Is JM Ocean Avenue A Scam? Joint MLM Offering One Legit Opportunity?

jm ocean avenue scam review

Welcome to My JM Ocean Avenue Review!

With the rise of the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of fake news emerged, especially over social media. So with the effect of people being advised to stay at their homes, with no source of income, some will tend to look for work online. A

And like the COVID-19 information, there are also tons of job opportunities over the world wide web that are either legit or fake. 

This time, I will unveil an MLM company in the health and wellness niche called JM Ocean Avenue. 

JM Ocean Avenue Review Summary

Name: JM Ocean Avenue


Founders: Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn (Ocean Avenue) and Joe Zhou (JM International)

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $74 To $1330 For The Enrollment Fee

jm ocean avenue logo

Quick Summary: JM Ocean Avenue (JMOA) is a joint venture between two multi-national direct sales companies, Ocean Avenue and JM International. They sell and market products in nutrition, living and personal care niches.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

With some research I have made, I hope this review could help you decide wisely on a business venture you’re trying to acquire. This includes all the necessary details about the brand, such as how it works, whether it’s a scam or not, its pros and cons, and many more.

What Is JM Ocean Avenue About?

JM Ocean Avenue (JMOA) is multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was born as two multi-national direct sales companies merged- Ocean Avenue and JM International in 2014.  

It creates opportunities for distributors and customers by expanding to 30 new markets on six continents. It offers a broad range of premium products in the nutritional supplement, personal care, and lifestyle categories. 

It was in 2012 when Ocean Avenue was launched by Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn while JM International was founded in 2009 by Joe Zhou.

Fred Ninow and Ken Dunn of JM Ocean Avenue

A month before the merge in June 2014, Ken Dunn left Ocean Avenue. 

A year later in June 2015, JM Ocean Avenue affiliates began advertising HopRocket - a brand new JM Ocean Avenue opportunity; however, that fell apart a month later in July with 4 JM Ocean Avenue executives (former Ocean Avenue staff) resigning. 

HopRocket continued as an independent MLM opportunity launch, now very much separated from its JM Ocean Avenue roots.

And so, JM Ocean Avenue is now headed by Joe Zhou (Chairman).

The JM Ocean Avenue (JMOA) website domain is or but if you look for it right now, you probably won't be able to access any of it. 

Now, that’s something unlikely of an MLM company that should have an official website for easy access to information and ease of contact.  

JM Ocean Avenue operates in a couple of countries but what is interesting is that the country of origin for JM International - China is not included in the list. Why is that so? 

JM Ocean Avenue Product Line

JM Ocean Avenue, being in the health and wellness niche, is an MLM that markets and sells products in these major categories: Nutrition, Living and Care. 

JM Ocean Avenue product line

Here’s a description of each category as described in the independent distributor’s website I’ve checked: 

  • Nutrition: The food you eat determines the health of each of the cells that run your body. Pure high-packed nutrition found in our Wav and Alphameta products promotes a highly efficient and chemically balanced body.
  • Living: The environment you live in influences your health and longevity. Environmental factors such as pollution and harsh sunlight can alter your quality of life over time. Our JMS3 series introduces the health-promoting elements found in Bama into your daily life. The natural energy sources found in Bama and these products promote pure body systems and support a long healthy life.
    • Care: The products you use to care for your personal needs can increase the confidence you feel each day. Our 2 Minute Miracle skincare and Angels Secret products are designed to make personal care simple, natural, and highly effective so that you can feel fresh and confident each day. 

But does it work?

Product-wise, their products are commendable. Here are some reviews I’ve found over their PH Facebook page. However, you should take it with a grain of salt as most reviews are from its affiliates.

JM Ocean Avenue review

How To Make Money With JM Ocean Avenue?

As a JMOA Independent Representative, basically like most MLM opportunities, you will earn through retail sales and recruitment commissions.  

Here’s a brief explanation of the commissions you can expect from JM Ocean Avenue:

