Is YSense Safe? Why Users Are Disappointed With This?

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 One of the easiest ways to make money online is to join a website where you get to complete various tasks that are simple and quick. In return, you'll be given rewards, like cash or gift cards.

While the business model for this is legit, there are many scams nowadays that one needs to be extra careful about.

YSense Review Summary

Name:  YSense


Founders:  Prodege

Product Type:   Get-Paid-To (GPT) Site

Price:  Free To Join

Quick Summary:  YSense is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website that pays people for completing surveys, watching videos, answering questions, doing simple tasks, and referring it to your friends.

However, is it a legitimate online earning opportunity or the exact opposite? Why are people complaining about this website? What’s the truth about this program?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

The business model, by the way, is called Get-Paid-To and it’s a popular online opportunity, especially for those who are new to making money online.

In our site alone, we’ve reviewed over a dozen GPT sites and now, we’re going to talk about another one called YSense.

What Is YSense About?

YSense, a Get-Paid-To (GTP) site, formerly known as ClixSense, pays people to do small tasks online.

It’s almost the same as:

Being a global company, they're responsible for supporting market researchers worldwide.

For each completed task, you'll be rewarded with cash that you can withdraw via PayPal, Skrill, or Payoneer, or you can purchase for an e-gift card instead as long as you reach every corresponding minimum threshold.

So, who is eligible to join?

YSense FAQs indicate that you must be 13 years old or older in the US, and at least 16 years old elsewhere. It’s available worldwide; however, the quantity and quality of work offered in each country varies.

How YSense Works?

The GPT site provides various small activities that you can make money from, including the following:


Your survey profile includes information, such as your location, age, gender, and more which will be used to determine suitable surveys for you.

When you log into the site, you can see the available surveys on your account dashboard. You can click on the survey links if you’re up to answer them. 

Take note that you'll undergo qualifying questions and you might end up being disqualified even before finishing the whole survey. This means that despite the time and effort spent, you will not be paid.

The average earnings of a survey range from $0.2 and $4 or possibly more. Upon the completion of the survey, you'll instantly receive your reward.

Get-Paid-To Complete Offers

It might include testing products and services, watching videos, signing up to sites, downloading apps, and more. The available offers can be seen on your account page, just click on the links to open them.

Complete Tasks

These small jobs, referred to as microtasks can be found on your account page.

It might include researching on Google and categorizing images. 

Other tasks can be done in repetition so earnings can be repeated. Some tasks can only be done once or twice. Don’t expect a lot as you’ll earn only a few cents from doing minor tasks.

Good thing, YSense gives out a $5 bonus for each $50 worth of completed tasks. 

Tasks Weekly Contests

YSense members are rewarded weekly via contests, from Monday to Sunday every week. The Top 10 Tasks workers/members are rewarded and may receive $2 up to $50.

YSense gives away a total of $100 every week to their contest winners. 

Daily Checklist Bonus

YSense’s Daily Checklist can be used as your guide in accomplishing goals and tasks on their site. It can be a source of inspiration to stay active on their site.

When you complete their checklist, you can make up to 16% of your daily earnings added to your account such as follows:

YSense Referral Program

You can also earn money here on YSense by being an affiliate. You'll be provided with a unique link and promotional banners to promote their site and share your referral links with other people. It includes both signup and activity commissions.

Signup Commissions

In every active referral you make, you can earn 10 cents up to 30 cents, but this is only available for Top Tier Countries.

The moment active referrals make their first $5 on YSense disregarding their bonuses and commissions, you’ll get a $2 bonus as well.

Activity Commissions

You’ll earn 20% of what your referrals make per completed survey, offer, or task as an affiliate. Rest assured that your referrals’ earnings in any way won't be affected since YSense is the one responsible for paying your commissions. 

Is YSense A Scam?

No. YSense is a legitimate website. 

It's possible to find YSense payment proofs from people who have earned money using the platform. 

They have paid out more than $34 million to thousands of people. They are considered among the most popular websites online with an Alexa ranking in the Top 8, 000 websites which imply that they are a trustworthy platform.

Given that it is operated by a US-based company that has been established way back in 2005 which is quite a long time, namely, Prodege, its legitimacy was pressed on more. 

Likewise, negative reviews don't make it less of a legitimate website.

YSense Compensation Plan

Every completed survey, task, offers, and referral on YSense will earn you dollars in which you can withdraw through the following methods:




●Amazon Gift Card

●Reward Link Italy

Simply click on the Cash Out link on your account page that's located next to your account balance to withdraw. However, it will only become clickable when you reach their minimum threshold for cashing out as follows:

●Amazon - $5

●Amazon (UK)- $32.50

●PayPal – $10

●Payoneer – $52.00

●Skrill – $5.05

Actually, you can payout twice a day anytime. But, it can take around 5 to 7 business days to receive your money. 

Take note that payments are processed in the order that requests are received, so when too many people request at the same time, delays can happen. 

In addition, new accounts or first withdrawals can get delayed up to 15 days due to their verification processes.

There's a need for verification of postal addresses among members from North America for them to receive payments from electronic cashouts through PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill.

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How Much To Join YSense?

Joining YSense is free. There's no signup fee or anything so it is indeed free to join.




You can conveniently use YSense on your mobile phone or tablet since they've launched an official YSense app that you can download in the App Store or through Google Play.

Several Earning Opportunities

You can try different earning opportunities and begin saving up to meet the minimum threshold and avail the payout procedure with the help of exploring and completing surveys, offers, micro-tasks, and doing referrals.

Multiple Payment Options

Upon reaching the minimum threshold of your chosen payment processor, you can request a payout or purchase your rewards. You can select the payment method of your choice including PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Amazon Gift Card, and Reward Link Italy.


Low Earning Potential

Even if it has multiple earning opportunities, the fact remains that it can't accumulate you an income that is enough to replace a full-time job. So, those who prefer a well-paying site wouldn't be happy to join this site.

Time Consuming

Given that it has a low earning potential, it might potentially take you a long while before you can meet the minimum threshold even if it's not that high.

Frequent Disqualification

Due to inappropriate answers, mismatched demographics, lacking profile, and more issues you might end up being disqualified even before finishing the whole task. It might require patience until you qualify for something that could earn you.


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Who Is It For?

It’s for anyone who’s only looking for a way to kill time. While Ysense is legit; it won’t provide a decent income so if you’re looking for one, it’s best to skip this platform.

Training Tools/Support

Ysense is straightforward when it comes to their tasks; for instance, you only need to give your opinion when answering surveys or watch videos without doing anything to earn a few cents.

That being said, no training is required.

When it comes to supporting, you can follow their social media accounts, like Facebook. They also have an FAQ section and a forum for answering concerns.

Final Opinion/Verdict

YSense is a genuine site that is convenient to use.

It allows people to earn extra money just by doing several tasks out of their spare time. 

It is a legitimate and trustworthy website that urges anyone as long as they adhere to the registration process without asking for a signup fee. 

It has several drawbacks though, such as the low-income potential and the paying out as it can't be done unless you meet the minimum threshold.

The good news is that you can choose your preferred payment processor, such as PayPal and Payoneer to withdraw your earnings. 

The website is also user-friendly where users are comfortable in earning additional money.

But then, I don’t recommend this program.

You need to invest a lot of time here only to earn a few cents a month. Also, there’s a big chance to be disqualified, which means no earnings at all.

 given that frequently you'll end up being disqualified from certain tasks.

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