Is Jusuru International A Scam? MLM Company With A Lot Of Deceptions?

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Welcome to My Jusuru International Review!

Today’s era provides a lot of choices and opportunities over the internet, allowing most people to work in the comforts of their homes. The challenge, however, is sorting out the legit ones from scams?

That being said, checking out unbiased reviews of a company or product is important before signing up, let alone paying for it.

Jusuru International Review Summary

Name: Jusuru International


Founders: Asma Ishaq

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  $39.95 For The Enrollment Fee

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Quick Summary: Jusuru is another multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche. This company sells and markets products that are backed by scientific research and safety studies.

But due to unsubstantiated health and disease-treatment claims, Jusuru had accusations of deception. With that and other major reasons, not recommending you this one! See more in this review!

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

In this post, I’m here to unveil a network marketing company called Jusuru International. With some research I have made about this company, may the facts and my own view help you discern and decide wisely on a business venture you’re inquiring of.

I hope it will answer questions you have in mind such as: Is Jusuru a legitimate MLM company? Will it help you achieve that stable home-earning job you’re trying to have? What are the pros and cons of joining this program?

Let’s see more in this Jusuru International 2020 Review!

What Is Jusuru International About?

Jusuru is a scientific multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the health and wellness niche. 

Why scientific? Because as claimed, their products are backed by scientific research and safety studies. 

This MLM company provides a couple of nutritional liquid supplements, such as their flagship product called Jusuru Life Blend -- a collagen juice and the line of Liquid Biocell products. 

Jusuru was founded in 2009 by one of the co-founders Asma Ishaq, the president of the company.

asma ishaq founder of Jusuru International

The Jusuru International website domain is ( but if you look for it right now, you probably won't be able to access it, they do have a Facebook page.

The last Facebook post they had was dated on March 1. 2017 and it’s about becoming a part of another network marketing brand called Modere

Jusuru International Product Line

As mentioned above, Jusuru provides a couple of nutritional liquid supplements, such as JUSURU Life Blend (Flagship Product)

Jusuru Life Blend is a juice that contains ‘Biocell Collagen’. 

This product, as claimed by Jusuru, is ‘an essential nutritional component for those wanting to remain healthy and active throughout their life’ because it ‘supplies a concentrated matrix of nutrients that may provide more broad-based nutritional support’.

Their Life Blend juice (750mL) costs $49.95 per bottle. It’s also available as a concentrated ‘Travel Shot’ (sold in boxes of 14 59ml shots for $94.95) and there’s a ‘Pet Blend’ variety sold for $59.95 a bottle (120ml).

Jusuru Life Blend is a nutritious beverage that features only the highest quality ingredients including BioCell Collagen II, Resveratrol, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty and Amino Acids.

The company also provides a line of products that focus on many different things, such as:

  • Liquid BioCell Life – For joints, skin, and anti-aging
  • Liquid BioCell Sport – For faster recovery, endurance and faster movements
  • Liquid BioCell Skin – For looking younger for longer
  • Liquid BioCell Pure – For active joints and younger-looking skin
  • Liquid BioCell Pet – Joint supplements available for your pets
  • Liquid BioCell Equine – Used for pet breeders
  • Stromaderm Skin Care – Anti-aging of lips, eyes, skin, etc.
jusuru international products

Does it work? Well, they say that their biocell technology is award-winning but I’ve seen an article stating their false claims to boost financial gains. They are even accused because of a deceptive marketing campaign

How To Make Money With Jusuru International?

Being an MLM company, they offer an affiliate program and call their member's Independent Distributors. 

As a Jusuru Independent Representative, you will earn 30% for every bottle of Jusuru Life Blend that you sell. Also, if you recruit new Representatives to join in Jusuru, you will earn a percentage of their earnings as well.

So basically like most MLM opportunities, you will earn through retail sales and recruitment commissions. 

