Natura MLM Review – Why Members Think It’s A Waste Of Time And Money?

Welcome To My Natura MLM Review!

One of the most popular products online, especially in social media is cosmetics and while it saturates the market, it only means that there’s a huge demand for it. 

Perhaps that’s one reason why many brands are releasing different cosmetic essentials over the Internet.

Natura MLM Review Summary

Name:  Natura MLM


Founders:  Antonio Luiz Seabra

Product Type:  Multi-Level Marketing

Price:  No Information About Joining Fee On Its Official Website


Quick Summary: Natura MLM is a network marketing company that distributes eco-friendly cosmetics. It also offers ways to earn money online through retail sales and recruitment.

While it seems like a promising brand, is it worth your money and time?

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

Even multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are taking part in it, providing opportunities to make money by selling their products.

One of them is Natura, a network marketing brand that promotes essentials for hair and body. It looks legit and somehow has a good reputation but is it worth your time?

What’s the real deal about this program?

Can you really make money with Natura?

What Is Natura MLM About?

Natura is a multi-level marketing company that sells cosmetics for more than 5 decades. Founded by Luiz Seabra way back in 1969, it shows an amazing survival rate, which is rare for MLM companies.

It is listed on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange and is currently based in Brazil. 

It has earned an estimated revenue of $10.9 billion in 2018 and has been accessible in 73 countries. The credibility of this company in selling products has been proven on their accumulated massive amount, which doesn't solely rely on recruitment. 

Natura MLM does not provide instructions as to how you can be able to become a part of their growing platform since its MLM status is being hidden. You can just contact and send in your resume to their website.

Nonetheless, it’s considered one of the biggest MLM's in the world. 

Natura Product Line

There are four brands operating under this company's umbrella, namely:


This is a beauty brand with products like Urbano, Aguas Amo, Aquarela, and Ekos, amongst others which was invented way back in 1969. Its product range includes perfumes, moisturizers, and lipsticks.


Particularly, an extensive range of products is included in this brand. There is a firm policy against animal testing on the entire Natura's brand. The products of Bodyshop cover a wide range. For instance, it includes products for men like shaving cream, moisturizers, shampoos, makeup products, perfumes, and gift items.


The focus of this brand is mainly on sensitive skin. The included products are cleansers and moisturizers that deal with delicate skin types.


Natura obtained Avon in a stock exchange operation in 2019 that adds up to their three existing brands. In fact, it is the 4th largest beauty company in the world. It will bring advantages to both sets of distributors since these two MLM programs stay independent and autonomous in nature. They might also adopt best practices from one another in the future.

Is Natura MLM A Scam?

No. Natura MLM is definitely not a scam. It has been operating for more than 5 decades, being founded way back in 1969. Defrauding companies would likely just take your money and run away which is not a thing about Natura MLM. 

Even the important information, like the name of the company's founder, the place where it is headquartered, offices in different countries, websites, and revenues are disclosed.

You can even buy its stocks as it is a public company. All the aforementioned features of Natura MLM aren't existing within scammy companies.

But even if it's not a scam, the fact that it's an MLM company must make you practice your own due diligence before you decide to join it.

It’s not also a pyramid scheme since recruitment is not the sole source of income here. Distributors are not also compensated directly just by inviting new people.

Natura is also far from being a Ponzi scheme since you’re not asked to invest a huge amount of cash and get a big return of investment even without doing anything.

Natura MLM Compensation Plan

Apparently, the company's compensation plan isn't disclosed thoroughly. However, I get to figure out the means of getting payments with Natura including

  • Commissions from your sales

  • Commissions from your downline’s sales

  • Leadership bonus

  • Bonus from company’s total’s sales

  • Position bonus

Given the lack of shared data regarding this Natura's feature, it just reflects the misplacement of the company's priorities.

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How Much To Join Natura MLM?

There is no given specific information on their website regarding how to become a consultant of Natura. Their agenda behind this was to hide its status of being an MLM. Therefore, there's no exact cost in terms of membership fees. 

Hence, most MLM's absolutely charge a starting fee to be able to allow a member to join. Likewise, there's a product kit that you need to buy. 

Therefore, you'll be spending quite a lot. In addition to your expenses, you also need to exert efforts and lend an ample amount of time before you can climb your way up as a distributor. 

Selling products and recruiting new members wouldn't be as easy as you think it is.



Consultants Have More Product Lines To Choose From

You can choose to sell more than one line of products as a consultant. Therefore, you can choose between selling Avon products, Body Shop, Aesop, or Natura products as long as they are available in your country.

Variety Of Products

There are also a few different brands of products that you can likewise sell since their product line isn't extensive. So, your customers have plenty of variety to choose from.

Different Selling Options

You have multiple options in selling that you can pursue. It's either you sell it directly to people or you can make a store on Amazon and sell your products through it. Creating your website is also possible to sell your products straight from it.

Established Company

It is an impressive feat to last more than 5 decades. Natura was founded way back in 1969 and it's one of the longest existing MLM's. Usually, the average life span of an MLM only ranges from 1 to 3 years. The fact that they lasted this long, it seems that they're knowledgeable enough in keeping their business profitable.

Publicly Traded

The truth that Natura isn't a scam has been solidified. A company that allows stock investments signifies that they're profitable and well-established. The company's stock prices can be checked.


HIGH Competition

There are a significant number of places where customers can avail the similar offered products of Natura. It isn't necessary for them to even have an engagement with consultants.

NOT All Products Available

Customers won’t be able to get all the products in the United States. Avon and Body Shop products are generally accessible but unfortunately, the Aesop products are not available in the said country.

Lack Of Information

Researching about Natura's features won't be easy because of the limited information shared online. This idea makes the customers and consultants frustrated since they couldn't clear their concerns with the missing facts.

No Income Disclosure Statement

The reference like how much would a member actually make isn't available. It is their tactic of luring you to join first for you to find it out yourself.


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Who Is It For?

This is ideal to those who are into eco-friendly cosmetics and have experience with MLM companies. 

Training Tools/Support

To directly contact them on their website, you can visit their Contact Us Page and drop an immediate message.

Also, you can try calling their customer care desk: +33 (0)1 84 17 07 36 any day between 10 am to 7 pm.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Natura MLM is a legitimate company that gives opportunities for people to earn additional money by selling the products and recruiting new members. Before you choose to pursue this kind of money-making means. You need to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of this company. 

Unfortunately, there is a sad reality with MLM's.

People usually lose money instead of gaining any and Natura MLM is no exception. You are going to undergo the tough process of selling the products and recruiting new members just to earn commissions that isn't worthwhile.

The idea of selling the products door-to-door isn't even applicable since direct selling isn't doing well given the advancement of social media. Therefore, you should pursue gaining a lot of followers instead just to get attention to promote the products and the company.

Convincing people to join MLM is no easy task and the idea of spending from the starting fee doesn't help at all. 

There’s also no information about their fees and compensation plans. 

That being said, I don't recommend joining Natura MLM. 

Even though it's a legitimate company to deal with, the fact remains that it couldn't earn you enough to support your expenses.

Spending is necessary here from the starting fee to the product kits. The chaotic process will just drain you without compensating you for what you deserve after exerting many efforts and lending ample time. 

I know for a fact that there are far better alternatives than this one, so you should check it out and pursue what you think would best satisfy your needs.

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Thank you for reading my Natura MLM review. If you have questions or opinions, it would be appreciated if you share them below.

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