Is Tranont A Scam? Should You Join this MLM Opportunity? Revealed Here

is tranont a scam

Welcome to My Tranont Review!

If you talk about confusion, Tranont can give you that. Banking on the theme of health and wealth, this company sells a wide range of products and services, from legal to financial and health-related products.

Tranont Review Summary


Founders: Lorne Berry

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: : $99 For The Startup Fee + $25 For The Monthly Fee + $150+ For The Products

Quick Summary: Tranont is an MLM business that sells a wide range of products and services, from legal to financial and health-related products. Their products are unique (and funny!) because they have no connection with each other.
However, is this enough to help you make a decent income online or will this just be another joke that will waste your time?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

This is the very reason why I decided to write this review about Tranont – so we would settle the debate if this is worth your time or if it's just another scam in the world of multi-level marketing (MLM)? 

Let’s find the answers below!

What Is Tranont About?

Based in Utah, USA, Tranont is an MLM company founded by Lorne Berry in 2014 with a vision of helping individuals achieve sustainable financial wealth. They only operate in the United States and Canada region.

This company offers products and services that have zero relation with each other. 

The first part of this company sells health products (dietary and enzyme supplements) while the other part sells financial and wealth products like credit products, estate plans, tax products, and more. 

The company lets its distributors have the freedom and flexibility in terms of starting a business and making money.

While it might sound good, Tranont has been involved in a controversy, which is normal in most MLMs. For instance, a Civil Action Lawsuit was filed against them in 2017. Apparently, the brand was accused of deceptive trade practices, wiretapping, defamation, and more. It’s unclear what the verdict was but the case was dismissed.

Tranont Product Line

As mentioned earlier, Tranont has two categories of products being sold – health and wealth. Like other MLM products, the essentials are expensive compared to similar options found in the marketplace.

Tranont’s health category provides a wide range of dietary supplements to help improve individual health, such as mixed drinks. The three popular Tranont health products are:

Tranont Life – This enzyme supplement claims to promote healthy digestion.

Tranont Balance – This foundation supplement helps to replenish your meals with minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins for strong foundation health.

Tranont Vibe – This supplement is a blend of vitamin B with Yerba mate, Ginkgo biloba, DMAE, Rhodiola, and Huperzine A to enhance mental clarity, physical adaptation, and additional metabolic support.

Tranont's wealth category offers financial services and products to help businesses and individuals take control of their finances. They offer the following services, such as:

Tranont Credit Services – It teaches the process of improving credit score or fixing errors on the credit report.

Tranont Defend – This offers protection from identity theft and cybercrime.

Tranont Legal – This protects against liabilities in personal and business matters.

Tranont TaxBot – This lets you track and organize business expenses, receipts, and mileage using a mobile device or a tablet.

Most of the Tranont products are purchased and used by the associates. If you are planning to join, you will be required to purchase the products even if you don’t need them.

Is Tranont A Scam?

Tranont is not a scam but it is one of the odd MLM I have come across because of the products offered and fees involved. Another is you will rarely find great reviews about the products even though Tranont has been in the market for years now. It has not been successful to create trust and bonds with the people.

Its compensation plan is really complicated and if that’s not enough, you must pay thousands of dollars upfront to sell these FDA non-approved products.

Is Tranont A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Tranont is not a pyramid scheme despite having similar aspects to it. Why? Because you can sell products or services directly to customers without the need for recruitment. This is the reason why it’s not a pyramid scheme.

The company sells physical products and you must always remember that for it to be called pyramid schemes, the company should not have any retail goods or services to offer.

On the other hand, some aspects of this program are in a way like the pyramid schemes. Look at their commission structure. Tranont has a recruitment system which is known as creating a team. You get to earn a commission based on the sales of the people you recruited on the team. I noticed commissions go up the pyramid. This means that the amount of money you make is based on your rank on the pyramid.

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Tranont Compensation Plan

Unfortunately, the compensation plan of Tranont was not provided on their website; however, I’ve gathered the following details from reliable resources:

Commission Qualification – Before you start earning as a Tranont affiliate, you will need to be an active member who is described as being “current in Annual Renewal Fees and Subscription Fees with Tranont”. As part of their policies, a Tranont associate is considered active if they have 100 PV within a given month and pays their annual renewal fee of $49.

Another part of the compensation plan is that affiliates must buy into a subscription plan that costs $125 and generates 100 PV.

Retail Commissions – A member shall earn 10% to 35% commissions only if they sell the Wealth Core services. The 30% commission you will be earning will also be divided among your upper lines and the company. The rate depends on how many subscribers avail of the services and their purchase every month. 

Tranont rewards productivity. However, you must work a little harder if you’re in an MLM setting because MLMs products and services are often pricey, so selling them is really a challenge.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you study their compensation plan closely, you’ll realize that they make most of their income off their member’s fees and not the actual products they sell.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Tranont?

To join Tranont, you must register your email first, fill out the online application, and then you have to choose a membership plan and pay the corresponding amount:

Base Plan - $349

Gold Plan - $599

Platinum Plan - $1,499

You must pay for the account immediately because your application won’t be processed unless settled. In addition, you also must pay a membership fee of $49 annually to maintain your active account.

It doesn’t end there; you also have to pay monthly fees of $125 to help you qualify for bonuses or commission and the products you will be selling are not included in the annual and monthly fees. Considering this, the membership fee is too expensive, especially for those who have zero knowledge and skills on how this platform works.




The brand offers various services and products, which is good at some point. It’s also available in many countries but other than that, I don’t see anything to like about the program.



The marketplace is oversaturated with similar products and services and putting an expensive price, especially when you offer little to no value is not a smart move. Well, this is probably one of the biggest drawbacks that Tranont has.

Unclear Niche

Is it a health and wellness brand or a finance? I don’t really know. It’s confusing and this makes it a little bit more challenging to market. They offer health supplements but mind you, it has no accreditation from the Food and Drug Administration.

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Training Tools/Support

Tranont has no listed training tools or support for associates who wanted to join aside from the Contact Us section on their website. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

After reviewing Tranont and what they have to offer I don't recommend this MLM opportunity. Add the fact that this company has nothing special to offer. 

Just like any other MLM company, Tranont offers a compensation plan with a low return of investment unless you recruit members. I know it sounds like a pyramid scheme, but it is not if they don’t mandate all associates to recruit before earning. With Tranont, you can still earn by just selling the products, recruiting is a bonus you can avail yourself.

With Tranont, everything is like an oddball – zero-related products which feel like they sell anything under the sun, super expensive membership costs for a company that doesn’t guarantee returns, and products that are not FDA approved.

So, I don’t really recommend Tranont if you want to start your own business or earn extra income. It is too much hard work, too much liability than an asset.

But if you think that Tranont is worth the shot, then you can try it out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

If you are going to invest with Tranont, I suggest requesting a copy of the company income disclosure statement. The income disclosure statement offers a glimpse at how much associates earn. Don’t look at the big income charts. You need to read the disclaimers. They will tell you how much money you can truly make.

To be able to succeed with Tranont, you must master both your persuasive and direct selling skills. You must believe in the product so that your customers and prospects will find it easy to believe you as well. If you think you can’t do this – stop, before you waste your time figuring out the business, how to sell, and eventually burn your money.

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Thank you for reading our Tranont review. If you have concerns or inquiries, please feel free to share them below.

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