Is Yuno Surveys A Scam? Earn REAL Cash Or Waste Time?

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It is not a surprise that most people try to make money online but while there are tons of opportunities over the Internet, the challenge is to find the legit ones that are worth your time.

Yuno Surveys  Review Summary

Name:  Yuno Surveys 


Founders:  Unknown

Product Type:   Paid To Click (PTC) Site

Price:   Free

Quick Summary:  Yuno Surveys is a paid-to-click (PTC) site that pays you for voicing out your opinion regarding a wide scope of topics.

As compensation, they will reward you with points but can these points be converted to cash or is it just another survey site that rewards gift cards?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

A paid survey site, for instance, is a legitimate business model however, it often consumes time and has a low-income potential. Still, there are websites that you can consider when you want to spend your free time making money or at least, earning gift cards.

The question is: is Yuno Surveys one?

Is it worth your time or is it another survey scam?

Let’s find out in this honest Yuno Surveys review.

What Is Yuno Surveys About?

Yuno Survey is a legit survey site where you get paid for sharing your views and opinions about various topics. It’s almost the same as:

The main source of earning here is through taking surveys. The questionnaires were provided with a variety of survey routers, therefore you might often be redirected to other sites since they partnered up with quite a several survey sites across the internet. 

The qualified surveys will then be used by third-party organizations to cater for conflicts of their products and services. In exchange, they will reward the collaborative efforts of the survey takers with points with which they can redeem for gift cards.

The website was registered back on February 6, 2019, which makes it a relatively new site. Being a new site, it is challenging for them to guarantee people about their legitimacy. However, time-span isn't a big basis to be considered as a scam. 

Yuno Surveys may not have many users compared to other sites but many still claim that they payout just fine, so there's no harm in trying your luck with this site. Unfortunately, there is no information about its founder.

Yuno Surveys gives rewards to participants with points, which you can convert into a gift card.

So, who is eligible to join?

This survey site is globally available. Therefore you can register as a member regardless of where you live. However, you must be at least 16 years of age to join their site. 

Signing up for Yuno Surveys is as convenient as it gets. All you need to do is provide your email address. It's not even necessary to provide a password. Once your email address has been submitted, check your email for the verification link that they'll send you and just click it afterward. 

After which, you'll be logged in to their dashboard where your password is needed. Just visit your account settings and set up your password. Likewise, you need to provide your phone number to access redemption of rewards later on.

Now, you can take surveys and earn points from them. You can see the estimated time and the number of points you'll obtain. Hence, you have to first fill out a questionnaire asking basic questions such as your gender, salary, age, and your job, to determine whether you match the target demographics.

Yuno Surveys Product Line

The earning opportunities here are the following:

Paid Surveys

By becoming a member you can log in to their dashboard where you can see the different offered surveys. You get to see the number of points you'll obtain and the estimated time an offered survey will take. 

This will guide you to prioritize surveys about your available time to answer them. There is also a profiling question to determine if you qualify for their surveys. In case you qualify, you will either answer a survey from them or other survey sites. 

Upon the completion of the survey, you'll receive the intended reward. 

They offer three different types of surveys. It includes as follows:

  • Easy Surveys

It is simple to complete. It averages 20 points with 10 minutes time allocation per survey.

  • Middle Surveys

It is in between simple and complex. It averages 50 points with 15 minutes time allocation per survey.

  • Maximum Reward Surveys

It pays the most, yet it also takes up most of your time. It averages 80 points with 30 minutes time allocation.

Good thing, they give out bonus points to whoever could complete four surveys within 24 hours. The 24-hour counter will start right after the completion of your first survey. If you complete four surveys within that period, you'll get 100 extra points.

              ● Referrals

You'll get a special link that you can share with your friends and families the moment you sign up. Every time someone signs up through your link, you'll receive 50 points. 

If that same person completed 3 surveys you'll obtain additional 100 points. 100 points are only worth around $1.

Is Yuno Surveys A Scam?

No. Yuno Surveys is not a scam. It is a legitimate site. 

Despite being a new site unlike other famous ones, still, it continuously provides genuine service to its members by giving accurate payout methods and many of them claim to receive it in a commendable period. 

Likewise, the fact of being a free-to-join site makes sense that it is far from being a scam since no money is involved.

Although, there are still complaints regarding low rewards potential and disqualification to surveys. Be reminded that survey platforms aren't made to replace a full-time income, it only fits as a side gig for those who want to spend their spare time with an essence.

