Is Gold Canyon A Scam? [2021 Review] MLM Shut Down Due To Insufficient Funds?

is gold canyon a scam

Welcome to My Gold Canyon Review!

Finding a job online? Well, indeed there’s a lot of opportunities and ways to gain income online. However, the downside is that not all opportunities are legit while others don’t guarantee a lucrative income.  

So before jumpstarting into a seemingly good online program, make sure to do your research to avoid getting scammed.

Gold Canyon Review Summary

Name: Gold Canyon


Founders: Karen And Curt Waisath.

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $29.95 For The Monthly Fee + Starter Kit

gold canyon logo

Quick Summary: Gold Canyon is a multi-level marketing company that sells candles and other scented products, which seems to be patronized by many customers. Well, just like most MLM companies, you can make money with Gold Canyon through direct selling and recruitment. However, it seems like Gold Canyon has already shut down.

Overall Rating: X/10

Recommended: Yes/No

So, in this review, we will be discussing Gold Canyon and it’s one of those multi-level marketing (MLM) that sells candles. 

The question is -- is Gold Canyon legit or another scam? 

Product-wise, it seems to be of quality and people find Gold Canyon candles to be amazing.  

We’ve already discussed a couple of candle companies, such as Jewelry Candles and JewelScent and they even come with surprise jewelry or cash but what would Gold Canyon have above them? Would it be any better?

We still don’t know but assuming that news surfaced that Gold Canyon has already shut down, the answer is obvious. Definitely not worth your time but for the sake of giving information about the brand, I’ve come up with this review.

gold canyon product line

What Is Gold Canyon About?

The Gold Canyon or also known as Gold Canyon International, LLC is a multi-level marketing company that sells candles and other scented products.  

Well, there isn't much information about the personalities behind the company on its official websites but third-party research would point that the founders were the husband and wife team-up of Karen and Curt Waisath.  

About when Gold Canyon was launched, some sources would say that the company was officially launched in 1997 but its website appears to be created as early as 1995.  

As the company name implies, “Gold Canyon” from the famous Grand Canyon of Arizona which makes sense as the company is based in Arizona.  

The Gold Canyon's main website is "” and other domains like the "" and "" are also owned by the company.  

However, if you check on these websites at the time of this writing, it’s all inaccessible.  

The most probable reason is that they’ve already closed and a screenshot below confirmed it. 

gold canyon website mlm shut down

This was an email sent to a Gold Canyon executive sent on March 12 of 2020. It has been a business for more than 2 decades and executives are saddened and shocked by the immediate shutting down of a 20+ year business with such short notice.  

It was an abrupt announcement with no forewarning. Probably, the insufficient funds were also brought about by the COVID Pandemic that surged at the beginning of the year 2020.  

The closing was as well-validated by the Better Bureau Business (BBB). See below:

gold canyon mlm shut down

Gold Canyon Product Line

Gold Canyon's flagship product is its line of scented candles but it also sells scented wax melts, pillows, candleholders, and other home decors. 

However, Gold Canyon candles and other products are made of food-grade paraffin, which is a health hazard when burned or melted. It could even possibly cause cancer.  

Also, Gold Canyon products contain a proprietary blend that the company didn't reveal. For example, the blends used in the Gold Canyon candles scent could be as dangerous as the fragrances used in cosmetics. Such transparency issues are also a red flag.

Is Gold Canyon A Scam?

Gold Canyon has been a decade-long business and that’s a long time to be considered a scam. Indeed, it has been a legitimate company selling tangible products and offering a compensation plan where Gold Canyon affiliates or executives can earn from.  

It had been a real business with a legit opportunity. But taking into consideration that the company is said to be closed already means that it’s already not operational. So, if someone invites you to this opportunity right now, then, it’s most probably a scam!

Is Gold Canyon A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

We may stereotype MLMs as a pyramid scheme because of the recruitment hype but Gold Canyon has been a legit one. It is not a Ponzi nor a pyramid scheme as it comes with a legit opportunity and tangible products where you can earn through retail sales.  

You may also gain bigger commissions and income as you build your team of downlines who do the same. Yes, recruitment is encouraged but it is not solely the means to earn money. Thus, it is not a Pyramid Scheme.  

