Is Indexclix A Scam? Is It A Legitimate Site Or A Plain Scam?

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Did you know that you can earn money online? 

Just having an internet connection and the initiative to complete several tasks will let you receive money. However, you need to understand first how these kinds of systems work or ensure that these kinds of opportunities would be a waste of your time or not.

 It is actually one of the convenient ways to cover a side income even at the comfort of your own home.

Indexclix Review Summary

Name:  Indexclix


Founders:   Unknown

Product Type:   Paid-To-Click (PTC) Site

Price:   Free 

Quick Summary:  IndexClix is a PTC (paid-to-click) website where you do activities such as watching ads, playing games, taking surveys, and more. 

In exchange for your participation and efforts, you'll be rewarded with money. However, is it an absolutely legitimate site to earn money from? Can it give you a sustainable income at the very least?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Nonetheless, you need to be wary if this is something you really want to pursue as a side gig. 

That being said, I will review Indexclix, one of the PTC (paid-to-click) websites that might help you decide whether these platform's worth the shot or a scam that you need to be cautious of? 

Learn more as I discuss all the information below.

What Is Indexclix About?

Indexclix is a PTC website where you can make money in different ways, such as viewing ads, playing index grid, completing paid offers, fulfilling paid to sign up, engaging in bonus games, flipping a coin, and doing direct as well as rented referrals. 

It’s almost the same as these websites:

It allows companies of any size to advertise their products and services in the style of banner ads, page pop opens nano ads, etc. In return, users of this site will get incentives.

The website was established last 2017; however, there's no solid information about its founders.

Every completed activity on IndexClix will earn you a certain amount, which will be credited to your IndexClix account. Upon reaching the minimum threshold, you can request a payout. You'll determine the equivalent points of your money value when you meet the target threshold.

But, who is eligible to join?

it is available globally so anyone can sign up as a member regardless of where they live.

When you’re done with the registration, you can log in to the site and begin earning by watching ads, taking surveys, playing games, etc.

To initiate and display some ads, you hit them open on the top or side menu selections.

Then, click to open an advertisement. 

Wait for the required period to elapse and for the 100% completion of the loading bar. Just to be certain you received your credits, get rewarded with a new account balance by confirming the captcha code.

Indexclix Product Line

There are different ways you can make money here, including:

View Ads

Literally, all you have to do is view ads; the longer the ad you watch, the more you earn. Sometimes, the type of ads is a factor of how much you can earn.

For instance, Standard Ads are $0.003 per click, Bonus Ads are $0.001, and Micro, Mini, and Nano Ads are $0.001 per click. 

However, it won't guarantee you high earnings since the number of ads you can watch is capped.

Index Grid

It is a game having a giant picture where you can pick grids and behind every grid is an advertisement. A prize will then be revealed after the ad plays; however, you'll only get 20 chances a day and the rate of winning is quite low.

Paid Offers

It is just small tasks that you get to do with third-party advertisers like watching ads, doing surveys, downloading apps, playing games, and more. Hence, these third-party advertisers won't compensate you as much as Indexclix paid to their own offers, and that is because Indexclix will earn a percentage from your commissions.

Paid To Sign Up

You’ll be directed to sign up to a website with your email and set up an account and then complete tasks, such as clicking ads once a day for several days.

Somehow, it's not worth it unless they provide more earnings since it will take quite some time to complete.

Bonus Game

It is a game that you can play where a bunch of rewards awaits you. But you need to watch an ad before the revelation of your prize.

Flipping A Coin

It's likely a gambling game where you can bet your earnings on a coin flip. You'll win if you have a right guess and you can double your bet. But, if you lose, your bet will disappear in a snap.

Direct Referrals

Using your unique link, you can invite people to earn some extra cash.

Rented Referrals

Likewise, renting referrals is possible. You can rent people's referrals who sign up to Indexclix without going through someone's referral link.

You'll get a small share from the activity of your rented referrals and also your membership is a basis of how much you can earn.

