Is Rapidworkers A Scam? Is It A Legitimate Online Opportunity Or A Downright Scam That You Should Be Aware Of?

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Are you looking for ways to earn a small amount by completing small tasks? If that’s the case, micro working or crowdsourcing sites might work for you!

This kind of side hustle won’t require training and special skills and there are tons of websites offering such opportunities.

Rapidworkers  Review Summary

Name:  Rapidworkers 


Founders:  Unknown

Product Type:  Crowdsourcing Website

Price:  Free 

Quick Summary: Rapidworkers is a crowdsourcing website that matches users (known as workers) to small online tasks posted by other individuals (known as employers). 

The tasks are quick and easy and in exchange, they can earn cash. It’s a good way to make money during free time but is it enough to be considered a substantial income?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

 If you’re interested, we will discuss a similar site called Rapidworkers to help you answer a few but important questions, such as:

What is it about?

Is Rapidworkers legit or another scam?

What are its pros and cons?

And many more so be sure to read the entire Rapidworkers review before you sign up!

What Is Rapidworkers About?

Rapidworkers is a micro-tasking community that connects workers with potential employers who offer easy and quick tasks done for them but at low costs. Every completed task, which attained 60% success will be given credits.

The purpose of performing various tasks is to help employees startup a business and to enhance the presence of professionals for great low-cost publicity, higher rankings, and better profitability.

Rapidworkers is a service of Unix Scripts, Inc., a site established way back in 2009, however, even if it's quite an old website, there are no details about its founder.

It gives rewards to its workers with money. 

With a certain amount of cash balance, you can request a payout upon their partnered payment platform.

Anyone can become a member. RapidWorkers don’t require that you live in a specific country to join their site, although those who live in the US, UK, or other countries have more opportunities than other members. 

Be reminded not to cheat their system about your exact address since they can detect it immediately which might lead to the banning of your account.

You must be at least 18 years of age so you can register since they are only using PayPal as their payment method, which has an age restriction for you to sign up for an account.

Sign up process is pretty straightforward. It only requires basic information like your name, email address, and the country where you reside.

Likewise, you need to verify your email address before you can access available jobs. Despite having a convenient signup procedure, they are strict in terms of creating an account. Only a single account is allowed per household. Your membership might be canceled without prior notice upon failure of submission.

Rapidworkers Product Line

Workers can access available tasks by clicking the “My Account” section, and choose the “Available Jobs” menu. There are lists of jobs from different employers. Good thing is that micro jobs do not require great skills and could be accomplished easily.

The most common micro-tasks on this site include the following:

  • Blogs for products
  • Video Voting on YouTube
  • Follow someone on Twitter
  • Email accounts creation
  • Sign up for gaming sites
  • Upload photos on social media

There are specific requirements for every task for you to fill out to gain approval. Each job aims for workers or groups of workers from particular countries.

Meanwhile, those jobs, which are marked international are eligible for workers who reside anywhere in the world. On the other hand, workers from that country where jobs are categorized are only allowed to participate.

Each job likewise has an estimated time and the specified amount of payment so you can prioritize jobs that fit your needs and schedule. Take note that you may or may not be able to qualify for all the jobs though. For every completed micro-task, you will be rewarded with a certain amount in US dollars. Every job averages from $0.02 to $2 payment per task, which varies upon the target country. 

It’s almost the same as Remotasks, Keep Rewarding, and PrizeRebel.

Is Rapidworkers A Scam?

No. Rapidworkers is a legitimate site to join.

Given that this site is more than a decade old, it's very rare that a flat-out scam lasts this long or even at least not without changing the website's name and rebranding as something else. 

In addition, micro jobs are real. Employers could outsource a variety of small jobs on this platform and are 100% legit. There are a bunch of payment proofs that can be found on different sources but mostly on their website. All in all, they provide a genuine platform for individuals to earn money even if it isn't sustainable enough.

After all, you can't expect high earning potential on this kind of platform. Therefore it's better if you should pursue ways of making money online that can make you a lot more.

Rapidworkers Compensation Plan

To be credited for a job you have completed on RapidWorkers you are required to submit evidence that you have completed the task. 

This could be in the form of uploading a screenshot. In some cases, you are also asked to provide details such as an email address, so the employer can verify your information against their records. 

