Surveytime App Review – Legitimate Online Earning Opportunity Or A Downright Scam?

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Did you know that you can earn money just by sharing your opinions online?

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Online platforms, such as paid survey websites, can pay you in exchange for your opinion. This business model has been established for a long time but while it’s legit, some websites are NOT worth your time.

Surveytime Review Summary

Name: Surveytime


Founders:   Unknown

Product Type:   Paid Survey Site

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary:  SurveyTime is an international paid surveys website that lets you earn $1.00 for the very simple task of completing a survey. It’s a typical survey site that has several drawbacks.

Wondering what those are?

If yes, then read my full honest review below.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

We’ve discussed more than a dozen survey sites that pay on our website and now, we’ll talk about another called Surveytime.

Keep reading as we get into the facts about this website in an instant!

What Is Surveytime About?

SurveyTime is responsible for conducting market research for brands and companies. They get some insight into your preferences, habits, and interests, whenever you complete a survey on the site.

Through this collected information from users, research companies get to improve their marketing strategies and consumer experience with the help of valuable data. 

The site received payment from these companies for this data in which the site uses the revenue with its users.

This site has been established way back in 2018 by a company that helps app developers monetize, market, and acquire users namely Therefore, Surveytime is a relatively new survey site yet it has already created a fan base for itself online.

It is reputed as a fast paying survey site that is based in the US

SurveyTime instantly adds $1 to your account after completing answering a survey, which you can redeem immediately to your opted payment option.

How Surveytime Works?

There are two ways in earning money here including the following:


Surveytime paid surveys are considered standard. It commonly revolves around your favorite brands and products, your online activities, where you shop, and more.

Surveytime showcases the number of people who have completed the survey, and the approximate time it takes. Usually, it takes around 10-15 minutes.

There are two methods to access surveys:

  • Members Area

Surveytime member’s area sports a survey scanning button. Clicking on this button will generate a list of available surveys for you. Yet, there will be a notification on the search result page if ever you won't qualify for the survey and you can just click on the scanning button again to look for more surveys that will match you.

Be reminded that you can't find a list of surveys in the member’s area when you can all the time. There won’t be any surveys available sometimes. So, just keep on checking from time to time.

  • Email Notifications

Accessing surveys in another way is through email notifications. Usually, you will get more than one invitation daily to take the surveys and begin earning.

It is far more convenient since you're not required to check the website repeatedly.

If you don't get any notification throughout the day, it's better to check the member's page since invitations are only for particular surveys.

Upon completion of the survey by your email, you'll be directed towards their rewards page that shows the amount you've earned. Then, you can choose your preferred payment processor by clicking your choice.

Ambassador Program

This is an exclusive referral program. You have to apply first to join it, unlike most survey site referral programs.

Even though it is open for everyone, Surveytime is specifically seeking those who are social media platforms like having a blog, Youtube channel, or something else. 

If you happen to be the complete opposite of having a few connections to other people, you probably won't be accepted. If ever you're qualified, for every new user you successfully refer to Surveytime, you'll get $1. 

With your unique referral link, they'll need to sign up and complete at least one paid survey to be counted as a referral. Payments are sent every month via PayPal, Payoneer, or Amazon gift cards.

Therefore, it implies that you can access surveys both automatically and manually to complete whenever it fits your schedule.

Is Surveytime A Scam?

No. Surveytime is a legitimate website that pays people for answering surveys. Although other users may experience different levels of success with the website, still, it guarantees an immediate payout upon the completion of a survey. 

In fact, here are some points to indicate that it's not a scam:

● Its parent company, was established in 2011 and is renowned in the market research space. In fact, they even have their offer wall on various GPT sites.

●Their privacy policy and terms are easy to find and understand.

●It's free to join.

●It is clean and well-made, with no obvious grammar mistakes, bugs, unrealistic earnings claims, or other red flags.

●They have a semi-active following on Facebook.

●There are multiple positive reviews online.

●There are payment proofs that can be found online just to pressed its legitimacy more.

Surveytime Compensation Plan

In every completed survey, you will equally get $1.

Hence, for $0.50, Surveytime is testing giving access to simpler surveys yet this is something you would have to opt-in for in the meantime and that's still under testing phase so it might not even be available for you.

