Is Fuel Freedom International A Scam? Why You Should Stay Away From This MLM Program?

Is Fuel Freedom International A Scam

Welcome to My Fuel Freedom International Review!

What if there’s a pill that works like a gas additive that cannot only improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and increase engine power but can also help you achieve the goal to create cheaper oil alternatives to reduce the world’s dependence on oil and promote a healthier environment?

Fuel Freedom International Review Summary

Name: Fuel Freedom International


Founders: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $60 To Become An Independent Distributor

Fuel Freedom International logo

Quick Summary: Fuel Freedom International is a multi-level marketing company that markets pills that are used as an additive to gasoline. These pills are said to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and increase engine power. 

Aside from this flagship product, they also sell a few more products that distributors can promote. It also offers another option to make money by recruiting people to join the program.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Pretty amazing, right? Well, that’s how Fuel Freedom International claims to work.

We could say that an idea as such seems pretty good right? But is it really good or it’s just something too good to be true? 

Is it a legitimate MLM opportunity? Can you make money by being their distributor or are these claims nothing but a lie?

 You’ll know more as we discuss Fuel Freedom International in this review!

What Is Fuel Freedom International About?

Fuel Freedom International (FFI) is a multi-level marketing company that markets and sells pills that are used as an additive to gasoline. This flagship product was trademarked as MPG-CAPS. 

Yes, it is basically a pill that you drop into your fuel tank to reduce emissions. As mentioned, it’s said to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and increase engine power. Specifically, it can increase MPG (Miles per gallon) 7% to 14% on gasoline and diesel. 

Laboratory tested, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered, scientific process. Up to 75% reduction in emissions. The company also claimed that its product was "originally developed by NASA for the 1970s space shuttle program, yet no documentary evidence could support this claim.

Fuel Freedom International is owned by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray and is based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. It was founded in 2007 and the owners -- Lewis and Ray -- were also the ones behind MLM company, Jeunesse Global -- a brand that sells skincare products, cosmetics, and health supplements.

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray founder of Fuel Freedom International

Since too much gas emissions are terrible for the environment as pollution is detrimental for all living creatures. The company was established with the idea to make alternatives such as electricity, biofuels, and natural gas easier to obtain for consumers. The company aims to provide people with greener oil options. 

Since oil alternatives are better, not only are they cheaper but you could also as well participate to help the environment plus you can spend less too! As their name depicts, you could have fuel freedom. Well, that’s a win-win situation right? However, as mentioned, there are no scientific proofs to back up such claims. 

Fuel Freedom International boasts over tens of thousand members worldwide in countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, and many more.

And also, keep in mind that when you hear Forever Freedom, it’s the same company, only with a different name.

Fuel Freedom International Product Line

Their flagship product, a gas additive trademarked MPG-CAPS. It’s a pill that can reduce oil consumption. In short, it will make your gas work longer, thus saving cash in the long run. However, the problem is that this theory is more of a marketing claim since it hasn’t really been tested enough. 

Fuel Freedom International mpg-caps

Since I can’t access their website, I’ve found the cost at eBay and the price of these pills is approximately US $19.80.

Aside from their flagship product MPG-CAPS, they also sell a few more products that you can promote as a distributor. See below…

Other secondary products:

  • Pump DVD PUMP Official T-Shirt
    • PUMP Official Mug
    • Fuel Freedom Foundation Bag
    • Pump Bag 

Note that Pump is a documentary sponsored by Fuel Freedom which aims to shed light on fuel emissions and alternatives to traditional oil. It's made by a company that wants to sell you their product. So some facts are left out and it’s a little biased. It kind of seems more of a marketing scheme!

Is it BBB accredited?

Fuel Freedom International, though not a Better Bureau Business (BBB) accredited company, still holds an A+ rating in BBB.

How To Make Money With Fuel Freedom International?

