Is Omnilife A Scam? Health And Wellness MLM Company In Review!

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Welcome to My Omnilife Review!

The first time I was invited to a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, I thought the opportunity was amazing. Imagine, you can get many perks just by selling products and inviting people, such as cars, bonuses, and travel incentives. 

But if you think of it, it’s not easy and maybe this is one reason why many people choose to ignore this opportunity. The truth is, it takes more than the skills, you also need the knowledge to make your MLM business work.  

Omnilife Review Summary

Name: Omnilife


Founders: Jorge Vergara

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $99 For Distributor Kit + At Least 300 PV Every Month

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Quick Summary: Omnilife is one of the longest operating MLM companies that promotes energy drinks, cosmetics, and other nutritional products. It has been distributed to more than 20 countries with over 6 million distributors. 

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

Does that mean that you should also skip such an offer? Or are there MLM companies that can help you achieve your financial goals without asking too much? 

Is Omnilife the one you’re looking for or is it just a typical network marketing program that is only full of bold claims but nothing to offer? 

Let’s find out in this honest Omnilife review. 


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What Is Omnilife About?

Founded in 1991 by a man named Jorge Vergara, Omnilife is an MLM or network marketing company that is under the health and wellness niche. It is located in Mexico but the products are also distributed in North, South and Central America.


Vergara is known for being an example of “rags to riches.” Before building an MLM empire, he was out in the street selling tacos until he was invited to become a distributor of another popular MLM company, Herbalife.’

joe vergara omnilife founder

After his venture with the health and wellness company, he started his own brand called “Omnilife.” As of now, it has over 6 million distributors in more than 20 countries and a total of 3,500 employees. 

Considering this, it’s undeniable that Omnilife is a huge brand. 

Omnilife Product Line 

Omnilife distributes nutritional products that claim to hydrate the body, produce energy that will help you get through the day, snacks that help you manage weight, and custom products according to your diet plan. 

It includes aloe-lemon flavored juice, green coffee, and fruit-flavored shakes.

banana flavored shake from omnilife

They also offer cosmetics that are divided into six categories, namely Kenya Vergara, makeup, skincare, haircare men’s line, and complements. 

It includes body creams, lipsticks, eye serums, after shave balms, hair gels, etc.

after shave balm omnilife
seytu body cream from omnilife

Omnilife Product Reviews 

If you’re wondering if their products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, the answer is no. The reason behind this is that the federal agency does not really approve food supplements.  

However, Omnilife has received one of the highest recognitions called “Clean Industry” in 2008. This means that the brand has met and complied with the government’s standards when it comes to environmental concerns.  

Now, I have never tried any of their products so I can’t personally speak about its efficiency. But I did some research and here’s what I found out. 

Most reviews about their product, the Omnilife Magnus Supreme, for instance, are positive, such as the ones below:

omnilife product review

You can also find a few feedback on their Facebook Page by clicking this link.

How To Make Money With Omnilife 

Like other MLM companies, there are two main ways to make money with Omnilife.  

The first one is through retail sales. Depending on the sales you make or Personal Volume (PV) you have each month, you can get around 20% to 50% commissions.  

For instance, if you have around 4000 PV a month, you’ll earn a 50% commission for your retail sales; 40% if you have around 3,500 to 3,900 PV, 25% if you have at least 1,000 to 1,999 PV; 20% if you have 0 to 999 PV. 

Now, as you invite new people to join the platform, your rank or level may increase and this can help you earn more commissions and bonuses. Also, if your team has met a sales quote or milestones, you will get more incentives.  

Some of their compensation plan includes Level Overrides, Generation Overrides, and Team Builder Bonuses. 

To learn more about Omnilife, you can watch the video below:

Is Omnilife A Scam?

Omnilife is not a scam. Besides, it lasted for more than 10 years and until now, there’s no major lawsuit against the company from its distributors or consumers. Considering this, they have maintained a good reputation, which is kind of hard for multi-level marketing companies. 

However, even after a couple of decades, the brand is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but still, it got an A rating, which may be a good sign, too. After all, it’s not affiliated with the government but still, it’s trusted by many businesses and people. 

But then again, it’s not a scam.  

However, like other MLM companies, there are few dilemmas that this brand has been involved with.  

For instance, in 2015, Jorge, the founder, received a lawsuit from one of his shareholders named Angelica Fuentes. The allegations include extortion, wire fraud, and mail fraud.


To become a member or distributor, you need to purchase a Distributor Kit that costs $39. On top of this, you need to maintain 300 PV every month to be qualified for commissions and keep your account active. 

Compared to other MLM companies, this is reasonable but then, unless you work hard in marketing the products and recruiting, it would be hard for you to get your investment or capital back. 

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With More Than 20 Years Of MLM Experience

First of all, the brand is established and despite some allegations, it has maintained a good reputation. Also, it’s one of the longest operating companies and considering that it only implies that Omnilife is a stable company that might provide a good business opportunity. 


Saturated Market 

We all know that the health and wellness industry is saturated with similar products. The good news is that Omnilife is a known brand; the bad news is that there are other essentials, such as energy drinks and weight-loss coffee, available in the market for a lower price.

That being said, there’s a huge chance that your target market will choose the cheaper alternatives they can find online.

Not A Passive Income 

Since this is an MLM opportunity, you need to market your products all the time. You need to work hard for it, especially in inviting people otherwise, you won’t earn money. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a passive income opportunity, the one that would let you earn cash even when you’re sleeping, then this is NOT for you! 

Expensive Ordinary Products 

As mentioned above, you can find similar products in the market -- online or offline -- easily. So, there’s nothing really unique about it. As a distributor, it would be hard for you to market it unless you know how to make it stand out. Also, the products are expensive, making it more challenging to convince people to buy their essentials. 

Lawsuits Against The CEO 

Although it is not related to the distributors, the lawsuit filed against the CEO still leaves a negative impression. I mean, if he can do that to one of his shareholders, what are the chances that he can commit the same mistakes to other employees and members? 

No Income Disclosure Statement 

The company has existed a long time ago but I can’t find any Income Disclosure Statement on their website or online. I’m not sure why but it might be because they’re hiding something like their distributors aren’t earning enough. 

I’m not surprised though since this is normal with most MLM distributors, especially those who have just joined the program.


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Who Is It For?

Omnilife, and so as other MLM opportunities, are good for anyone who is skilled in promoting expensive products and recruiting people. I don’t recommend this to newbies or those who are not comfortable with the idea that they would be bothering people. 

So, if you don’t want to call or send endless messages to your loved ones or random people, I suggest that you ignore this platform and look for another legit opportunity instead.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Omnilife is not a scam and given that they have been in the industry for a long time, earning millions every year, there’s a chance that it’s profitable. But then again, like with other MLM companies and businesses, it depends on you.

The difference with joining an MLM and another legit opportunity, such as affiliate marketing, is that you have to worry about purchasing your products every month, selling it to ensure your income, and recruit as many people as you can. 

What’s Next?

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Thank you for reading my Omnilife review and if you have questions or you want to share your experience with this brand, please feel free to do so below. 

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