Upon completion of a survey, you'll be asked how you want to get your reward that varies depending on where you live. Thus, PayPal and Bitcoin were offered as an option in most countries. 

Other payout methods are likewise being offered to some countries. For instance, you can choose to get paid with gift cards to Amazon, Target, and Decathlon in addition to PayPal cash in the US.

But then you have to verify your phone number since it is Surveytime's way to protect your rewards. You'll be assured that your number won't be used for anything else as well.

However, it was only for the first payout that a code was used to confirm your phone number. An email will be sent to you in just a few minutes about your received rewards.

In summary, they have a great deal of a fast compensation plan for its users. Waiting has no room for points approval or payout since there is no minimum threshold to reach.

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How Much To Join Surveytime?

You will not pay for anything to join Surveytime. It is free.



Instant Payouts

It has absolutely an immediate payout procedure. Cashing out your earnings could happen anytime soon right after you complete a survey, which is a rare offer on other survey sites.

Easy Payout Option

PayPal is available as an opted payment processor which gives off a convenient cashing out process. In addition, if you prefer receiving payment through gift cards, you can select from a wide range of partners including Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

No Minimum Cashout Limit

Just having a dollar in your Surveytime account is enough to request a payout through cash or gift cards. Waiting for a specific amount before availing payout isn't a thing here.

Same Price Rate

Every survey pays equally, so worrying about targeting high-paid surveys has no room. No matter how long the survey you're taking you'll end up getting $1.

Worldwide Availability

You can sign up for SurveyTime from anywhere in the world, your current address won't be an issue. The website does not give any preference to the US, Uk, or Canada-based users as well, therefore getting fair access to all the surveys. All you have to do is to qualify.

User-Intuitive Website

The website is well-designed. A professional side earner or a complete beginner can navigate it. Despite not having a mobile app, its surveys work well on mobile.


No Saving Up

While it appears to be a great option to get instant cashouts, there are still people who opt to accumulate earnings and save up for later use, which is unfortunately present on SurveyTime. You have to transfer your money to PayPal or get a gift card every time you complete a survey.

No Contact Information

Contact information is nowhere to be found on their site if ever you want to reach their representatives. You only get an email address that provides slow responses.

Automatically Generates Password

You are being provided with your password, meaning you can't decide on one. It's quite alarming especially for people with privacy concerns and those who cannot memorize online passwords.

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Who Is It For?

This is for anyone looking for a side hustle, not a decent source of income online. While it pays, it’s still not enough to support anyone financially.

Training Tools/Support

Surveytime unfortunately has no efficient or prompt customer support service. If you happen to check their website, a contact page is nowhere to be found.

All they provide is email addresses that take about two to three days to respond, such as follows:

  • [email protected] – it is featured on their privacy policy for customer support. However, getting a response would take you an ample of time before it happens.
  • [email protected] – This is an email listed on Surveytime's terms page. Responses likewise require quite a while so patience is definitely needed.

But if you need instant support or information, they have an FAQ page where you can possibly find answers to resolve your own queries.

You can also contact them through their Facebook page.

It only signifies that their support system must be fixed to be at least stable to make it more of an ideal website.

Final Opinion/Verdict

SurveyTime is a legitimate site that offers various opportunities to earn money by taking surveys. The website is well-designed making it convenient to use, combined with a secure immediate payout system without having a minimum threshold.

Moreover, they’ll automatically notify you in case there are available surveys for you. 

As a reward, you can even select whether you want cash or gift cards. This is a genuine offer in exchange for your time and effort invested.

However, it's not always about the good things, there are still some downsides to the platform that you should thoroughly consider in connection with your goals. Nevertheless, it is not a scam and works well if you want to make some passive income, yet, this doesn't necessarily signify that it is the best site for you. 

It isn’t perfect, but nothing ever is. But the fact of giving great deals despite being a young company paves way for it to thrive along the way of providing an ideal service for its users.

So, I recommend you joining SurveyTime. However, if you opt for better alternatives, you can check the top paying sites in your country instead.

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Thank you for reading my SurveyTime review. If you have any questions or opinions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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