In addition, upgrading your account will cost you money. Here's how much you'd have to pay to get to specific membership levels:

  • Bronze: 30 days for $4.99, 90 days for $13.49, 365 days for $54.99
  • Silver: 30 days for $9.99, 90 days for $26.99, 365 days for $95.99
  • Gold: 30 days for $29.99, 90 days for $95.49, 365 days for $289.99
  • Platinum: 30 days for $69.99, 90 days for $189.00, 365 days for $672.00

Is IndexclixA Scam?

No. Indexclix is a legitimate site. 

It was registered in Panama and even though there's no clear information regarding its founder, still, a bunch of companies trusts them by paying them in.

It has been operating since 201, which is around 4 years, which indicates its legitimacy considering that fraudulent sites eventually shut down months after operating because of a lack of financial sources. 

Besides, Indexclix has paid out $47,292 to its members. Proof of payments can be seen within the site.

Indexclix Compensation Plan

You'll earn a certain amount in every task you complete, which will be credited to your IndexClix account. But before you can request for payout, you need to reach the minimum threshold of $2 first. 

Upon reaching it, you get to determine how many cashout points it equivalents to. Therefore, you need to view more ads and complete other earning opportunities to withdraw your earnings.

There are 4 ways on how you can get your money out, it includes:





Yet, Payeer isn't available in America at the moment.

Take note that there's a withdrawal limit that you're allowed to cash out daily. For instance, if you are a standard member, you can only withdraw a maximum of $5 per day and the rest of the maximum threshold depends upon your membership level. However, reaching the maximum and even the minimum threshold will be hard. Since earning potential is quite low.

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How Much To Join Indexclix?

It is a free website. You won't have to pay any fee or register your credit card to join.



Low Payout Threshold

With reaching at least $2, you can immediately request a payout method you opted for. It's low compared to other PTC sites.

Plenty Of Earning Opportunities

Indexclix offers you several earning methods like viewing ads, completing paid offers, signing up, flipping a coin, playing index grid, and referrals.


Site Is Not Optimized For Mobile Use

Although there are tasks that you can complete using your phone, it will be very difficult to navigate since their site is not optimized for mobile use. You need to zoom in just to read the content and click the links properly. Therefore it won't be convenient for you.

Low Earning Potential

Even if you complete the different earning methods on this site, you're not going to earn a lot. It's quite low compared to other online earning opportunities. It can potentially take a while to earn.

Third-Party Surveys/Offers

You wouldn't know to what extent they can do with your personal information. Likewise, Indexclix will get a percentage of your commissions. 

Membership Execution

You have to stay active to keep your account open. You must log in every 30 days to avoid possible execution of your membership and forfeiting of all your earnings made thus far.

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Who Is It For?

People who are most likely to stay at home without anything else to earn from may consider this platform; however, it’s not a decent source of income online.

Training Tools/Support

Indexclix has their FAQ where they discuss most of the common questions regarding the site; however, there are still some important details that are not included. 

Some answers aren't inclusive enough that might not help in giving you solutions to your questions.

Alternatively, they offer you a way to reach their customer support through the submission of a support ticket which makes it convenient for you to trace your inquiries.

In summary, they may not provide you with the best support system but at least they deserve credits for showcasing decent assistance to their members in need.

Final Opinion/Verdict

IndexClix is a legitimate PTC site that pays its members for viewing ads, completing offers, playing games, and a lot more. It showcases a couple of good qualities yet, it also has certain downsides that are hard to ignore.

After all, PTC Sites including IndexClix aren't the best option to earn money from. Although it has a low payout threshold and is globally available, it doesn't change the fact that earning a substantial amount from this site is next to impossible. You also need to spend plenty of time here which I think should have been better if you allocate it to other worthy earning alternatives so your time wouldn't be wasted. 

Speaking of which, you can visit the top survey sites in your country to get better earning potential and a much simpler payment system. With regards to that, I am not going to recommend joining Indexclix. I figure you know why I chose not to suggest it for you to try. You're bound to something greater! 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Indexclix review. Please don't hesitate to share your opinions or ask questions in the comment section below.

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