Is BNB Formula A Scam? Legit Earning Potential Or Another Scheme?

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Have you heard about a platform that connects guests with short-term rentals? Did you know that acting as a broker to tourists who were looking for such rentals will actually earn you a pretty good commission?

For instance, Airbnb is the leader in the home-sharing, short-term rental, and home-sharing industries. But, similar to other channels of making money online, the process of accumulating money on Airbnb is not as straightforward as most people believed. 

BNB Formula Review Summary

Name:  BNB Formula


Founders:   Brian Page

Product Type:   Virtual Training Program

Price:  $1.497 For The Fee

Quick Summary:  BNB Formula is an 8-week master course that shows you all that you need to do to set up a successful business renting out properties on Airbnb. 

It sounds legit and the fee’s very affordable compared to other courses but the question is: is it worth your time?

Overall Rating: 6/10

Recommended: Yes

That's when guidance on what specific strategies to use is needed.

So, BNB Formula by Brian Page comes into the picture to teach you the ins and outs of investing securely and profitably in Airbnb.

That being said, I am going to review BNB Formula to guide you in figuring out this course's content. Keep reading as I begin to discuss the facts in an instant!

What Is BNB Formula About?

BNB Formula is considered as a virtual training program that aims to teach those people who are into investing in the short-term rental industry, specifically those who desire to try their luck at the advertising department.

The course claims to help you develop your skills in producing excellent and captivating visuals that could attract potential renters for the rentals you're promoting.

A real estate investor, entrepreneur, and business owner, Brian Page was the one who compiled all his learnings from his experiences into a course that he later titled BNB Formula. 

He humbly started as an investor in the real estate industry last 2001, where over 100 properties were flipped’. Back then, it's not a mainstream concept to flip property, yet he kept on investing in various types of properties and building up residential homes and condos.

Later in 2014, he started working with Airbnb as a side project. Fortunately, by applying all his knowledge regarding property management and real estate, his hard work has paid off.

After which, he noticed the absence of comprehensive training on how to in BNB business, thus the birth of the BNB Formula. To simply put it, this program is a compilation of the successful strategies he has used to invest in the BNB business. From finding property owners and setting up the listings to creatively making attractive videos that showcase the rentals you are promoting, you will learn it all.

Upon completely mastering it, you can repeat the process repeatedly to gain continuous revenues.

BNB Formula is an online educational video training course that can help you make money; it won’t directly compensate you for joining so just to make it clear, it’s not a make money online opportunity.

It’s similar to Super Affiliate System, Marketplace SuperHeroes, and Bossgram Academy.

What’s Inside BNB Formula?

Here's a brief breakdown of the course:

Week 1: Preparation 

Preparation serves as a foundation for the business to succeed. You'll get to familiarize yourself with several productivity tools and likewise the saving hacks that will help you along the way, in the introductory chapter.

Week 2: Partner Module

Since you opt to free up more time for yourself, therefore you need partners to work with. This module is composed of tips on how to make a great team help you with running your BNB business. 

Week 3: Locate

It is the fun part since you'll have the chance to discover new properties that you can include in your listing. 

Week 4: Staging

Profiting and getting bookings to your properties from your guests will come along by providing something extra. Simply, you need to give them something they didn't anticipate.

Week 5: Listing

You're able to develop your skills in setting up your property listing. You'll get to determine when's the right time to set up a listing and how exactly to do it with the help of Brian through this process.

Week 6: Launching

The critical part of your new BNB business is the first 30 days, not just for your motivation but also for your brand creation. 

Week 7: Automation

Brian will teach you how he automates most of his processes since he's a pro in outsourcing and automation. You must seek to begin making your business work for you, instead of you working for your business. Being attentive to everything you are taught, plays a vital role.

Week 8: Rinse and Repeat

Upon mastering how to set up your first BNB business and setting it up, it's a cue to expand and set up more listings on Airbnb to increase your profits.

Another advantage that the training could offer is to make you learn from others who are already in the business. Learning from their experiences could help you grow as an entrepreneur.

Is BNB Formula A Scam?

No. BNB Formula is a legit virtual training program that aims to help investors in the short-term rental industry. 

It has been compiled before Brian Page's experiences, given that he’s well known for the quality of his business coaching that sees him help clients all around the world.

This is a good indicator of his credibility to help potential investors. 

Significantly, this course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and thus if you don’t like it, you can request a full refund. So there's no strong basis to conclude it's a scam and it's indeed far from one.

How Much To Join BNB Formula?

Currently, it has an available payment plan, of $1.497 which is a reasonable price for plenty of helpful strategies. However, if you prefer free training programs, then you can try checking out the free training programs instead.

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6 Months Live Elite Calls

Training isn't only what is present on this course, you'll get 6 months of live elite coaching calls. For 6 months, you will receive one live coaching call hosted by Brian Page per month to keep you updated with the latest strategies to building your Airbnb empire. Also, you'll have access to every single coaching call to listen to at any time.

A Whole Load Of Useful Tools

You can access useful tools like an awesome profit calculator, a tip of the day series, BNB Empire checklists, done-for-you tools and templates, a deep dive video series, and lifetime membership and updates. So, everything you need to attain growth in regards to your business is being offered.

No Need To Own Properties

You don't need to own any properties whatsoever. You can resort to renting to earn a commission.

Money-Back Guarantee

They give you an option of 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee which allows you to go through 4 weeks of training to see if it’s for you. It simply indicates that it is a risk-free program.


Not An Earning Opportunity

While BNB Formula gives you the knowledge on how to earn from rentals, it won’t directly pay you for joining them. Also, since this involves properties, it will take time for you to make money when you try to apply what you’ve learned.


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Who Is It For?

Fortunately, BNB Formula seeks to welcome everyone since everyone has the power to set and run it up. However, it is best for those who own properties or at least have enough cash to rent houses.

Training Tools/Support

BNB Formula offers you a special bonus for a year.

This 12 Months live coaching calls allow everyone, especially students to avail help through this. They can ask any questions or seek any clarifications regarding their business for a year.

There are also interviews with industry experts where they can listen to and Big Airbnb earners live where they can hear from, so they could address their concerns.

Brian's extensive work provides students with all the necessary tools to start a successful Airbnb business.

Final Opinion/Verdict

BNB Formula has the genuine hope to help those who aspire to succeed in the short-term rental industry. It offers you to develop essential skills that you can gain an advantage from for life. 

Although this course might have a price, worrying has no room since it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and thus if you aren't pleased, you can request a full refund. Besides, this is a reasonable price to pay to pave the way for a steady 6-7 figure income.

There are many similar programs and BNB Formula has some good and bad points, but its positive aspects absolutely outweigh the negative ones. 

Just by the fact that it lasted for 8-weeks simply implies it is extensive training.

A promise to make you a billionaire overnight isn't presented here for it is far from feasible.

But weeks of training can ensure you that you'll master the workings of the system before you attempt on acing it.

Not to mention that people who took part in this course received bonuses and didn't demand much of their time. 

Accessing many videos and other materials right away is also a piece of cake. One thing is clear, with your hard work and the efficiency of this training program, soon you need to prepare yourself for making more than you ever have.

So, for those who want to elevate their learning curve (that is if you’re into rentals), I recommend purchasing and joining BNB Formula. 

In summary, it is detailed, practical, and simplified. It showcases an excellent compilation of all the information you’ll need to build a great business.

What's Next?

Looking for a way to make money online? One that won’t involve rentals and really help you earn cash and develop skills at the same time? If yes, then join my #1 recommended program.

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  • Training resources
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  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my BNB Formula review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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