  1. Preferred Customer Commissions -These are retail customers who elect to receive Jusuru products on autoship each month. In exchange for signing up for autoship, preferred customers receive a 15% discount on their orders and the Jusuru member who enrolls the customer earns a 15% commission on all autoship orders.
  2. Fast Start Bonus - It is paid out as a percentage commission three levels deep on the personal volume of new members you recruit during their first 60 days with the company.
  3. Team Commissions - After the 60 day Fast Start Bonus period has expired, commissions on the sales volume of your organisation, paid down 7 levels. Jusuru uses a uni-level structure meaning that each member you recruit is placed in a new leg under you. This forms your level 1. Any members your Level 1 recruit form your level 2, any they recruit your level 3 and so forth.
  4. Elite Leadership Bonus - It is a one time commission paid out when Jusuru members achieve certain membership ranks for two consecutive months.
  5. Checkmatch Bonus- It is a matching bonus paid out on the earnings of those in your unilevel organization. Qualified earnings include the Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions, and Turbo Infinity Bonus.
  6. Turbo Infinity Bonus- It extends payable commissions past the seven unilevel levels the Team Commissions component of the Jusuru compensation plan covers.
  7. Luxury Car Bonus - It is made available to Endeavor III and above members and pays out up to $1000 a month towards a ‘silver Mercedes Benz’.

These are the following Membership ranks:

  • Venture I – Venture I is the first membership rank of Jusuru and all that’s required to qualify is the purchase of 140PV of product a month (‘active’ qualification).
  • Venture II – Requires Active status and at least one unilevel leg with an active Jusuru member in it.
  • Venture III – Requires Active status, at least three unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each and 750 GV.
  • Venture IV – Requires Active status, at least four unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Venture II) and 1,500 GV.
  • Endeavor I – Requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Venture III) and 3,000 GV.
  • Endeavor II – Requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Venture IV) and 3,000 GV.
  • Endeavor III – Requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Endeavor I), 3,000 GV and 15,000 DV.
  • Endeavor IV – Requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Endeavor II), 3,000 GV and 30,000 DV.
  • Enterprise – Requires Active status, at least six unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Endeavor III), 3,000 GV and 75,000 DV.

Learn more about Jusuru International’s compensation plan by watching a video below:

Is Jusuru International A Scam?

Probably before 2017, it was not a scam but if someone would invite you to Jusuru International today, that’s quite alarming since it’s already closed. 

Their main website domain is not accessible anymore and their last Facebook page update was in 2017. Considering this, the company may have not been profitable or have been shut down because of the accusations they had in the past.


Becoming a Jusuru Independent Representative will cost you $39.95. With that iRep Enrollment Fee, it is already inclusive of the following:

  • iRep Starter Kit
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Product Table Book

There is also an annual Renewal & Materials Fee of $20.

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I could say that there is nothing to like in what Jusuru has to offer. 


Typical MLM That Requires Autoships

Though autoships are optional, you will still opt to buy in for this, to have large PV and be eligible for big commissions and bonuses. 

Heavily Focused On Recruitment

Like most MLM companies, you will have to recruit to gain more commissions and bonuses. Now, that’s extra work and you’d probably need the skills and be consummate enough when it comes to recruitment especially that this company encourages the traditional way of marketing (warm marketing).

Accusations Of Deception

I’ve seen an article stating their false claims to boost financial gains. They are even accused because of a deceptive marketing campaign. 


Yes, the company has been said to be closed. The company has been said to acquired by another company named Modere. They even confirmed that on their Facebook page last 2017. So, if someone would invite you to Jusuru International today, say No right away, its most probably a SCAM!

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Who Is It For? 

It was a business opportunity intended for those who have skills in sales and are consummate in the MLM world. It is also for those who are health and wellness enthusiasts and fond of Biocell technology and collagen but since it's now closed, it’s definitely not good for anyone!

Training Tools/Support

Being an independent distributor in Jusuru gives you an iRep Starter Kit, Getting Started Guide and a Product Table Book which are essentials tools and resources that would help you expand and advertise your business.

Jusuru trains and encourages traditional methods of Network Marketing. And they do utilize the Warm Marketing method and train their sub-affiliates with it.

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, I could say that JUSURU International had been a legitimate MLM company since 2009 but when it was acquired by Modere in 2017, invitations of joining the company today make it a scam. Yes, with it being CLOSED is already a big reason to immediately back out the invitation. 

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my unbiased Jusuru International review! For comments, suggestions, and questions, feel free to share it below. 

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