It was just probably closed because of the lack of funds to continue the company operations brought about by the pandemic. 

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Gold Canyon Compensation Plan

In Gold Canyon’s Compensation Plan, just like other MLM companies, you can make money through sales and recruitment commissions. 

Well, you’ll have a choice upon enrollment to be a preferred customer or a Grand Canyon Executive to maximize your earning potential.  

  • Sales Commission

As a Gold Canyon Executive, you will earn 25% on each product you sell including the online purchases from your automated website same.

  • Recruitment Commission

You will also earn up to 10% of all the sales from the people under you. And when you continue to sell more products and grow your team, you will advance in rank and will be able to unlock more bonuses and incentives. 

Another thing you can earn as a Gold Canyon Executive Executive is Gold Dollars which you can use to purchase products from Gold Canyon.

How Much To Join Gold Canyon?

As mentioned, there are 2 ways to become a member of the Gold Canyon company. You can either become a Preferred Customer or a Gold Canyon Executive. 

Preferred Customer membership will cost $29.95 monthly. 

Perks from the subscription include:

  • Free Shipping On Online Orders Of $90+
  • 15% Savings On All Gold Canyon Products
  • 30 Gold Dollars (40 Gold Dollars In Canada) Credited Each Month To Redeem Towards Your Choice Of Products
  • Early Access To New Products And Exclusive Promos
  • No Commitment As You Can Cancel Anytime 

But to fully enjoy the benefits of the compensation plan, you could opt to go for the Executive Membership and join the MLM opportunity.  

This also costs a monthly fee of $29.95 plus a purchase of a Starter Kit like the Citronella Enrollment Kit which costs $200. 

Here are the following perks of this subscription:

  • 25% discount every day
  • Monthly free shipping code for a single online order of $90+
  • 30 Gold DOllars (40 Gold Dollars in Canada) credited each month to redeem towards your choice of products
  • Free personal website- each month you have 2 additional Preferred Customers
  • Yearly access to new products and exclusive promos
  • No commitment as you can cancel anytime



No Commitment Can Cancel Anytime

It’s good that subscription as a Preferred Customer or an Executive does not commit, as it will not be a hassle anytime you would want to quit as you can cancel anytime.  

Long-Standing Established Company

Before shutting down, Gold Canyon had been on the run for more than 20 years and that’s pretty good standing. It’s just too bad that it closed abruptly with no forewarning. 


Products Contain Toxic Substances

Their products may have quite ample positive reviews but having products that contain toxic substances is surely not a good thing. Why sell something that can be a health hazard? 

Hard To Sell

With a couple of competition in the same niche, it will be hard to sell Gold Canyon products. And also, only a few people think of the product as a daily need. Unlike the health and wellness niche, selling scented candles has a lesser market.

And also, taking into consideration that the products are available on Amazon, it would be hard making enough profits as people can readily buy Golden products from other sources such as Amazon. 

But even though it is said to be closed, it’s a surprise to see Golden Canyon candles still being sold on Amazon even up to this day. 

Has Already Shut Down 

As mentioned, a couple of sources said that Gold Canyon has already shut down in operations this year which is even validated by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their website is even inaccessible.  

So, if it’s already shut down due to funds insufficiency, why opt for an opportunity that has landed to bankruptcy and failed? 


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Training Tools/Support

As a Gold Canyon Executive, you will have an automated website and be provided with the necessary tools and materials needed for the business. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

For the past more than 20 years it has been in the business, Gold Canyon has been an established company. It has been a legitimate company and has not been a scam. However, as mentioned, it is now closed. So, why opt for an opportunity that has already ceased to exist.  

But let’s pretend that it’s still operating right now, would I recommend it to you?

The answer is no. 

Being an MLM would have a low success rate and a low-income potential. You could probably earn some income but not enough to sustain a living or build a lucrative income. MLM is not for all as you should definitely have the necessary skills and capabilities. You should know the right leads or have a good eye for prospects.  

So, if you’re not like that, MLM opportunities would definitely not suit you. Skip such platforms and try on much better ones! 

What's Next?

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That ends my Gold Canyon Candles review. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope that this has been a valuable source of information for you. Please feel free to place your queries, comments, and testimonials below.

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