Is TGM Panel Safe? The Truth About This Survey Site!

Welcome To My TGM Panel Review!

Get paid for just sharing your opinion? Sounds interesting, right? This kind of platform is called a survey site and it’s usually popular when looking for a side hustle income.

While it’s a legit business model, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of, such as the low-income potential.

TGM Panel  Review Summary

Name: TGM Panel 


Founders:  TGM Research FZE

Product Type:   Paid Survey Site

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  TGM Panel USA is a survey site that rewards you for sharing your opinions about a wide range of topics. 

However, does it give monetary rewards or just gift cards? More importantly, is it safe to use, or is it a scam?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

So before you sign up, it’s wise to do some research and visit its website. I know it sounds like a daunting task so I’ll help you break down the most important information so you can make an informed decision.

In this post, we will talk about a survey site called TGM Panel so without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is TGM Panel  About?

TGM Panel is a survey agency that lends global brands help in improving their products and services. It extends the opportunity for ordinary people to earn additional money only by voicing out their opinions through questionnaires. 

This panel was owned by the global research agency called TGM Research FZE. Operating since 2017, it was established in the United Arab Emirates and operates in over 70 countries.

Usually, the coverage of the surveys includes a vast range of topics like products, brands, advertisements, and a whole lot more general interest.

With TGM panel's partnership with CINT AB and other survey providers, more survey opportunities are offered to their registered members.

TGM Panel rewards its users with two types of earnings including cash and points. Once you complete the surveys, you'll be paid with cash, but for every survey disqualification and affiliate commission, you'll be given credits. These points equate to USD. Therefore, 1 point is equivalent to 1 USD.

It is similar to Surveytime, Mobilexpression, and Surveys2Cash.

There are three ways to earn with TGM Panel:

Completing Survey

For every completed survey, you can earn cash. Upon registering for a new account, survey opportunities can be accessed on the website's dashboard. Likewise, you get to see the estimated length and the rewards of the survey to help you prioritize what you want to take up. In addition, an email notification will be sent to you whenever survey opportunities are available.

Earn Points For Disqualification

If you happen to participate in a survey but failed to complete it, TGM Panel would still compensate you a little like a token of appreciation. You'll be credited with 0.03 points which is equivalent to $0.03 that you can opt to redeem for PayPal money upon reaching the minimum threshold.

Referral Program

TGM panel offers you a generous referral program through respondent's registration through your unique affiliate link that would earn you 20% of their remuneration. The obtained rewards can then be withdrawn from the affiliate program after collecting points on your account where a point equates to a dollar.

Is TGM Panel  A Scam?

No. TGM Panel is a legitimate website. 

They genuinely provide opportunities for their members to earn extra income even though it's a relatively new survey site.

Similar to other survey sites, your experience and success vary greatly on your location and your ability to qualify for certain earning opportunities. Significantly, there's no harm that third parties will sell your data so you can be assured that it's a safe and legitimate site. 

Given that it's free to join the site, no money is involved to further heightened the idea of it being a defrauding platform. Therefore, there's no hard evidence to indicate that it's a scam despite having low earning potential, and it seems that it's far from one.

TGM Panel  Compensation Plan

TGM Panel rewards you with two types of earnings either in cash or points. 

For every completed survey, you'll earn cash but for every survey disqualification and affiliate earnings, you'll earn credits that will then be credited to your account. These points can be converted as cash, for every 1 point, it is equivalent to 1 whichever currency the site uses.

The payout threshold is dependent on the country you registered in but mostly it is $10. 

There are three methods where you can choose from to cash out your earnings with TGM Panel USA including the following:

PayPal Payments 

You can request a cash payment to your PayPal account with just USD 12.50 in your account. But be reminded that your PayPal email address must be similar to the one you use upon registering with TGM.

GCodes Rewards 

You can request a GCode, which is a code that can be used to request a gift card from many different retailers with just USD 10.00 in earnings.

Amazon e-Vouchers

You can request an Amazon e-gift code with just USD 10.00 in survey earnings.

The processing of rewards is quick in the sense that upon the submission of your rewards request, you can expect to receive your reward within 3 days.

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How Much To Join TGM Panel?

Joining the TGM Panel USA is 100% free. All you need to do is to register and earn through exploring the different offered earning opportunities of this paid survey site.



Data Protection

The company assures its users of anonymity and confidentiality of their data so they can feel reassured that their data is indeed safe. During the registration process or any completion of data during surveys, the protection of your data is intact. 

There's no harm in sharing your data as it will be used to select a matching survey.

Earn Points, Even if you Get Disqualified

If you've tried to complete a survey yet couldn't be able to finish it due to disqualification, you'll still be compensated for your effort through credited points on your account due to your attempt. These points will be saved up to help you reach the minimum threshold sooner.

Generous Referral Program

You'd be given a chance to earn up to 20% of your recruit's earnings through their offered referral program. To grab your unique referral code which you can then share on social media or in an email or text message to your friends just simply log in to your account.

Score Surveys

You can score the survey and share your feedback about it, after you've completed a survey,

This information will be used by TGM to conduct quality checks on survey suppliers actively. It will diminish the chances of facing technical errors, late screenouts, and closed projects on surveys in the future.


Low Earning Potential

It is given in most survey sites that the pay rate is very low. Therefore, it would potentially take you a while before you can earn a significant amount in your account to cash out.

Frequent Survey Disqualification

Patience is a must upon joining a paid survey site because there are instances where you'll end up being disqualified for it. You need to try and try until you find the matching survey that would fit your demographics.

Time Consuming

The fact that it would give you additional earnings which are only as good as a side job, you need to invest a lot of time to make it to your goals of accumulating that much money.

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Who Is It For?

TGM Panel is good for those who are only looking for a side hustle or a way to kill time while earning a small amount online.

Training Tools/Support

When you have a concern or question, you can reach TGM Panel’s customer support by visiting their website.

Final Opinion/Verdict

TGM Panel USA is a genuine website that offers you a good way to earn extra money on the side

Although it may not be that high, the surveys are convenient to complete. The members can also feel the relief since their data have been secured in avoidance of sharing it with untrusted third companies. 

You'll be also given two ways of earnings, either through money value or points which you can later convert as cash or gift cards. 

Likewise, if you happen to be unqualified in completing a survey, your attempt to answer it would allow credits to be wired into your account. 

Another plus of this website is the chances they give for their members to score surveys since their feedback would help future surveys to be better without occurring errors. 

Engaging others to join is possible as well as could earn you additional points. 

All of these good features are very convenient for TGM Panel USA's members since they can do it all on the go since their website is optimized for mobile use which paves for a convenient survey-taking experience.

However, it comes with various drawbacks, such as the low earning potential.

It will require you to exert more effort and longer time before you'll obtain a significant amount, and remember, there is a chance for you to be disqualified.

It’s time-consuming and the amount you’ll get is barely enough to cover expenses. 

What's Next?

TGM Panel is legit but I don’t recommend it since it’s just a waste of time. There are other ways to make money even without solid technical skills, such as my top-recommended program.

The moment you sign up, you can benefit from the following:

  • Training resources
  • Webinars to help you start your business online
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my TGM Panel USA review. If you have questions or opinions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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