pool Bonuses - FLN takes 20% of the whole commissionable amount and places it to a bonus pool where members can share in the company profits.

Like all MLM, they have a ranking system that will determine commissions and bonus pool share

  • Rising Star – Everyone starts at this level
  • 1 Star – Reached when you sell 6 Silver packages
  • 2 Star – Reached when you sell 6 Gold packages
  • 3 Star – Reached when you sell 6 Digital packages
  • 4 Star – Reached when you sell 6 Live Events packages

See a detailed explanation with regard to FLN’s compensation plan by clicking the link. You can also watch the video below:

Is Finish Line Network A Scam? 

No, in my point of view and what I have seen in my online research, FLN is not a Scam. Finish Line Networking is a legit MLM company, selling internet marketing related products. You can use these products and learn from them.

It’s just that their products are too expensive. And starting with this business will really cost you a lot, financially. Not to mention, the long turnaround time for profits! 


Starting up with FLN will require you to pay $20 monthly and purchase the products and package of choice which you will pay monthly or annually. 

  • Silver Package - $47/month
  • Gold package - $130/month
  • Email Profits On Demand [ePOD] - $1,997
  • Digital Domination - $997

Finish Line Network Packages

  • Silver And Gold Package - $177/month
  • All In Bundle (includes all four products - Silver Annual, Gold Annual, Email Profits On Demand, and Digital Domination) - $4,997

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All In System

As they said, it brings together internet marketing, network marketing, and advanced online marketing systems.

Informative And Helpful Products 

Their products can really help those who are online marketing enthusiasts and in turn will help them organize, plan and boost their business. It’s just that it’s too expensive.


As you can see in their compensation plan, FLN places a bonus pool where members can share in the company profits. As a member with higher ranks, you are eligible for such bonuses. 


Low-Income Potential 

For those looking for a full-time job, this could not give much of a living. And as well as for rookies with no experience in the MLM world, this would be a struggle. Not to mention the long turn around time of profits that would probably take you as long as 10 years especially when you’re not on a higher rank. In their income disclosure statement, they projected that affiliates can earn an average annual income of at least $300 and could go as high as $1800. 

Costly Start-Up

Though they have great products, start-up fee is still expensive, not to mention the upsells you have to purchase. 

Expensive Products

Yes, they have great products but for digital training, etc., it would even cost you thousands of dollars a year. Now, that’s quite too much! 

Like A Pyramiding Scheme

Just like any other MLM, the status of your income most of the time solely depends on the status of your recruits and in most cases, the ones in the higher ranks are the ones who could benefit more. Yes, there is a product sold but generally, your residual income depends more on recruiting people. So you end up neglecting customer product satisfaction and end up striving for more recruits. 

Website Not Updated 

I have checked their website and saw a digital domination event advertisement stating it is on April 6-7, 2019 but that date was already way passed the date as I am writing today. What could be possibly wrong? 

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Who Is It For? 

It’s for people who are well versed in the MLM world. And are as well enthusiasts in internet marketing, network marketing, and advanced online marketing systems.

Training Tools/Support

Signing us a member gives them access to training resources, commissions and other materials that would help them keep going with the business. They will have as well products purchased that will also help them in terms of internet marketing, network marketing, and advanced online marketing systems.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Running for about a year in the business, we can’t totally rule out if it’s a scam but to what I’ve researched, I can say that Finish Line Networking (FLN) is not a SCAM. It is an established MLM company selling internet marketing related products that are very full-packed and informative but it’s just that their products and packages are really expensive. 

It is also really costly to start as a member, not to mention you’ll have to pay a $20 monthly fee but you will have as well additional upsells that will cost you thousands of dollars. It will even take long to earn a big profit. 

And just like any other MLM opportunity, the status of your income depends on your recruit. So it will really require your hard work, great recruitment skills and the guts in sales to progress and earn big. Therefore, for rookies and those who are new in this kind of business, it’s of low success guarantee and of low-income potential.  

MLM is really a challenging and risky world to venture into starting a business. It would cost you a lot, for you will have to risk not only your time and effort but also your money.

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I hope you find my Finish Line Network helpful and informative. If you have any questions or product suggestions, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank you!

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