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Are you looking for a side hustle that involves an interesting yet convenient procedure like participating in a survey? Have you considered joining such a platform but are apparently still in doubt whether it would match your skills, schedule, and/or goals? Determining the fundamentals of a particular website plays a vital role to attain assurance of credibility.

PaidViewPoint  Review Summary

Name:  PaidViewPoint 


Founders:   AYTM

Product Type:   Paid Survey Site

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary:   PaidViewPoint is a survey site where you can share your opinions about a wide range of topics. 

In return, it pays cash but is the amount decent enough to sustain you financially? What makes it better than similar programs? Let’s find out in this honest PaidViewPoint review!

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

In connection to that, I am going to review PaidViewPoint as one of those paid survey sites that allows you to gain an advantage out of your point of view towards different topics. Keep reading as we get down the details regarding this website right away!

What Is PaidViewPoint About?

PaidViewPoint claims to be a market research survey website. It was established way back in 2012, and a company named Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) owned and operated it since then. 

AYTM affirmed it to be a revolutionary company that assures both small and large businesses to acquire access to “easily accessible and affordable” market research. It is headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

PaidViewPoints users help them with their agenda to provide reliable data to various companies and therefore gives off revenues to PaidViewPoint that later on given back to its users for their contributed efforts in partaking in surveys.

It has unique features since it was built with four key pillars that distinguish it from other websites. 

Those aforementioned pillars involved a commitment to pay cash for every completed survey on their site, being screened out to surveys you've been invited to won't be an issue, to give you an interesting experience as much as possible, and to assure you of the uptight security for your personal information just to avoid selling it.

PaidViewpoint deals with only cash, therefore point systems aren't present on this platform. With a certain amount of money, you can be able to request a payout or convert it into gift cards.

How PaidViewPoint Works?

There are several earning opportunities present on this website including the following:


As the name suggests, your opinion matters in PaidViewPoint. In fact, there are two types of surveys being offered to its users to give them vast opportunities to earn money on the side. The two types of surveys are as follows:

  • Trait Surveys

These are only small collections of questions that help us figure out the facts about ourselves including our characteristics and what made us distinct from others. 

With our discovered interests, traits and demographics, PaidViewPoint will have an idea of what kind of surveys will match your profile to gather relevant, interesting, and more fun answers.

Usually, Traits surveys pay approximately $0.03 up to $0.10. In addition, it helps you significantly in building your TraitScore. You must set your goal in attaining 9000 TraitScore or better for you to garner a place in the top 10% of PV members to pave the way in earning more than being an average user. So, traits surveys seem to discover if you're trustworthy or not.

  • Market Research

These particular surveys are being demanded by clients of PaidViewpoint who are trying to understand more about the user's demographic, buying habits, and more relevant things they have opted to grasp to develop their businesses.

Every market research survey is different, yet mostly, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete and pays between $0.25 and $1.50.

Affiliate Program

The PaidViewPoint affiliate or referral program is an option for you if you wish to earn an additional decent income on this site.

By successfully referring people to PaidViewpoint, you'll eventually begin earning commissions right after you sign up. 

Once you logged into your account, all the information you might need can be found in the friends section. 

Whenever someone who signs up through your link cashes out, you will receive 20% for every business survey reward they’ve accumulated, up to a maximum of $25 per referral.

Right after you refer more than a hundred people, there's a VIP Program that you can apply for in PaidViewpoint. If you qualify, you can instantly collect your 20% commission without waiting for your referrals to cash out. However, getting this privilege will only take place if all you a hundred plus referrals are all active. 

Yes, it is a must to be active which implies that your referrals have to be a member for more than 30 days and must be visiting the site and completing surveys daily. Be reminded that only honest members are guaranteed to get into the VIP Program.

Is PaidViewPoint A Scam?

No. PaidViewpoint is a legitimate website. 

Some users complain about not earning a lot of money here but they are upfront from the very beginning that earning is certain but not that much, which doesn't make it an illegitimate website.

In fact, a respectable B- rating from the Better Business Bureau even if it has yet to receive accreditation has been given to their parent company – Umongous, LLC. 

