Is National Consumer Panel Legit? Earn Money When You Shop?

Welcome To My National Consumer Panel Review!

Want to make money by shopping and sharing your thoughts? If yes, then you should take a look at the opportunity we’re going to talk about today.

It’s called the National Consumer Panel and it claims to reward you for shopping and scanning your purchases online.

National Consumer Panel Review Summary

Name:  National Consumer Panel


Founders:   National Consumer Panel

Product Type: Barcode Scanning Reward App

Price: Free

Quick Summary:  National Consumer Panel is not just a simple paid survey panel since it has a unique feature to offer! Its users are allowed to earn points for every scanned good and by partaking in surveys.

But, are you certain that it is worth joining or not? Can you earn cash or you'll just be left with rewards through gift cards?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

It’s exciting and it sounds easy since there are no technical skills required but is it worth your time? How does it really work? Is the National Consumer Panel legit or just another scam?

Let’s find out in this honest National Consumer Panel review!

What Is National Consumer Panel About?

National Consumer Panel is an established company that has been collecting consumer behavior data for retail companies and manufacturers since way back in 1923. 

The two research powers, namely, Nielsen and Iri backed it up. It represents millions of Americans that's why it was given a tagline of "mini-USA". Originally, it was known as Nielsen Homescan but then it was renamed as National Consumer Panel in 2008.

This platform aims to help manufacturers and retailers to make informed decisions as to what products they should develop or sell in the market by gathering panel member's points of view and shopping data. 

Simply by scanning barcodes of the items they buy every week, panelists are given the privilege to earn rewards from fun and convenient process.

By becoming a member, you have the power to change the face of your favorite brands or improve your shopping experience.

Members are rewarded with points for their every shared information about their shopping habits and from other offered opportunities.

Every accrued point can then be redeemed for gift cards and a whole lot of name-brand merchandise from the National Consumer Panel's online gift catalog such as electronics, home appliances, sporting goods, toys, and more!

It’s almost the same as:

How National Consumer Panel Works?

Here are the opportunities you have as a member of the National Consumer Panel:

Scan When You Shop

Collection of data regarding shopping habits is the main thing the National Consumer Panel does.

Manufacturers highly benefit from these data in improving their products and services. Therefore, you'll be given a scanner that you can use to scan all purchases when you go shopping to get as much data as possible. 

A handheld scanner or their mobile app are both accessible.

Members are responsible for their used scanners, if ever you want to quit then you need to return the scanner. Meanwhile, the mobile app makes it convenient for you since you can use it sooner without much hassle. 

Either way, a scanner is used to scan the barcodes on all the products you buy during a shopping trip.

Providing information about the products without barcodes is a must such as fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and more. Likewise, details about which shop you went to if you have shopped online, and some more general information are essential.

Once every week, these collections of data will be sent to the National Consumer Panel for market research purposes. 

Therefore, in return, you'll be compensated with various rewards for your participation. In case you're inactive for quite a while, they will contact you to ask if you'd still want to become a member. So better remain active as you can be.

Answer Surveys

You are also encouraged to take part in surveys as a member of the panelists. This is the panel's means of getting more valuable data and to get a chance of asking you follow-up questions with regards to your shopping habits and a way for you to share your feedback. 

Rewards also await you as you participate in this opportunity. There is no specific information as to how many points you'll acquire yet most likely it will be dependent on the survey's length. Generally, expecting to earn much on partaking in surveys here is of no place but it's a nice way of making your voice be heard. Special studies will be present at times where you'll be invited to take part in that could earn you additional rewards.


The National Consumer Panel offers sweepstakes with high rewards. You will get entries into these sweepstakes when you participate regularly on the platform. They are weekly, monthly, qúarterly, and yearly sweepstakes for its members. It involves great prizes that you can win.

One lucky winner of the quarterly sweepstakes might take over the biggest reward of $20,000.

Indeed, it's a big reward if you happen to win it! Other rewards range between $25 and $500 and as well as products.

Membership Perks

Sometimes you'll get access to special discounts from the panel’s partners as a panel member of the National Consumer Panel such as offer discounts for AT&T Wireless Plans and Accessories. It is not that much but it can be a good additional bonus for you.

Is National Consumer Panel A Scam?


National Consumer Panel is a legitimate website. 

