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Are you into selling and doing recruitments? Perhaps, do you have any idea about multi-level marketing (MLM)? If yes, then do you consider yourself joining MLM's? If ever you're seeking a good MLM opportunity that could allow you to earn an additional income, then you should check out Vorwerk MLM. 

Vorwerk Review Summary

Name:  Vorwerk


Founders: Carl and Adolf Vorwerk

Product Type:  Multi-Level Marketing

Price:   $49 To $129 For Jafra’s Business Kits

Quick Summary:  Vorwerk is a multi-level marketing company that specializes its business in household products. They depict themselves as a family organization and they are into the industry to produce high-quality products and they support their customers with their great service.

However, is it absolutely a worthy money-making opportunity to pursue or not?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

It’s a family-owned business that provides an opportunity to make money; however, before you sign up, be sure to read my entire Vorwerk review first.


I am not an affiliate of Vorwerk so rest assured that I will not pitch this brand unless it’s worth your time.

What Is Vorwerk About?

Vorwerk is a multi-level marketing company that has been in the business since 1883. For more than 130 years, its credibility is intact, allowing it to continuously grow quickly.

Currently more than 10,000 and self-employed advisors of more than 630,000 in number. The company was founded by Carl and Adolf Vorwerk. Germany is where Vorwerk is based.

5 main principles are being followed by the company and it includes the following:

  • Focusing on the customer

  • Creating Entrepreneurs

  • High quality

  • Long term commitment

  • Adaptable

 The product line's adaptation paves way for Vorwerk's business expansion to more than 75 countries. The company's revenue heightened at $4 billion worldwide.

Their business model involves the means of using network marketing also known as direct selling. Their popularity in the USA grows due to their Jafra products. Upon looking for such products, you can find Vorwerk.

Potential distributors undergo an application procedure and once accepted, they can immediately begin selling the products, recruit new members, and earn a corresponding commission. 

The distributors can purchase their preferred product and could maintain their focus on that particular product in making sales. There are training sessions to uplift the distributors to create a new and strong team under them. Through it, the duplication of their work is possible, and earning commissions takes place for every sale under the team.

It is free to join Vorwerk, however, you need to buy a product of the brands to become a Vorwerk, Kobold, and Thermomix consultant. Becoming a Jafra consultant is possible once you've purchased a starter kit to set up your business.

Vorwerk Product Line

The company's product line ranges from home appliances to beauty products and financial services. Its main products include

Kobold Vacuum Cleaners

It has been in the industry since 1930 and it stands out on its ability to clean the entire house thoroughly than other similar brands. 

Thermomix Kitchen Appliance

Thermomix costs $1500 and can be used to stir, blend, and cook food.

Jafra Cosmetic

These products are quite popular in the USA. It is a collection of different beauty products ranging from skincare products to decorative cosmetics. At the same time, they offered anti-aging products and perfumes.

Lux Asia Pacific Water Purifiers and Air Filters

This product's main market is mainly focused on the Asian region. Their accumulated revenue of 24 million Euros comes from the sales of Lux Asia Pacific filters.

Vorwerk Carpets

Since they started with a Carpet factory, it enables them to make carpets as their primary product. Due to its high quality, it became famous throughout Germany. It garnered 70 million Euros out of Vorwerk flooring last 2016.

AFK Group

A formation of a small bank founded way back in 1968 aimed to provide support for their customers upon purchasing their company products. It allows handling from small to middle range businesses. It acquired $431 million in revenue.

Is Vorwerk A Scam?

No, Vorwerk isn't a scam. The company has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) organization for having excellent customer service.

It is all because, throughout their business operations, they haven't received any major complaints. Although there are small complaints, still Vorwerk is doing their best to assist its customers and consultants accordingly resulting in its acquired accreditation last 2016.

It just signifies the competence of the company through their gained experiences for more than a century of production. Vorwerk produces quality and legit household appliances, cosmetics, and other products, and even services.

But at the same time, it seizes to utilize the direct selling business model. Other products aren't considered essential, so it might be a tough task for a consultant to be able to sell them.

Vorwerk Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of Vorwerk isn't disclosed. 

It is nowhere to be found on their website and the only way to find out about it is by joining them as a distributor.

Nonetheless, through conducted research, you'll earn $220 for every kitchen appliance that you sell and $380 for making five sales in a month as a Thermomix consultant.

Meanwhile, you can earn depending on your rank and activity as a Jafra Cosmetics consultant.

It is about 25 to 50% retail commission that you'll obtain. 

Likewise, there are referral and recruitment bonuses for every new member that will join your team.

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How Much To Join Vorwerk?

It is free to join Vorwerk Thermomix and some of its product lines. All you have to do is to purchase its products to become a consultant. 

Seemingly, it makes sense for you to use a product to comply with the challenge of promoting it effectively.

Meanwhile, you will be obliged to purchase a consultant case worth $60 for Jafra Cosmetics.

The Jafra product sampling, a brochure, an instructional DVD on how to host parties, and a product catalog comes with the said case. The good thing is getting up to a 50% discount during your first 50 years as a new consultant.



Innovative And Quality Products

For more than a century, Vorwerk has been at the core of producing quality products. Due to this factor, the demands are rising continuously. It reflects an inspiring process for generations to come.

Wide Range of Products

Vorwerk has a wide range of products as a mother brand. It only implies that switching from one product to another by loyal customers is possible to create more revenue.

Open to Several Countries

Good thing is that more than 70 countries around the world can access Vorwerk. From anywhere across the world, Vorwerk has its representatives. It only makes sense since the long time it has been operating was enough in building its reach.


No Compensation Plan

Vorwerk's compensation plan is lacking. Supposedly, it would serve as a guide to enlighten potential consultants of the reason why they should join the company particularly on the information regarding the commission's structure.

Expensive Products

Indeed, some of Vorwerk's products are quite high-end. The only product with an average price is the cosmetics arm. Most of the products are on the high side. You may have a hard time purchasing it and significantly selling it given the unreasonable cost.

Absence of Launching For The New Models

There are several complaints from customers about purchasing a product and only to find out that there's already a newer model being released weeks later. The company failed to communicate the launching of the newer models that leads to several disgruntled customers.

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Who Is It For?

Vorwerk is ideal for those who are into selling household products and have experience with MLM.

Training Tools/Support

Vorwerk provided an FAQ section on their website for general concerns. You can also call their customer service.

As for the training tools, like usual MLM companies, uplines provide training and assistance to their downlines.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Vorwerk is 100% legitimate!

They are focused on their products rather than recruitment, have great customer support, and have been operating for more than a century. They have also gained popularity despite having expensive products. In addition, they are known for having good customer service. 

But then, there are drawbacks. For instance, their income disclosure statement can’t be found easily. This is a red flag since potential members can use this as a basis whether they should join their programs or not.

Also, their products are expensive so it’ll be a challenge to sell these to the market. 

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Vorwerk review. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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