Is Neways A Scam? [2021 Updated Review] The Critical TRUTH About Its Rebrand

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Welcome to My Neways Review!

With today’s situation, most people worldwide would tend to go for job opportunities like working at home -- and indeed many choices are available. But the dilemma is choosing the right company that is legitimate and will guarantee income that can sustain a living or provide even more benefits. 

So, most probably you’re here to have your research on an MLM opportunity you happen to find or someone has probably recommended to you. 

Neways Review Summary

Name: Neways


Founders: Thomas and Leslie D. Mower

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $39.99 For The Enrollment Fee + $359.99 To $659.99 For An Enrollment Collection + Hidden Charges

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Quick Summary: Neways (or what is now known as Modere) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that manufactures, markets personal care products, nutritional supplements, and household cleaning products. 

Neways had issues with legalities before. With that, how sure are we that the rebranded Modere will not make the same mistakes again?

Overall Rating: 2/10

Recommended: No

In this post, I’m here to discuss an MLM company called Neways or what is now called Modere

With some research I have made about this company’s history and other information, may this review be substantial to help you know more about this company especially with the part why it had rebranded. One of which is the legal issues and if the rebrand fixes the years of struggling with legal disputes.

Find out more in this unbiased Neways review.

What Is Neways About?

Neways International is a network marketing company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of products, from nutritional supplements to household cleaning products.

The roots of the company started on June 9, 1987, when it was originally named as "Images and Attitudes" and was founded by Thomas and Leslie D. Mower. 

In 1992, the company was renamed to Neways with its original manufacturing facilities in Salem, Utah. 

In 2003, Neways corporate headquarters was moved to Springville, still with the main manufacturing facility remaining in Salem, Utah. 

On November 8, 2006, Neways was acquired by Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm based in San Francisco, California who happens to also owned Herbalife (a dietary supplement distributing MLM) before taking it public. 

With legal disputes and with the founders charged for 2 years in jail, the company was restructured in November 2011 and it was in January 2012 when the restructuring was completed. 

With the founders gone in the picture, Robert Conlee took over as CEO in July of 2012. Prior to his involvement with Neways International, Conlee served as the CEO for Xango and the President of Nu Skin with their operations in both Japan and North Asia. Robert Conlee is quite renowned in the MLM world.

modere ceo robert conlee (1)

However, just like the other MLMs, Neways wasn’t free from legal issues. Here’s a run-through of the legal issues they’ve faced in the business:

1993 - The FDA mandated a recall of Neways’ Quickly weight-loss product because it contained dangerous amounts of a prescription drug. 

2003 - Neways pleaded guilty to knowingly selling a product that contained HGH in violation of federal law. They paid $1.75 million as part of a stipulated fine and forfeiture of profits from the sale of BioGevity. 

2006 - The founders, Thomas Mower and his former wife, Leslie Mower were sentenced with 2 years in jail for not 6 counts of income tax evasion and a conspiracy to defraud the IRS charge.

2007- Neways sued Sisel for taking trade secrets with them after selling Neways to Golden Gate Capital. Also in 2007, Neways sued two Sisel distributors. 

2008 - Sisel filed a defamation suit against Neways. All three cases were settled in 2008. 

With all of these disputes, to start with a clean slate, Neways relaunched as Modere in 2015. The company is now owned by Asma Ishaq (CEO) from 12 Jan 2018 to present.  

This rebrand seems to be honestly dedicated to its values: “Sharing the Love”. Modere has its manufacturing facility that operates solely on wind power and they sell their products primarily through social networking platforms.

The rebrand started with a promising start to re-establish the company. However, circumstances are not favorable because lawsuits have continued even in the Modere era. 

Neways Product Line

Neways International operates in the niche of personal care, nutrition, and household cleaning products. They do offer a variety of products and up to this day, Modere still distributes such a line of products ensuring that all are safe for the environment, efficient and safe to use.

The product falls into these categories:

  • Household products: cleaning products, car accessories, laundry, kitchen
  • Health and Wellness products: supplements, fitness and weight loss plans, nutritional products
  • Personal Care products: cosmetics, bath products, skincare, dental products, aromatherapy

Here are some of the company’s most popular products :

  • Weight loss supplements
  • Immune health drinks
  • Athletic water
  • Anti-aging products
  • Bone and joint health vitamins
  • Household cleaning products
  • Lip and eye cosmetics
  • Haircare items 

But as to this current time, since the company was rebranded to Modere, packaging, and brand of products have been changed. 

