Is IDLife A Scam? 100% Legit Or Wellness Scam?

is idlife a scam

Welcome to My IDLife Review!
The first time I visited the IDLife website and immediately I had a good grasp of what this company is trying to sell.
It’s a typical health and wellness company that sells supplements claiming to improve overall health.

IDLife Review Summary

Name: IDLife


Founders: Logan Stout

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: -

Quick Summary: : IDLife markets nutritional supplements that improve nutrition, weight management, bodybuilding, energy, sleep, and overall health. According to them, their products don’t have any unnecessary fillers or additives and are free of GMOs, soy, gluten, and hormones.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Recommended: Yes

As a network marketing program, it also offers ways on how to make money online.

In this post, I’ll share all the information you need so you can come up with a smart decision on whether you should join this program or not.

What Is IDLife About?

IDLife or Individually Designed Life is a health and wellness company founded by Logan Stout in 2014 and is headquartered in Frisco, TX. 

What’s the concept behind the company name? IDLife believes that no two people are the same. With this, they offer customized nutrition with the highest quality products to help people live healthier lives.

Using the gadget called “IDNutrition”, the company collects information based on an individual’s medical history, prescription medications, eating and drinking habits, and heredity. After data gathering, they proceed to make an assessment, which is backed by an estimated 7,500 third-party, peer-reviewed clinical studies. The result is that customers only take supplements that are suited to their unique needs.

IDLife is dedicated to creating original products with the best ingredients. Every recommendation that they offer is supported by scientific studies that offer tailored health programs that are specific to the individual's health.

IDLife Product Line

IDNutrition is the flagship product of the company. They call it “individually designed” nutrition because it’s founded on your answers in an IDAssessment. Every IDNutrition order is then individually packed with your name on it, delivered right to your front door every month. The products included in the package are:

Meal Replacement Shake – Fortified with chia seeds and contains essential fatty acids and fiber

Appetite Chews – Low-calorie snacks with a citrus extract that helps take away your appetite. It also increases your mental focus and helps with weight loss.

Sleep Strips – These are mint strips that claim to improve sleep quality.

Pre-and Post-Workout – A health essential that claims to boost mental focus and support physical conditioning.

Hydrate – This claims to protect the body from dehydration.

Lean – This claims to boost metabolism and stimulate stamina and energy.

Snack Bars – A certified organic snack that contains nutritional benefits.

Skincare – This claim to help improve the appearance of skin,

Energy Line – Caffeine-based products to help increase energy

Kids Line – This claims to fill your kids’ nutritional gap.

Experience – This claims to hydrate the body while promoting better sleep quality.

IDLife Experience works with IDNutrition in creating a lifestyle that makes it easy to achieve your best health. 

Is IDLife A Scam?

IDLife is not a scam. The company has real products being sold to its customers. 

In 2016, IDLife was named one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world. It is also supported by former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman, top fitness expert and celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, and financial author Chris Camillo.

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Is IDLife A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The company is a legit MLM company. However, judging if it is a pyramid scheme or not is unknown. Why? Because we need to determine first the balance of its product sales.

According to the Federal Trading Commission (FTC), a company is a pyramid scheme if the MLM company’s products sold to distributors exceed the number of products sold to external clients or non-participants. This is the reason why we can’t fully say that IDLife is a pyramid scheme unless we know the balance of their sales

IDLife Compensation Plan

IDLife offers the opportunity to easily run a business platform while connecting with people. According to their website, you don't need to be a professional salesperson or stock any items for sale as the company will handle all of this on your behalf. 

Once you join, you are entitled to a 40% discount on your first order plus a 30% associate discount afterward on all products that you purchase. Customers who join the auto-ship program get a 10% discount on products.

There’s a 3 For Free ($300/month) program wherein you recruit three preferred customers and they will pay for your products. There is absolutely nothing for free here because you are required to recruit and maintain the number of preferred customers at 3 for you to enjoy your supply of their purchases. The costs are factored into the prices and systematically passed on to your consumers. Get 10 preferred customers and get twice the amount of down-line paid for products.

Some commissions allow you to earn:

Retail commissions – earned on sales. Purchase products at a 30% discount and sell at retail price.

Fast start bonus  – as a preferred customer and you enroll another preferred customer within 30 days you earn $100. 

Monthly Residual Income – Paid to a depth of 10. Includes a ‘dynamic compression’ mechanism that filters ‘inactive’ associates and brings those at the bottom up to the next level.

Matching Residual Income – pays between 10-20% depending on the ‘generation level’. The closer the generation is to you, the more you earn.

Preferred Customer Bonus – maintain $1 000/month PV and you earn 10% off preferred customer purchases or rather the 10% monthly discount.

Another feature that IDLife offers is to help you with the business is simply having your network take the free health assessment and give them a free trial of the nutrition products.

How Much To Join IDLife?

To get started as an independent distributor, you need to purchase one of three kits offered;

Base Kit ($399.99)

There are 3 base kits; IDNutrition, Skin Care, or Vegan Friendly. The kits include samples of products and marketing materials such as magazines.

Bundle Kit ($7 999.99)

If you are interested in the car bonus linked to maintaining the executive level for a specified period (six months). More products and magazines.

Bundle Kit ($1299.99)

Car bonus is included if you maintain the executive for a shorter period (1 month). Includes ALL the products.


Here are pros for IDLife:

It was formed by Logan Stout who is an experienced MLM marketer who understands how the industry works. 

A website is provided where you can refer potential customers.

You don’t keep any inventory (if you don’t want to) or handle customer queries.

Training is provided including ‘advice from Scout’ an experienced marketer.

The assessment (if reliable) takes the guesswork for consumers.

The company has got an inventory of plenty of products – you can always find something to sell.

You earn bonuses even if someone joins at a higher level than you. 

Here are the cons for IDLife:

Some people complained about unresponsive customer care.

Products are not available globally although l have seen several products being sold through Amazon.

Related to the above point, if it is the company selling products through online stores it is unfair to distributors as it substantially increases competition. People naturally prefer buying products from reputable sources such as Amazon.

There are a few complaints that the products are too watery and they had to add oats, fruits, and other thickeners.

Visitors to the website can join the opportunity without entering the referrer’s ID. We know people who take time to decide and when they do, they just go straight to the main website to join.

The weight loss niche is congested. It is rare to find a totally ‘new’ prospect who has never been approached by other weight-based MLM distributors.

Most of the products are a bit overpriced if you don’t opt for the discounted price and its attached conditions.

There is an element of keeping inventory when you purchase your first products plus an independent distributor kit.


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Training Tools/Support

IDLife highlights that you don't have to be a professional salesperson. They provide all the training that you need. They have “advice from Stout” sessions that provide best practices from an experienced marketer.

You’re also provided with a personalized website where you're able to:

  • Take online health assessments
  • Learn about the business
  • Place orders
  • Be updated with information

You also have access to various business tools and reports. An IDLife app is also available for your smartphone. With all these features in place, the company has been able to maintain a high 93% reorder rate from its customers.

Final Opinion/Verdict

If you have the passion for doing persuasive selling and you’ve mastered direct selling, you can try IDLife

Though, if you don’t believe in the product that you are selling or you have not tried it yet – stop, before you waste your time figuring out the business, how to sell, and eventually burn your money. You should remember that the MLM market is already saturated, so expect that you’ll have a hard time persuading and earning.

In April 2020, IDLife received a warning letter from the Federal Trade Commission concerning some claims they made about COVD 19 and the company’s earning potential. In addition, IDLife products and their packages are too expensive. 

If you want to earn extra and start a business, you can explore other options and ideas out in the market.

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