Approval of the employees to your completed job plays a vital role. But if they fail to approve or decline your work within 6 days, it will automatically be approved therefore this is the maximum amount of time that you probably need to wait.

It can be both a good thing and a bad thing that Rapidworkers has only one payment method and that is through PayPal. 

Good thing because PayPal is easy to use and it's by far the best payment processor. In addition, they're a trustworthy platform. But, a bad thing since members from countries where PayPal isn't available will end up not being able to get paid.

Before members can request a payout, they need to reach the minimum threshold of $8 first. However, make sure that you have a verified PayPal account before you submit a withdrawal request. Cashing out is done by emailing the admin confirming your email address and your IP address. 

That's why there's a paying fee of 6% of the amount you are supposed to payout. Therefore, don’t expect to receive the exact amount on your PayPal account. The procedure for your payment will take quite a while. The maximum time you'll wait might take up to 7 days until you successfully receive your earnings.

The person who posted the task first needs to approve it so how quickly you will get your earnings will vary from task to task.

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How Much To Join Rapidworkers?

Joining Rapidworkers is 100% free. Therefore, there's no need to spend a dime just to become an official member. All you need to do is to sign up and you can start earning.



Accepts International Members

 It is a platform wherein anyone all over the world can join just by registering on their website without any restriction. It is even free, to begin with.

All you need is a PayPal account, which is a payment platform that offers a convenient and fast way of settling payments. It has also garnered a trusted impression from its users.

Simple Sign Up Process

They have a straightforward signup procedure. It is very easy to register since they only require your name and email address.

Plenty Of Jobs

Rapidworkers offers several microtasks anytime. Likewise, you can take as many jobs as you want at a specific time.

Low Payout Threshold

You only need to reach a minimum threshold of $8 so it won't take you plenty of time before achieving it.


Geographically Based Tasks

Tasks are classified into two types; either international or specific to certain countries. So jobs that you can take are based on your geographical location.

Low Earning Potential

Microtasks can only give you low incentives which average from $0.002 up to $2 per task. Also, the length of your payment procedure might take up to 7 days. Likewise, there's an additional paying fee of 6% of your withdrawal amount.

High Success Rate Is A Must

To prevent a temporary ban, you must maintain a 60% rating. It is considered as high considering that other employers might be unjust in rating your work.

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Who Is It For?

Rapidworkers is ideal for beginners who are seeking ways to make some extra money online. It's also better for those who have some spare time or doing nothing but only to surf the web to kill some. 

It's a good way to spend their time productively while earning even a small income rather than nothing at all.

There are quite a lot of tasks that are available worldwide so anyone could be able to sign up for this site and explore completing microtasks no matter where you live. Although, some countries couldn't take the higher-paying tasks compared to the residents from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Norway, and New Zealand who have more opportunities and tasks available that pay more.

However, hardworking people can turn pennies into a substantial value in no time as long as they have the passion to burn.

Training Tools/Support

If ever you need help, you can reach their support team by using the available contact form on their website.

There are also tutorial videos on their Facebook page which are useful to help you attain convenient navigation on the site.

The questions being sent into their Facebook Group are directed to the FAQ section of their website.

That is why, despite the flaws in their support system, still, they provide a commendable way to their members who are in need.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Rapidworkers is a legitimate site that offers quick and easy ways of earning money. It doesn't require your professional skills to be an official worker of this site.

You only need to complete simple available tasks such as adding comments on a page, following a specific person on Twitter, liking posts, and more which you do every time you browse the internet or killing some time on social media. 

You get to be entertained with such tasks at the same time you can earn through it. Hence, you can only accumulate a small income that will take you ample time to do so.

Unfortunately, most of these tasks are given based on your geographical location which might be a factor that can affect how much you can earn. At the same time, you need to maintain a rating of over 60% to avoid a temporary ban. 

Even though the minimum threshold of $8 is low unlike other sites, Rapidworkers will charge you 6% of your withdrawal amount. The payment procedure may even take a while before you can receive it.

That being said, I'm not moved to encourage you to join Rapidworkers. 

But if you want to join more sites to get more opportunities, I recommend you check out the top GPT sites instead, which offer good earning potential and don’t charge you for the payment process.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Rapidworkers review. Please feel free to share your opinions or ask questions in the comment section below.

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