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Mobilexpression Review Summary

Name:  Mobilexpression


Founders:   Comscore

Product Type:  Paid Survey Panel

Price:  Free

Quick Summary:  Mobilexpression is a paid survey panel available to most countries. It claims to help you in earning credits by doing absolutely nothing but completing occasional surveys.

However, is it a legit survey site or just another scam? How does it really work? Is it worth your time?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In this review, we will talk about a platform called Mobilexpression. We’ll learn whether it’s a typically paid survey site or it’s something special? 

So if you want to learn more, let’s start this Mobilexpression review!

What Is Mobilexpression About?

MobileXpression is a market research panel designed to understand the trends and behaviors of people using the mobile internet.

The goal of this website is to determine what websites people visit and what mobile applications they like to use.

It works differently compared to web-based survey panels because in taking surveys, you'll be mostly using your mobile device. 

Also, unlike most surveys sites, it only rewards gift cards, NOT cash.

How Mobilexpression Works?

To register an account, you have to follow these steps:

1. Register

By clicking on the “Join Now” button and entering information about the phone you wish to register with your MobileXpression account, you can register for a new account. By going into settings or checking the back of your phone for iPhone users, you can check the model of your phone. Then, you’ll complete the member's profile by filling out some personal information.

2. Install the software

A text message will be sent to you regarding how to install their software and verify your account. Be reminded that installing a VPN is needed to make Mobilexpression work, therefore you should comply.

3. Follow all steps

It plays a significant role. MobileXpression successfully outlined the steps on how to get credited for having the software installed on your phone. 

Changing your settings is necessary to let the Mobilexpression email account check in with you by changing your Fetch New Data settings every 15 minutes. 

4. Confirm installation.

Click on the web page to verify that you’ve installed it after you get the software set up.

After which, an email message that will confirm whether your phone is properly set up or not will be sent to you by a representative.

5. Earn rewards.

You can expect a new Amazon gift card in your inbox, all for doing absolutely nothing, after your first couple of weeks.

Mobilexpression offers a few ways to earn money and prizes such as the following:

Data Collection

This is the main way to earn money here. By simply keeping the app installed on your device, it collects information regarding the usage of your internet which could eventually earn you certain credits.

Web And Mobile Surveys

To earn additional credits from Mobilexpression, you should take the occasional web or mobile survey that comes your way. Usually, survey invites aren't that plenty for most people yet it’s still a nice way to get some extra credits.

Weekly Sweepstakes

Mobilexpression members can take part in a drawing for various prizes every week.

Previous prizes have included iPads, digital cameras, and kitchen items. Installing the app and working properly will make you eligible to join for weekly sweepstakes.

Is Mobilexpression A Scam?

MobileXpression is a legitimate website. 

It even garnered a 4.0 rating on the Google Playstore. 

Significantly, it is a subsidiary of ComScore, which has been around for decades and is a leader in online trends and behaviors. 

Although MobileXpression does not have a BBB profile, its parent company ComScore has an A+ rating. 

Mobilexpression acquired a superb legacy due to being a part of it. In fact, there have been features about the parent company in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other renowned publications.

It only paves the way for its members to feel reassurance that the platform is indeed trustworthy and part of a well-established industry leader. Likewise, it has an okay reputation within the online community. 

Even if there are some unpleasant reviews, still other users give out praiseworthy reviews about the potential of this platform.

Mobilexpression Compensation Plan

For every completed activity, members are rewarded with credits. These credits can then be exchanged for Amazon gift cards, participation in sweepstakes, or donation to charity. 

Apparently, Mobilexpression won't earn you cash, however, multiple offers could give you perks that other paid market research don't have. Here is a glimpse of the perks it offers:

  • All USA members will receive a $5 Amazon gift card, upon using the app for a week.
  • UK members will receive £20 and India members will receive a 300 Rupee Jabong gift card, upon using the app for two weeks.
  • A $100,000 sweepstakes are entitled to all new members. A lucky participant will receive $100 as well as a chance to win $2,500, $5,000, or be re-entered into the sweepstakes every month.
  • It may not be a direct form of reward to its members, yet, after 90 days of active membership, the platform offers to donate a tree to Trees for the Future. A tree will again be donated each month during your active membership once your initial 90 days have passed.

