Is iGalen A Scam? 100% Legit Or Another Supplement Scheme?

is igalen a scam

Welcome to My iGalen Review!

I was browsing through Amazon and that’s when iGalen caught my interest. After doing some thorough research about the company and its products, I was able to answer some questions I have in mind, such as:

iGalen Review Summary

Name:  iGalen


Founders:  Chan Heng Fai And Rajen Manicka

Product Type:  Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $29 For The Annual Membership + $79.95 To $1,039.35 For Additional Costs

Quick Summary: iGalen is a direct sales company that provides an opportunity for its distributors to make money. Following a network marketing structure, means earning through retail sales and by building teams of distributors. 

Distributors get rewarded with commissions on product sales and their teams through a compensation plan that pays out six different ways. Like other MLM, the opportunities seem endless and exciting but is it worth your time? Is it even legit in the first place or just another scam?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

What is it about?

Is iGalen legit or another scam?

What makes it different from similar programs?

Read this review to help you have an informed decision.

What is iGalen about?

iGalen is a direct sales company that offers nutritional supplements using a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. It has offices in the US, Malaysia, and the Philippines but it has a presence in other countries, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and more. 

It all started when Dr. Joe Ahrens invented Emulin, a life-changing product that surprised the world about its health benefits and impact on people’s well-being. 

Emulating insulin -- or Emulin for short -- is a plant-based compound that generates physiological changes in the human body.

It was said to be founded by Chan Heng Fai and Rajen Manicka in 2017; however, an ASX announcement revealed that it was launched in 2015 by a Malaysian company

Launched in 2017, the company was co-founded by Chan Heng Fai and Rajen Manicka. Both Fai and Manicka hold executive positions in Holista Colltech Limited, but an ASX announcement dated February 2015 reveals iGalen is a Malaysian MLM company that launched in January 2015.

Holista entered a supply contract with iGalen a month later in February. 

Aside from this, did you know where the iGalen name came from? It may sound ridiculous hearing it the first time but iGalen takes its name from Claudius Galen, one of the greatest surgeons in the ancient Rome. 

iGalen Product Line

While other MLM companies marketed several product lines when they started, iGalen started with Emulin as their flagship product. However, the company stopped marketing this product.

Currently, iGalen markets two nutritional supplements – Uncarb and Gennisi.

Uncarb is known for being “the world’s first carbohydrate optimizer”. According to their website, this product is safe for all ages, genders, and all phases of life as its all-natural, patented blend of four ingredients has been in the human diet for 4,000 years. 

You can buy this 80-capsule bottle priced at $80.

While Gennisi is marketed as anti-aging and skin-repairing with Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (Latin for “The Invisible Flower of the Water”), or AFA for short, is a single-cell alga without an actual cell wall. This can be bought in a 28-sachet box priced at $80, too.

IGalen’s other products are Pro V Immunity Booster priced at $40 and Virastan with Protectene Personal Organic Disinfectant priced at $199.

It’s similar to these MLM platforms:

Is iGalen A Scam?

In my opinion, iGalen is not a scam. It was founded by two established businessmen, and aside from this, its flagship product Emulin by Dr. Joe Ahrens is lauded in the medical and science field. 

Dr. Ahrens has been greatly acknowledged and rewarded for his work in his field, including not one but two Nobel Prize nominations in the years 2015 and 2016.

Is iGalen A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

iGalen is not a pyramid scheme. 

In its Policy and Procedure document, it explicitly states that "all distributors are strictly prohibited from misrepresenting [sic] the opportunity plan as a "get-rich-quick” opportunity, and should not use fraud, coercion, harassment, or other means to force people to join as distributors. Instead, they should focus their efforts on promoting [sic] the quality and features of the products."

As an MLM, you earn money not only from selling the products but also through recruiting and sponsoring other people to become distributors. Some people may see this as a pyramid scheme but in reality, this business model is legit as it doesn’t rely on one source of income.

Also, members do not earn directly from recruiting people instead of through the sales that their downline makes.