Well, does it work? Neways’ BBB rating is an A+, it goes to show that people are satisfied with what they have and offer. In fact, the company states that its products avoid over 3,000 potentially harmful ingredients. Their team of scientists studies potential ingredients to ensure that they aren’t even acutely toxic to animals or humans. They avoid any ingredients that could be irritating, allergy-inducing, or carcinogenic.

How To Make Money With Neways?

There are different ways to earn with Neways. Below are the main components of Neways International’s compensation plan:

  • Retail Commissions - Commissions on personal sales are given out as the difference between the wholesale price and the product’s retail price. It comes out to 10%-20%, depending on the total orders for that month.
  • Fast Start Bonus - The Fast Start Bonus at Neways is a $50 bonus offered to distributors each time they recruit someone new. It’s also given out when distributors hit a certain number in personal sales within their 1st few months.
  • Team Commissions - When the product of your downline order, you get a commission based on a uni-level structure. The plan pays out a 10% commission to you four levels deep, and then 5% commission another two levels deep.

*The company also renders Rank Advancement bonuses, a Monthly Selling Award, Breakout Bonus, Leadership Development Bonus, a Unilevel Bonus, and Revenue Sharing Pools.

Is Neways A Scam?

Neways is not a scam. It’s been a long run in the business and it’s even up to this day with its rebranded name Modere. It had been a legitimate MLM company. It’s a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company which simply indicates their legitimacy.  

However, some issues place them on the bad side and that’s why I’m not recommending Neways to you. They’ve been involved in a couple of lawsuits and even when relaunched as Modere, they still faced such issues. 

To learn more about Neways International, here’s a quick video below:


In order to be an affiliate of Neways International, you’ll have to pay an enrollment fee of $39.99 to get started plus $359.99 or $659.99 for an enrollment collection. However, there are hidden costs in the monthly autoship requirements. 

In order to remain active and qualified for the compensation plan, you need to hit 150 Personal Volume (PV) per month. This means you get 150 PV worth of product shipped to you every single month which means that this has to be paid whether or not you can sell that much. So if you were not able to reach such a quota, you’ll end up buying a bulk through your own pocket money.

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Being in the business for a long time, Neways International, or what is now referred to as Modere is indeed an established company with products that have been patronized by buyers. Though they have rebranded a few times, the company roots started 3 decades ago and are still now operating. 


Typical MLM With Autoship Requirements

Though autoships are optional, you will still be forced to buy in for this to have large PV and be eligible for big commissions and bonuses. This is a drawback, especially for newbies for two reasons.

One, it’s expensive and two, if you’re still not skilled with making a sale, the product you buy might only end up at your house. Won’t you feel stressed about these growing inventory? 

Also, there’s a required quota.

If you’re not able to sell the required PV, distributors will end up paying for the products. Such a hassle and pressure!

Involvement In Lawsuits

As discussed above, Neways have gone through a lot of lawsuits that even its founders were jailed. Such disputes may have also led it to its recent rebranding to Modere. However, the legal issues even continued up to this day. If I were you, better not get entangled with this MLM opportunity. 

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Who Is It For?

It is a business opportunity for those who are proficient in sales and the MLM industry since compensation is fueled by volume. So distributors should be good at selling the products and as well as in recruitment. It is also for those who are health and wellness enthusiasts, fond of skincare and household products as well as those promoting use of safe products.

Training Tools/Support

Just like most MLM opportunities, Neways provides distributor access to several free training resources as well as group meet-ups and conferences to boost up and equip distributors. They are also provided with essential tools and resources needed in the business including access to back office. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

In closing, Neways International, or what is now known as Modere is legit. It is not a scam. In fact, it’s a legitimate and long-standing company. However, just like other MLM opportunities, here goes the sales and recruitment challenge and as well as the QUOTA requirement! 

The pressure and the hassle are on because you’ll be as well be faced with numerous contenders in the market knowing that such niches are saturated. 

Though they are BBB accredited, Neway had involvement with a couple of legal issues. For me, having such records is already a “turn-off”. Plus, being rebranded a couple of times is also quite a downfall. But as to what we can see, Modere is doing well, however, it’s still an MLM opportunity and the recent rebrand is still faced with legal concerns. 

With that, I’m not recommending you to Neways or even to its version 2.0 Modere. It’s not to disdain MLM opportunities, there are indeed legit ones but most of the time people don’t always succeed. Chances are uncertain. So if I were you, better skip this platform!

What’s Next?

When it comes to making money -- online or offline -- it’s always better if it’s from a company with a clean reputation. Being legit with little to no complaints, let alone lawsuits will give you the peace of mind you need.

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Thank you for reading our Neways review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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