Being a distributor, here are a few ways to procure income in FFI:

  1. Mentor Bonuses
  2. Direct Sales
  3. Recruiting New People
  4. Bonuses

I will not bore you with the details of the ways on how to make money with this brand because it's the typical compensation plan for MLM companies, like Scentsy and USI Tech. But if you're interested, you can watch the video below:

Is Fuel Freedom International A Scam?

I can’t totally say that Fuel Freedom International is legit or is a scam. Though they are not Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited, they do hold an A+ rating from BBB. They’ve also been running for more than a decade. From that point of view, you could say that it appears to be legitimate.

However, I can’t access their site and it was hard finding information about them since they are only limited. And also it’s as well linked to its other name, Forever Freedom International? So which is which?

Even the owners’ names are linked to another MLM company. So, I just don’t really know which one is factual. It’s just so confusing. With this, something may really seem fraudulent. So, if I were you, definitely will not push through this opportunity!


Being an MLM opportunity, FFI offers an affiliate program. People sign on as independent distributors and earn by selling products and by recruiting, letting others join the program as well. 

But unlike other MLMs, they’re not advertising their MLM opportunity as heavily as before. But if you want to be a distributor, all it takes is for you to pay the $60 cost. What is included in that payment is….

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Well, there’s really not much too like about Fuel Freedom International. Well, the thought that you could have an income opportunity through selling these pills that can as well help save costs in gasoline spending and as well as help the environment is pretty good. However, if there’s no evidence proving these claims, it would be meaningless. 


Too Good To Be True

There are just so many overly hyped claims with regards to their products especially the flagship product MPG-CAPS yet with not enough scientific backing. It’s probably more of a marketing scheme to boost financial gains. In my part, it would be best to market and sell a product that works with definite proof. 

MLM Hassles

Unlike other MLMs, they’re not advertising their MLM opportunity as heavily as before. However, in order to gain more income, you’ll really have to work hard increasing sales and would probably still opt-in recruiting to gain more bonuses. With no scientific back-up, it will also be a challenge selling FFI products. 

One should really have the skills especially in sales talking. However, if you can’t prove since there is not enough evidence that products are really working, you’d probably end up bluffing to make a sale which is really scornful when it comes to business. Don’t get your hands dirty mate!

Transparency Issues

With transparency issues, including not enough information and if which is really factual, things are hazy and you’d probably question its authenticity and such things really bring confusion. 

I just do hope they will manage to correct such and inform the people especially online more about their company, even information about their compensation plan is not readily available online. In today’s global market, it is a must that a company should share basic information with its consumers. Indeed, a lot of things are really unclear. 

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Who Is It For?

This business opportunity is intended for those who are into MLM schemes especially those who are skilled and experienced when it comes to sales and as well as recruitment (since you’ll earn more through this. Since products are mostly for automotive, it favors men more but can be as well business for women if they are also into such.

Training Tools/Support

I can’t find enough information but probably just like most MLM opportunities, as a distributor you’ll gain access to business tools and resources substantial for your FFI business. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, I would not recommend joining this MLM. I can’t even say that it’s legit because there are just a lot of gray areas with the business opportunity.  

It may have been running for more than a decade as an MLM company, however, I can’t seem to access their website. It was really hard finding information about them online, even information about their compensation plan is not readily available. 

With such, it would be hard entering a business you are not well-informed. Transparency is a must!  

Thing’s are hazy and you’d probably question its authenticity and such things really bring confusion. And also being an MLM, will require your hard work to progress in this business. 

Though it doesn’t place more focus on recruitment compared to other MLMs, you’ll still opt to do more than sales and move as well by recruitment in order to gain more bonuses. And also, in any business, you should really know your product but what if you can’t prove your product's effectiveness since there are no scientific backups? 

In the case of FFI, how will you defend your product if there are no definite facts? It will be hard right? So, don’t end up compromising and ending up on the wrong path just to make a sale. As I said, don’t get your hands dirty mate! Business is business but it should be as well ethical. 

Yes, FFI can probably give you income but it will take time just like most MLMs. So, if I were you better skip this one! Don’t waste your valuable time and money over some company that does not even bother to present enough information.

What’s Next?

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