Is Longrich A Scam? Why Do Members Think It’s A Total Waste Of Time?

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These days, there are many health and wellness companies within the industry, making the market saturated with similar products. 

Other than the regular business models, there are multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, under the same niche, too but do they offer an advantage?

Longrich Review Summary

Name:  Longrich


Founders:  Xu Zhiwei

Product Type:   Multi-Level Marketing

Price:   $90 To $2,500 For The Business Kits

Quick Summary:   Longrich is a networking company that focuses on health and wellness products. They have hundreds of products available in the program. However, are you certain that this money-making opportunity will accumulate a significant income?

Overall Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No

In this post, we will talk about a networking brand called Longrich. 

I'm not in any way associated with Longrich so you can depend on this honest review to determine the ins and outs of this MLM company. Keep reading as I get down to the facts about Longrich right away.

What Is Longrich About?

Longrich is formally addressed as Longrich Bioscience and is mainly multi-level marketing under the health and wellness niche.

Coming straight from the province of Jiangsu, China, they've built up their name by manufacturing a variety of products ranging from skincare, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements. 

Longrich is renowned for its most advanced centers for research and development of cosmetic and healthcare products throughout Asia, especially in Southern China, making it one of the largest companies as well.

More than 35% out of over 12,000 employees are Doctorate students, field experts, and highly trained professionals that complete the company's excellent workforce. Longrich has continuously acquired growth in both expansion and market share for the past 31 years of operation.

Xu Zhiwei, an entrepreneur and economist, was the man behind the big company of Longrich. 

Research institutions are being established in different countries and just to name a few it includes Kobe, Japan, La Rochelle, France, and New York, USA, Australia, Botswana, Brunei, Ghana, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

Longrich Product Line

There are many health and wellness products that Longrich, such as:


The design of every pad is to relieve menstrual pain, eliminating period odor, and relieving stress.


The components of this supplement are raw food containing various fruits, mushrooms, grains, seaweed, and probiotics for high-level vitamins and minerals absorption.


It aims to help enhance bone, tissue, and tendon health. This calcium rink likewise contains hydrolyzed collagen, mangosteen essence, inulin, and probiotics to achieve wholesome bone condition.

Cordyceps Militaris Coffee

The fungus Cordyceps Militaris are included in their own line of coffee.

Energy Pots

They're basically cooking pots but they have similar goals like energy shoes. It is likewise designed for the preservation of the nutrients and texture while cooking to be made possible.

It’s almost the same as:

Is Longrich A Scam?

No, Longrich is a legitimate MLM company to deal with. It has decent products and at the same time, there's a fair balance between retail sales and recruitment. Therefore, there's no need to worry whether this company has a genuine intention to help you earn an additional income or not. 

But not because it is a legitimate opportunity, doesn't imply that anyone can make significant money out of joining Longrich. The statement of income disclosure is nowhere to be found and the compensation plan only gives out a glimpse of what Longrich is capable of offering. 

The fact that they're Chinese products also contributes to the possibility of having difficulties in marketing Longrich products. Nonetheless, they are not functioning to just lure you and rob your money. 

At the end of the day, you'll earn from this company but like any MLM's you just need to sell the products and recruit new members to do so. 

Longrich is a reputable and long-standing company in the industry that is far from being a scam.

Longrich Compensation Plan

Here's the summary of Longrich's compensation plan:

Performance Bonus

Upon enrolling an additional three people under your team, you'll get to earn a 12% bonus. 

The evaluation of the sales made by your recruited members is done at the end of the week.

Development Bonus

Your placement fee and your level and group will be the basis of how to calculate it. Your payout will be done weekly. You'll qualify for this bonus if your account has the highest PV in 3 legs.

Leadership Bonus

In this case, your ranking and your team will be the basis. The computation of the bonus relies on the level and performance of other members.

Repeat Order Bonus

To qualify, you'll need a minimum of 30 repeat order PV monthly. From this repeat PV, you'll be able to acquire a maximum of 45% bonus.