They are likewise a part of Ask Your Target Market (AYTM), which is a renowned reputable market research platform online, having worked with popular brands of Samsung, Nike, and NBC having millions of consumers worldwide. In addition, PaidViewpoint reviews will gain a decent reputation online.

PaidViewPoint Compensation Plan

Every completed survey will help you earn a corresponding amount of money. All cash-out payments can be processed through Paypal or to their partner Virtual Incentives, without any exceptions. 

At the moment, Paypal allows sending money to more than 200 countries and territories.

Unfortunately, if you live in a country that Paypal doesn’t serve. You can still participate in PaidViewpoint by finding someone you know who resides in a Paypal-acceptable country to receive your earnings.

Upon reaching the minimum threshold of $15, the cash-out button in your account becomes functional. After clicking “cash-out”, your request will be processed and you can look forward to seeing your money in your PayPal account within 72 hours. 

Another way to get your rewards is through gift cards, however, the available gift card options aren't available, but users seem to mention Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

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How Much To Join PaidViewPoint?

There are no hidden fees involved. The PaidViewpoint platform is free to join and use. New members referrers bonus in any way does not affect the earnings of the old members.



Pays In Cash

There's no need to worry about point systems since they payout in cash. You'll not be busy yourself with checking your points just to avail gift cards and to calculate how much you have in your account.


Users wouldn't only earn but they also have fun in answering surveys which in some cases helped them figure out their absolute interests in certain things. There's no pressure since you're advised to answer in a natural yet interesting manner.


PaidViewPoint allows you to figure out in advance how long the survey will take and how much you will be paid for completing it.


Each survey only takes 1 up to 5 minutes to complete which is not that time-consuming.

Referral Program

It is a good addition since you can help yourself earn more by referring your family and friends to join and earn money just like you.


Low Earning Potential

The paying rate is not that high compared to other paying sites. Indeed, you can earn here but it can potentially take a long while to accumulate a substantial amount.

Need To Build A Trustscore

The TrustScore would help you a lot to reach the $15 payout threshold, given the fact that doing limited surveys will not earn you that much.

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Who Is It For?

PaidViewpoint is a great option for students, retirees, and stay-at-home parents that may want a side income in their spare time. Besides, everyone is welcome to join and be a part of this growing platform. 

However, this is best for anyone who is NOT looking for a decent source of cash as PaidViewPoint only pays a few amounts.

Training Tools/Support

When you have concerns you can contact PaidViewpoint on their website at [email protected]. Also, you can reach them by phone at (415) 364-8601, and their offices are located at 123 10th St., San Fransisco, California 94103 US.

However, if you wish to resolve it on your own, then you can visit their comprehensive FAQs section. 

PaidViewPoint may not maintain the most responsive customer support team, but its holistic approach to customer problems fills that gap. For instance, the survey company makes an effort to include either text or screenshots of the challenge you might encounter.

Thus, if you failed to address your problem there, you can consider raising a support ticket on their contact us page.

Final Opinion/Verdict

PaidViewpoint is a genuine website that offers you a good way to earn extra money on the side, though it may not be that high, the surveys are convenient to complete. 

Users could earn up to $20 a month if they get lucky to avail themselves of various surveys daily, but earning more is actually possible but would require quite an effort.

In addition, the referral system can elevate the earnings, but this isn't enough to replace a full-time income. 

There are also lots of complaints about infrequent surveys when you get close to $15 that will take you an ample amount of time before you can reach it.

Take note that upon joining such platforms you must consider its low earning potential. So, you must see to it that it's something you opted for before you decide to invest your time here.

 It's not that easy to earn money on a PaidViewpoint affiliate as well. It needs extra work to earn a substantial amount.

In summary, with the good things as well as the bad things that I considered here on PaidViewPoint, still, I'm not that confident to recommend you to join this site. You're bound to better alternatives than this so I suggest you check the better survey sites in your country instead.

What's Next?

Hard work, patience, and persistence are the weapons to make things happen. Also, spending more time and energy to make something work is a must. If you want to make money online I suggest that you join my #1 recommended program now.

Sign up and take advantage of the following:

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  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my PaidViewPoint review. If you have questions or opinions, I'm pleased to hear from you in the comment section below.

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