If you're interested to learn how market research or survey works, here's a video that you can watch below:

Yuno Surveys Compensation Plan

Each offered survey you have qualified and completed will earn you points which will be credited to your account. You can then use your earned points to redeem gift cards such as:

  • Prepaid Visa cards

If you opt for this type of gift card, you first need to reach a minimum of 920 points which is equivalent to a $5 Visa Card to access the payout.

  • ●

If you choose to redeem a gift card, you need to reach a minimum of 1020 points, which is worth $10 of to request a payout.

However, this could vary from country to country. Location is indeed a factor in requesting payment. 

Keep in mind that every payout request is still subject to approval. If ever they approve it, a third-party organization will process your rewards. Unfortunately, they don’t have an option for PayPal since points cannot be converted as cash.

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How Much To Join Yuno Surveys?

There's no need to spend a dime just to join. It is a free survey site, to begin with.



Mobile Optimized Website

Even if they don't have a mobile app that you can download to answer surveys on your mobile device, still, you can access their site from your mobile device using a web browser. 

Their site is optimized for mobile use so you won’t have to zoom in to read all the content.

Low Payout Threshold

Upon reaching the minimum amount of points of your desired gift card, you can request a payout which will then be subject to approval. Usually, the minimum balance ranges from 900 to 1000 points which is equivalent to $5 to $10 worth of gift cards.

Globally Available

Anyone across the world is eligible to join Yuno Surveys so you can benefit from this platform wherever you live at the moment.

Free To Join

This is a good opportunity since you're able to test out the surveys for yourself and figure out the benefits it may render or if it's worth the effort to earn points for gift cards. 

Easy To Use

You're not obliged to be computer literate before you can navigate this website. You only need to sign up with an email address, select a survey and give your answers. Redeeming rewards is very simple too. 


Limited Reward Option

Since points, cash conversion isn't available here. You're left with no choice but to redeem your points for gift cards. You may select where to purchase either from Prepaid Visa Card or Either way, these payout methods differ from where you live.

Low Earning Potential

Accumulated points from surveys aren't substantial. They have a referral program for obtaining additional good points, but it is limited to your recruit's successful signup and completion of 3 surveys. It can't even help you earn many points to request worthy yet high points gift cards.

Banning Users

There are multiple complaints of being banned from the site without any valid reason. It was kind of irritating since you're given this kind of measure despite following the rules and regulations. 

Frequent Survey Disqualification

The rate of the members being rejected is quite alarming. Users usually answer surveys but end up wasting their time because they end up not eligible for it since they don't match up on the target demographics.

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Who Is It For?

Yuno Surveys is globally available therefore anyone can be able to join. However, there's an age restriction, in which only those 16 years old or older are capable of being a member on this site.

Training Tools/Support

When you have questions that you want to address to their support team, they have their Help Center which you can check. Likewise, they have their FAQ page that you can visit, you might be able to figure out the solutions to your questions there.

Nevertheless, if you can't learn about the answer to your question, you can submit your concerns by filling out their contact form. You have to select the proper subject for your concern upon using it.

After which, the rest of the form will show up and you only need to fill it all out. To sum it all up, they showcase upright support for their members.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Yuno Surveys is a legitimate survey site that rewards you with points for completing their survey offers and doing referrals. It has its own advantages and disadvantages as well.

The fortunate thing about this site is the low payout threshold and being user-friendly. Yet, just like any other survey site, you're not guaranteed to earn a lot from it because the available earning opportunities are limited. 

You might get disqualified for a survey and wouldn't even receive a penny for it. Therefore, these platforms, including Yuno Surveys, only serve as a viable secondary site to benefit from as long as you have the time to spare and you're satisfied with receiving from Visa/MasterCards or gift cards as rewards. If you want to pursue online opportunities then be mindful of the possible outcomes it might give you.

However, if you opt for better-earning potentials and versatile payment methods, I suggest you visit the top survey sites in your country instead. 

All in all, I'm not confident enough to encourage you to join Yuno Surveys. You can pursue far better options than this such as starting your own online business.

What's next?

In aiming for success in any form, one needs to be fed with the right mindset. Yet, thoughts aren't only the basis to attain the desired result. It is the combination of mind and action; those who wholeheartedly envision their goals and consistently work for them are most likely to succeed. 

Even making money online, requires hard work, patience, and persistence. This method is timeless which was proven and tested by successful individuals in their respective fields.

Speaking of which, a top-recommend program is presented to you to mold you into who you earnestly wanted to become.

Sign up and take advantage of the following:

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  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my Yuno review. If you have questions or opinions, I'm pleased to hear from you in the comment section below.

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