To learn more about iGalen, you can watch the video below:

iGalen Compensation Plan

There are six ways to earn in iGalen's compensation plan. 

I’d like to believe that it is a balanced plan. It almost works for everyone and without all the annoying hoops to jump through and requirements to rank up. 

Basically, it follows a modern binary structure with two uni-levels.

The uni-levels pay up to 10 levels deep of additional bonuses, and there's a fast bonus as well.

Retail Profit – This lets members earn cash by selling iGalen products.

Fast Start Bonus – This lets members make money through the initial sales of their downline.

Team Commission – This is your binary payout. Build two teams, a left, and a right. Earn a percent from the sales happening within your teams.

Matching Bonus – Get rewarded with an extra commission for helping your personally enrolled teammates and on their organizations up to 5 levels deep. Pays weekly.

Leadership Bonus – This is the weekly bonus or pays received when you reach the rank of Ruby and your team reaches a milestone or quota.

Lifestyle Bonus – This is a reward for members who can hit a certain rank every month.

This plan also contains a retail component for those people who might not necessarily want to build a team but would only like to sell products to get their product free and/or earn additional funds. 

To sum up, there are six different ways to earn and it pays out up to 54% which is high for the industry. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Join iGalen?

iGalen affiliate membership is $29.95 annually but to qualify for the commissions, you need to purchase at least one bottle of their products every month.

Below are the costs that you need to shoulder as a member:

Distributor – $79.95 every four weeks

Bronze – $215.87 every four weeks

Silver – $383.76 every four weeks

Gold – $559.65 every four weeks

Platinum – $1039.35 every four weeks



Solid Team Leaders With A Good Reputation

The company is co-founded by prominent Singaporean businessman Chan Heng Fai. 

Being a financial and business wiz, his reputation in the business world is solid and untarnished. There are also CEO Dr. Rajen Manicka and Chief Corporate Advisor Kosta Gara who are also well-known business leaders in their own areas.

Rookie company with great chances for affiliates to climb the ranks

The company was founded only in 2017, so ambitious affiliates can easily climb the ranks if they choose.


Expensive Products, Limited Options

iGalen only has four products as of the moment: Uncarb and Gennisi. One bottle of Uncarb contains 80 capsules, and Gennisi 28 sachet per box, both cost $80 each. 

Other products are Pro V Immunity Booster priced at $40 and Virastan with Protectene Personal Organic Disinfectant priced at $199.

No Income Disclosure Statement Yet

Maybe it's because iGalen is still a relatively young company that's why it has not published an income disclosure yet. So if you’re looking for a reliable, well-established brand, iGalen is NOTa good alternative.

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Training Tools/Support

Prospecting Tool – An iGalen review should never go without talking about Ditto Talk/Touch marketing presentation tool. Even though it's not part of the company itself (it's an exclusive per team), it's a powerful marketing tool available for the newbie or the pro. 

Team Training Calls – If you are the type of person that needs team training calls, iGalen has available sessions. There are several slots and you can take your pick when it suits you. All calls are recorded too so you can hear them at your convenience since people have different schedules.

Live Chat – For company-related issues live chat is the best. During normal business hours, the support representatives are on standby waiting to take inquiries. After normal business hours you can leave them a message that they will answer on the next business day.

Final Opinion/Verdict

If doing direct sales is a skill you’ve mastered, then you can try out iGalen. However, if you don’t believe in the product that you are selling or you have not tried it yet – stop, before you waste your time figuring out the business, how to sell, and eventually burn your money.

iGalen products have good reviews and very few negative comments; however, I find iGalen products – Uncarb and Gennisi – overpriced. The MLM market is very saturated, so it is better to be open, explore and know other health supplement products out there.

It is not easy to be successful with iGalen. If you are decided to take this on, remember the following to help you on your success journey:

You should have a support team or network that can help build the business.

A mentor that can teach you the loops and strategies of direct selling and marketing.

Be on the lookout for potential customers and prospects who can join your business.

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading the iGalen review. If you have questions or you want to share your personal experience with iGalen, please feel free to drop it in the comment box below.

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