Is Surveys2Cash Legit – Your Personal Data At Risk?

Welcome to my Surveys2Cash Review!

Well, we’ve already reviewed a bunch of survey and survey-related platforms in the past and most are legit but often, are not that good-paying. 

Surveys2Cash Review Summary

Name: Surveys2Cash


Founders:  Not Disclosed

Product Type:  Paid Survey Website

Price: Free

Quick Summary:  Not your typical online survey platform, Surveys2Cash works differently compared to similar websites. It sounds enticing and simple since all you have to do is answer questionnaires but when you look at how it really works, it seems to put your information at a lot of risk.

Find out what Surveys2Cash is about before signing up.

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

Well, people who are fond of surveys may think of it as a spare-time hobby and it could also benefit them with the side income that comes from it but if you know how such platforms work, you probably know that it only offers a few dollars.

However, there are still a few promising sites that might be worth your time.

What Is Surveys2Cash About?

Surveys2Cash is NOT a site that provides survey sites but it’s more of an online survey panel intermediary. They don’t provide surveys but instead, they just compile surveys and promote them. 

It just recommends you to different well-known survey sites that are the ones that pay them to market the site so it's kind of pointless because what they are recommending is already well-known and easy to find. And basically, you're not getting the best surveys out there as you’re just most likely getting the ones that pay Surveys2Cash.

Surveys2Cash’s domain was created on August 27 of 2018 which makes it just nearing 3 years in operations. 

About the founder, there was no mentioned name and this is a major red flag. Other than that, there was also no information shared as to how many current members there are. 

As to where most of the traffic comes from, it shows that the main source is in America. 

If you’re looking for surveys to try online, you can check these alternatives:

Is Surveys2Cash A Scam?

We can’t conclude that it’s a scam but Surveys2Cash is an opportunity that is not worth your time. 

Yes, it may pay but you're not getting substantial money-making opportunities here and you’re not even getting the best surveys out there. Nothing is uniquely good in this opportunity. 

It’s a tedious task of providing information to get access to a list of surveys but unfortunately, you could even easily Google these on your own.

Surveys2Cash Compensation Plan

There are no definite earnings as it will depend on the survey site that you’ll be directed to and the number of surveys you can accomplish and the surveys available. 

Also, one major factor is that it will still depend on your qualification but if you're a regular user of the platform, you should be able to earn $20 or $30 monthly. They say you could expect a $1 – $5 pay per survey and that each survey takes up to 30 minutes to complete.

But yeah, basically you will earn by answering or taking part in surveys. And you can redeem your rewards through Amazon gift cards or PayPal.

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How Much To Join Surveys2Cash? 

Just like most survey sites, joining Surveys2Cash is free. You’ll get a chance to participate in Market research and you’ll also get paid.

To join and get started, you’ll have to first sign up and log personal data, which includes your complete name, email, address, birthday, and phone number. 

You’ll have to accomplish their optional questionnaire, which will help you to build your profile and be able to qualify and receive offers. 

Next, you have to check their consent box, which allows them to send you text messages and phone sales calls, which means that you're going to get texts and phone calls about promotions from Surveys2Cash.

It will then show you a list of survey sites but overall the quality of the surveys is just average and less than average.




It’s great to find an opportunity that is free joining and you can even gain exciting rewards or cash. Well, it would be nice to gain a little something in your spare time. 

Multiple Survey Sites In 1 Place

It’s good that Surveys2Cash is like a melting pot of other survey sites.

It could help you save time when it comes to checking out and signing up for these survey sites but then again, you can do this on your own. Otherwise, you might want to check Best Lifetime Income website instead since we don’t only provide a list of making money online opportunities, we also give honest reviews on each product.


Limited Potential

Limited in terms of payout options. Yes, it’s good that it has PayPal but unlike other survey platforms that have dozens of payout options, this may put Surveys2Cash at a disadvantage. 

And since there is a lengthy screening of applicants, surveys may be also limited and as a domino effect, you could as well have less or no earnings.

Also, while you could earn from the surveys you answer from the different survey sites, you’ll roughly earn $20 or $30 monthly. That’s not even close to half or a quarter of a monthly minimum wage. It’s just really best as a side hustle. It definitely can't sustain a living. 

Only Third Party Surveys

As mentioned it doesn’t really provide actual surveys but rather redirects you to other survey sites. Well, it’s good that you’ll find a lot of survey sites in one place. However, this can also be a disadvantage in case you have concerns or complaints because you’ll probably have to contact the survey provider yourself. They won’t be able to give you direct answers.

And also, these survey sites they offer can be readily searched on google. And also, what they give are survey sites that have just average and less than average quality. So, you’re not receiving the best. And for me, redirecting links is quite a hassle. 

As mentioned, Surveys2Cash is a survey panel intermediary or an aggregator platform, so it doesn’t have its own surveys. This means that you need to be careful to read the terms and conditions of each panel before you take part in the survey.

Time Consuming

Still, just like most survey and survey-related platforms, it takes time. Not only in terms of the amount of time you spend with it but it will definitely take time to earn a substantial income. 

Not Transparent

The website may be packed with enticing offers that you’ll get rewarded but it’s quite disappointing that they don’t provide founder or owner information which I believe is vital in any online opportunity. 

This alone is a major red flag! Other important information is also not readily available. For a visitor on their domain, there aren’t even FAQs or other interesting information.

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Who Is It For?

Well, it can be for someone who just wants to earn a little something for a spare time but it’s definitely not for someone who is finding an income for a living.

Training Tools/Support

Unlike many survey aggregator platforms, Surveys2Cash does have a decent customer support department. You can email support or use their postal address if you have any queries or concerns.

Final Opinion/Verdict

After looking through Surveys2Cash and what it can offer, I can say that it is an opportunity that I definitely would not be recommended especially for those who are looking for a full-time source of income. 

We can’t even tell if it’s really legit. 

Well, it does pay but it would definitely take so much of your time for just a little bit of earnings so, income is potentially low and in reality, you're only gonna earn only a few bucks just like what most online survey sites could offer. 

And for the record, this site doesn’t directly give you the surveys, it only acts as an aggregator. 

Yes, it's good that they already have a compiled list of different survey sites recommended that could probably help you save time finding surveys but in reality, you can just search them with ease on Google. 

In addition, the sites they give just provide average quality surveys, so you’re not receiving the best. It’s definitely not worth your precious time. 

It’s not even the best side hustle out there. So, if I were you, I would look for better ones. So, my verdict for this opportunity is a NO. 

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If you have any comments, questions, clarifications, or if you have any experiences with Surveys2Cash yourself, please have the liberty to share. 

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