Breakaway Bonus

You might also get 21% to 45% per cycle or every end of the month.

SD Development Bonus or Horizontal SD Bonus

A 10% per cycle or monthly fee awaits you if you avail of this bonus.

In addition to all of these bonuses, qualified members of Longrich can also avail of these grand offers, such as:

  • A car

  • A trip to Malaysia or China

  • Housing plan

Like typical MLM companies, making money can be done in two ways similar to any MLM's and it includes the following:

Retail sales

It can be done either through individual or group sales.

Recruitment commissions

Upon building a team, you can be able to earn commissions out of their total sales.

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How Much To Join Longrich?

Joining Longrich is free. However, keep in mind that for you to actually earn, there are starter pack options that you'll need to purchase. The prices vary per tier. Here's the collection of Longrich's starter packs:

  • Platinum VIP: $2,500 = 1,680PV

  • Gold: $1,080 = 720PV

  • Silver: $360 = 240PV

  • QSilver: $90 = 60PV

Assuming that with more expensive tiers comes more products for you to sell.



They Manufacture Their Products

It's an advantage that the company manufactures their own products. It indicates that the wholesale costs are lower since they make it themselves. It would be impressive in terms of the profit margins.

Backed by Chinese Science

China is known for its most advanced centers for research and development. Therefore, their cosmetic and healthcare products are produced with commendable procedures.

Great Reputation and Achievements

The man behind Longrich is one of the most influential men in their country. It has been operating for more than 30 years which clearly showcases that it attained outstanding features to last this long and build its name worldwide as one of the reputable MLM's.

Wide Product Range

There's a wide scope of choices in terms of Longrich products since it ranges from women’s health and hygiene, personal care, beauty and skincare, and household cleaning.


China Products Are Poorly Received

Unfortunately, the fact that Chinese products were being poorly received by different countries cannot be hidden. Their products quite garnered a long-standing reputation of substandard products that are filled with filler ingredients. 

However, it doesn't mean that Longrich is of low-quality products. Customers just tend to keep their distance from any Chinese-related products. So it would be hard to market Longrich products.

No Income Disclosure Statement

An income disclosure statement isn't made available to the public. So, you'll only be given a glimpse of the possible earnings of being a Longrich member.

Others end up with a conclusion that the company either lacks the data of their members' earnings per tier or they aren't willing to disclose it in the workplace. But, the income potential of MLM's is quite low and cannot be changed.

To Earn Is To Spend

However, it's free to join Longrich MLM. However, you'll need to purchase their starter packs to start earning commissions out of selling these products.

Frequently Policy Changes

The percentage of bonuses of Longrich's members is affected due to the frequent policy changes. It is not a good thing since things become unpredictable that makes the members disgruntled.


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Who Is It For?

As an MLM company, Longrich is ideal for those who have experience making money in this kind of 

Training Tools/Support

Longrich has a website that showcases various training videos.

Distributors can also visit their physical offices for training as well as join their WhatsApp group to stay informed and updated about their upcoming products.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Longrich is a legitimate MLM company that gives opportunities for people to earn additional income by selling various products and recruiting new members. However, before deciding on what money-making opportunity you'll pursue, you need to do your homework in figuring out the fundamentals of the company including the pros and cons that await you.

The downside with regards to MLM's is that people tend to not gain significant amounts of money as they lose most of their investments. Longrich is unfortunately one of these MLM's that could only give you low income. 

The thing is that selling products especially coming from China is not as easy as you think it is. Other people keep their distance due to the long-standing bad reputation of substandard products coming from this country; however, this doesn't mean that Longrich isn't capable of giving quality products. 

Another drawback is the recruitment and while Longrich doesn’t offer this as the sole source of income, having a team can help you earn bigger and faster commissions because you take a percentage from their sales. 

It’s a disadvantage because 1.) MLM has a negative stigma, and 2.) it’s not easy to invite people to join a program and pay a hefty amount.

Unless you truly believe in Longrich, it’s best to look for a better alternative.

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Longrich review. If you have questions or opinions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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