  • Retail Commissions - These available on the sale of JM Ocean Avenue products to retail customers (non-affiliates). JM Ocean Avenue defines a retail commission as ‘the difference between the retail price and your Distributor price. JM Ocean Avenue does not provide retail or wholesale pricing on their website, so I can’t give you any examples.
  • Recruitment Commissions (Autoship) Or “Drive Bonus”- JM Ocean Avenue pay affiliates to recruit new affiliates who remain commission qualified. This qualification sees them make a mandatory purchase for 50 BV of product each month, which JM Ocean Avenue pays a recurring 20% commission on.
  • Residual Unilevel Group Commissions - Are paid out via a unilevel compensation structure. A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with their first five recruited affiliates placed directly under them. Commissions are paid out as a percentage of sales volume generated, with how much of a percentage paid out determined by how much a JM Ocean Avenue affiliate spent when they signed up.
  • Matching Residual Bonus - JMOA one active downline affiliate who is paid a weekly unilevel group residual commission receives a 10% matching bonus. If they have two personally recruited affiliates who receive a unilevel group residual commission, they receive the 10% bonus down two levels of recruitment. If they have three personally recruited affiliates who receive a unilevel group residual commission, they receive the 10% bonus down three levels of recruitment.
  • Residual Unilevel Commissions - Use the same unilevel compensation structure as unilevel group commissions, however this is a traditional unilevel team that extends infinite width and depth. You recruit an affiliate and they are placed on level 1. If they recruit an affiliate they are placed on your level 2 and so on.
  • Generation Leadership Bonus - Once qualified at the 3-Star Diamond or higher rank, JM Ocean Avenue affiliates qualify for a Generation Leadership Bonus. This bonus pays out using an affiliate’s unilevel team, with a generation defined when a 3-Star Diamond or higher ranked affiliate is found in a unilevel leg.
  • Lifestyle Global Bonus - Is a pool made up of 5% of JM Ocean Avenue’s monthly company-wide sales volume (excluding China). Affiliates can qualify for shares in the Lifestyle Global Bonus, determined by their rank.
  • Vacation Club Reward - When JMOA affiliates buy products and enroll people who also purchase products, they receive Vacation Club Points. 

Learn more about JM Ocean Avenue’s video below: 

Is JM Ocean Avenue A Scam?

Product-wise, they do market and sell tangible products that are commendable. But with regards to their MLM opportunity, I am not sure if they are still running up to this day. Even their websites are inaccessible. All you can access is an independent distributor’s website. 

The site used for enrollment is even out of reach. But what I’ve found is a Facebook page from the Philippines which was last updated in 2019. And with such difficulties of finding their main website, things may seem off and hazy. \

You’d probably even question its authenticity because most MLM opportunities should have the basic information readily available over the internet for consumers and potential joiners to be aware. Even the last reviews made for JMOA were done years ago, the last was probably in 2015. 

So, I’m not sure if it’s still operating up to this day since I couldn’t dig any recent updates from the company but I do see their products being sold on online stores. But with regards to the MLM opportunity? Better back it off! I couldn’t even find proof of legitimacy. I am definitely not recommending you to this MLM opportunity!

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The price of joining as a JMOA Independent Representative is dependent on the Rank Enrollment option you choose. Ín addition, you have to pay the annual membership fee, which was not disclosed, by the way.

I haven’t seen other values online other than the ones in Philippine currency.

Here are the following Rank Enrollment options with estimated USD value:

  • Silver-3,750php ($74)
  • Gold-22,500php ($443)
  • Platinum-45,000php ($885)
  • Diamond-67,500php ($1330)

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There’s not much to like about what JMOA offers but I could say that their products are commendable. They do have a lot of positive reviews especially of their product, Angel’s Secret. 


Main Domain Websites Inaccessible

JMOA websites are inaccessible. All you can access is an independent distributor’s website. The site used for enrollment is even out of reach. But what I’ve found is a Facebook page from the Philippines which was last updated in 2019.

And with such difficulties of finding their main website, things may seem off and hazy. With such transparency issues, you’d probably even question its authenticity. And I don’t even know if the company is still running up to this day. A lot of things are really unclear. 

JM International Accusations

One of the direct sales merged in JMOA is JM International. JM international indeed has a direct sales license in China but was also accused of running a Pyramid Scheme. 

And as mentioned above, JMOA operates in a couple of countries but what is interesting is that the country of origin for JM International- China is not included in the list. Now, that’s something ODD.

Emphasis On Recruitment

One thing I don’t like about MLM opportunities is the thought that the RECRUITING aspect is the sole focus of the company. And just like most MLM companies are, JMOA is more focused on recruitment. The more you recruit people to join, the higher the income potential. 

Training Tools/Support

The business platform of JM Ocean Avenue provides its distributors with the opportunity for limitless success. The compensation plan and numerous other rewards ensure that, with hard work, distributors are guaranteed profit.

JM Ocean Avenue has now expanded to almost every major city on the planet and distributors can enjoy the company’s full support around the clock.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, I could say that JM Ocean Avenue may offer legit and tangible products that are commendable but with regards with their MLM Opportunity, I can’t entirely say if it’s legitimate because I can’t even see any proof of authenticity or if it is still operating up to this day. 

And running on an MLM scheme, makes it solely focus on recruitment. So that’s also a reason why I won’t recommend you to this MLM opportunity. So if someone invited you about JMOA, for your safety and future, better skip that platform!  

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