There's no solid proof to indicate that the National Consumer Panel is a scam. In fact, here are the factors which showcase that NCP is a genuine platform:

  • Their parent company has an A+ rating with the BBB

National Consumer Panel's parent company Nielsen has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is just a pure indication that NCP is a trusted and reliable website.

  • They’re affiliated with CASRO

National Consumer Panel is affiliated with the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), association to ensure that research organizations meet strict professional standards through guidelines and enforceable rules of ethical conduct. It paves way for users' peace of mind that responsible handling of their data is assured.

  • They actually payout

Many companies out there disappoint customers for not delivering their promised rewards that's why Survey and reward apps have gained a bad reputation. But, the good thing with the National Consumer Panel, customer reviews show positive feedback of obtaining their earned rewards.

National Consumer Panel Compensation Plan

You will earn points for your weekly participation yet there's no specific number as to how many points you'll obtain. Other users reportedly attained around 20 to 50 points for every scanned item, while others allegedly claimed that it is 150 points weekly upon starting.

These different claims vary greatly since how long you have been a member is a factor. There's a clear statement from the National Consumer Panel that you'll get higher rewards if you're a longer member.

The points from your bonuses and from your participation in taking surveys will earn you additional points which you can later on use to redeem gifts from the National Consumer Panel gift catalog with a variety of great options. Take note, getting paid in cash isn't possible here.

But, with the number of rewards, you can choose from it is almost as good as cash.

First, you have to collect around 8,000 points before you can start purchasing a reward from their gift catalog. Hence, certainly, you can also collect more and save for bigger rewards.

You wouldn't only be left with gift cards, since charity donations, household items like vacuum cleaners or kitchen appliances, and a few other things are available as the selection of your rewards.

Thus, you can also participate in cash lottery prizes by opting to buy cash sweepstakes entries. These are held weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually, and include a Grand Prix Drawing of $20,000 every three months.

Likewise, acquiring National Consumer Panel Perks & Discounts that can come quite handy when purchasing products and services is available just for you. Significantly, you will be part of their Rewards+ program which will provide you with special discounts at major retailers like AT&T since you're part of the National Consumer Panel.

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How Much To Join National Consumer Panel?

Joining the National Consumer Panel is 100% free. All you need is to qualify as a member and then you can begin earning points for exciting rewards.



Barcode Scanning As An Eye Opener

It serves as a good motivation to become more organized since you're getting various rewards out of scanning the barcodes. It would help you change your spending habits and keep you on track with your budget.

Sharing Valuable Inputs

Members have been provided with the sense of power to voice out their opinions and to share valuable input into what is truly the desires of the consumers.

Affiliated With Well-Respected Market Research Companies

Given the fact that it has partnered up with reputed companies makes it a trustworthy platform that users like you can try. You won't only earn points to be redeemed as rewards but you'll likewise have a fun time doing things out of your usual routines of shopping.


Issues With The Barcode Scanner

Other users have difficulties in getting the scanner to recognize barcodes. Meanwhile, some members have no problem with this but feel that scanning every barcode is not ideal. It would have been better if they provided a receipt scanning function.

Issues With The User Interface

The app was reported by many users to be intuitive and isn't user-friendly making the scanning process slow down which is frustrating for the users.

Issues With Timing

It is mentioned that many users experienced that the app automatically times out instantly when items are being scanned that forces users to frequently reopen the scanner and further makes the scanning process slow down.

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Who Is It For?

The National Consumer Panel is recommended for those savvy shoppers who are looking to earn some rewards out of their purchases. 

However, I don’t recommend it to anyone looking for a regular source of income.

Training Tools/Support

To reach National Consumer Panel, you can follow their Facebook account or call the phone numbers displayed on their website.

Final Opinion/Verdict

SurveyTime is a legitimate site that offers various opportunities to earn you points by simply scanning the barcode of your purchased goods, partaking in surveys, and joining sweepstakes.

It offers a variety of rewards for your efforts that includes gift cards, donations, household items, and sweepstakes entries. 

In addition, there's no room for worrying whether it's a scam since it's affiliated with reputed market research companies.

But then, it won’t compensate you with cash so if you’re looking for a regular source of cash, let alone a side hustle then this is not an option.

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Thank you for reading my National Consumer Panel review. If you have questions or opinions, I'm pleased to hear from you in the comment section below.

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