Aside from the aforementioned perks, a physical prize giveaway every week is hosted by Mobilexpression. Chances of winning a variety of gadgets and appliances will be given to all members, such as an Apple iPad Air, a Canon digital camera, a Samsung LED HDTV, and a KitchenAid cutlery set. 

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How Much To Join Mobilexpression?

Joining MobileXpression is absolutely free, but take note that connecting to the internet may incur costs depending on your data plan. 



Convenient Mobile App

Having a new phone isn't needed to run the app, however, an updated version of your device is somewhat necessary.

Since it collects internet usage data from your device with the app, it, therefore, opts to keep its information up-to-date through collecting data from newer devices.

Trees For Future Donation

If you’re fond of a market research company that's into doing good deeds in the world, then Mobilexpression is one of them. It has partnered up with Trees for the Future, which is a program that plants trees and other crops for families worldwide to create a better future for all.

By members' participation in downloading the app, keeping it installed and for at least 3 months of just letting it run, a tree is to be donated by Mobilexpression to the program. If you happen to fulfill that requirement, you'll be able to indirectly help mankind in achieving a sustainable future.

Convenient To Earn Credits

By only doing nothing other than leaving the app installed and running on your device and occasionally taking surveys will eventually earn you credits which you can later on convert as gift cards.


Unexplained Account Locks

Members would experience an unexplained account lock after attempting to redeem their rewards. Most of them reportedly received a message from MobileXpression saying that their account had been suspected of fraud that caused immediate shut-down. 

Unfortunately, it kept on happening the moment someone wanted to redeem their rewards.

Unhelpful Customer Service

There are multiple complaints from Mobilexpression's users regarding the customer service team that lacks responsiveness in times of need.

When the customer service department has been reached for assistance about payment clarifications, they just complicate things more than before due to leaving off the conversation which is purely not commendable.

Most who happen to have received a response have attempted several times and still aren't satisfied with their support system.

Concern In Your Privacy

One of the major concerns of people about MobileXpression is privacy.

Given that the app continues to run on your mobile device even when you aren’t using it and collects data from your device it explains where your worry comes from. Although it has a detailed privacy policy, there are still things that aren’t completely transparent and other points are likewise concerning. Unfortunately, filtering out all your sensitive information is of no guarantee.

Data And Battery Consumption

Since the app is continually running in the background, it might result in consuming much of your data and drain your battery.

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Who Is It For?

It’s good for those who are only looking for a side hustle or those who want to kill their time while earning a small amount.

Training Tools/Support

If you have questions or concerns, you can easily check their website’s FAQ page. They also have an FB account but based on the reviews so far, it seems like they are not active in their social media accounts anymore. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Mobilexpression is a legitimate panel that is very easy to earn credits from doing absolutely nothing but to let it run on your device and taking occasional surveys on the go.

In addition, it is a genuine panel that urges members from most countries to join without asking them to spend a single dime, all they have to do is to follow the steps in setting up their account.

Even though it doesn't pay in cash, it provides you several options as to how you can convert your earned credits either for gift cards, participation in sweepstakes, or donation to a charity.

You won't only have fun earning credits, but at the same time, you can fulfill your responsibility to be of help to others and into the environment. Since Mobilexpression is a gateway that donates a tree after 90 days of letting the app run on your device, a greener and more feasible future await through this unique feature.

However, it's not always full of positive things, there are also negative aspects that need to be viewed accordingly. As mentioned, Mobilexpression wouldn't earn you cash, so if you opt to accumulate substantial money, then clearly you're not in the right place.

Likewise, one of its ways to earn credits is just letting it run on your device which is due to data collection of your activities online and how you'll allocate your internet usage therefore it's quite alarming since your sensitive data aren't completely guaranteed to be secured. 

It will also consummate your mobile data and battery so it is advisable to use Wi-Fi. 

In addition, when members finally earn a substantial amount of credits and decide to convert it for their preferred rewards, issues like unexplained account locks occur and when members seek support from their service team, it takes quite a while or worst they fail to address it successfully.

Therefore, given the pleasant and unpleasant things it offers, I came up with a conclusion of not recommending you to join Mobilexpression. For sure, there are far better options than this and that would pay you cash for your efforts. I suggest you check the top paying sites in your country instead. Decide in accordance to what would be best for you!

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Thank you for reading my Mobilexpression review. If you have any questions or opinions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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