Is Wifi Millionaire A Scam –Why You Should Not Buy This eBook?

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Welcome to My Wifi Millionaire Review!

There are a lot of scams online nowadays that it’s too hard to believe that you can still make money at home. While this is true, I would beg to disagree that it’s difficult to earn cash anywhere you are. 

Laptop lifestyle exists and yes, you can earn money at very comforts of your own home without getting scammed but, you have to be very careful when joining programs.

Wifi Millionaire Review Summary

Name: Wifi Millionaire


Founders: Matt Lloyd

Product Type: eBook 

Price: $49 + Upsells

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Quick Summary: Wifi Millionaire is an eBook that promotes MOBE. While it’s legit, the program that it is marketing has been shut down by the FTC. In this honest view, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of joining the controversial platform to help you decide whether it’s for you or not.

Overall Rating: 3/10


Pro Tip: If it sounds too good to be true, there’s a huge chance that it’s either a low-quality program or a sham.

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What Is Wifi Millionaire About?

If you know MOBE, you’ve probably heard of Wifi Millionaire, too. It’s an eBook created by the same man behind the controversial business coaching scheme that’s been shut down by the FTC.

Matt Lloyd is a reputable internet marketer and a millionaire who has made $150 million sales. But what is this book really about? What makes it phenomenal? Is it even worth the hype?

I did research and I found out that his ebook is just a sales funnel for his program, MOBE. Yes, he claimed that it will help you leave your 9-6 job and grow a successful business online; however, it’s main goal is to promote his platform and convince readers to join it.

Aside from the fact that it’s very risky to join MOBE (which has been shut down anyway), the cost of the ebook is unreasonable. I’ll discuss more of the price in a bit but just to give you an idea, it will almost cost you $50.

what is wifi millionaire ebook about

What Is MOBE About?

If you’re not familiar with MOBE, here’s a quick background about the program. It’s basically an affiliate marketing program that trains people to sell their high-ticket program. It’s legit and many people claimed that they made money with the help of this platform. However, the way their marketer promotes the system is almost unethical. Also, they focus on recruiting new members which makes the program sound like a scam. Probably that’s one reason why it’s been closed. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Wifi Millionaire?

One good thing about MOBE is their commissions. In affiliate marketing, you can earn less than $20 per sale but with Wifi Millionaire, they can let you earn up to $10,000 per sale. That means if you have massive traffic, it’s possible to become a millionaire in no time.

The catch, however, is that you need to buy the products you want to promote. That means you have to spend a hefty amount first before you actually earn. If you’re an experienced marketer, this is might be a good idea but if you’re just a newbie and you have no skills and expertise when it comes to affiliate marketing, then this is a bad idea.

Why? Because there’s a chance that you might not get your investment back. Let’s take the MOBE-FTC issue as an example. Let’s say you bought their program and since their platform is now closed, that means your digital business is closed, too.

If I were you, I'd choose another affiliate marketing program that’s legit and will let you work on any niche you like. I mean, it still makes a difference if you can choose to promote products and services of your choice rather than being locked down on specific offers to market, such as in MOBE. 

Interested to know what it is? Well, it’s the choice of most affiliate marketers -- Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a platform founded by Kyle and Carson that offers free training, free websites, and free access to an active, supportive community of like-minded individuals. You can sign up for a free account and start your business venture online now!

Is Wifi Millionaire A Scam?

Surprisingly, despite the controversial shutdown, MOBE and Wifi Millionaire is legit, 100%. Perhaps, the main reason why it ended up badly is because they focus on recruiting more and more people and of course, despite the promising commissions, not all members can get their investments back.

However, unlike other low-quality programs and scams I’ve reviewed, they did not use fake income reports, fake names for their founders, fake testimonials, and bold claims. Also, they don’t run away with your money.

But then again, you have to be extra careful when joining this kind of program. You are going to spend a lot of cash before you earn so the risk is very high. Unless you’re certain about the things you need to do and you’re skilled enough to market these high-ticket products, it’s best to join programs that would help beginners and even seasoned marketers become successful online.


wifi millionaire price

The initial investment for the course is $3 but wait, that’s just the beginning. This “small” fee shows how “committed” you are to take the training. Isn’t it funny though? I mean, you have to spend money, no matter how small or big it is, just to show that you are willing to take the course.

Anyway, MOBE is a high-ticket program so don’t be surprised to shell a massive amount. After the $3, you have to pay $49 just to have a glimpse of what’s inside their program. If you want to make money, you have to spend more money. 

I know the program’s not working anymore in the USA but in case you’ve seen similar programs like, be sure to protect yourself first. If you’re just wandering around, provide a different number so their salespeople won’t be able to bombard you with calls. Also, ignore the high-ticket upsells as much as you can unless you’re willing to spend the amounts below:

  • The Vault ($99 per month)
  • MOBE Elite Earners ($97 per month)
  • Email Marketing Empire ($194)
  • The OPT Formula ($194)
  • Funded Proposal ($194)
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination ($291)
  • 10,000 Leads In 100 Days ($1,997)
  • Online Income Revolution ($997)
  • The 90 Day Challenge ($997)

All in all, you’ll be spending a whopping $5,112. On top of completing all these, you also have to spend another $2,000 to upgrade your membership.

Please watch the video to learn more about Wifi Millionaire:

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High Commissions

If you’re after commissions and you’re a good seller -- and not to mention, you have a lot of spare cash to burn, you can consider Wifi Millionaire and MOBE. Compared to other affiliate marketing, the amount you can get per sale is very high. But still, like other affiliate marketing programs, it takes time and effort before you get your reward.


MOBE Is Closed

FTC has officially branded MOBE as a scam and now that it has shut down, many members weren’t able to get their money back. However, I read some articles saying that the program is still providing seminars in Asia so if you want to save yourself from headaches, it’s best to ignore this platform at all costs!

You Don’t Know What To Expect

Wifi Millionaire is not transparent about what it is offering. It only introduced itself as an ebook that will help you earn cash online but it failed to mention about MOBE. Probably it’s because of the hullabaloo that they’ve been involved.

No Free Trial

You don't know what you’re going to pay for because MOBE and Wifi Millionaire do not offer a free trial or even a lite version. So it’s really a risk to take the training especially the upsells because aside from the price, it doesn’t offer any refund.

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Who Is It For?

It’s been shut down so I can’t recommend it to anyone. What I suggest instead is Wealthy Affiliate. While the commission is not as big as what the MOBE is offering, there’s almost zero risks. For one, you don’t have to pay a huge amount to become a member; you can even create a new account for free. In addition, you have access to video and other training materials that you can use to grow your business online.

But if there’s one thing that I’m proud about, it’s the live community you can join. It’s active so you know that the platform is really working and helping others make money online. You can ask your concerns here, give tips, share your experience, or build a connection.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Wifi Millionaire and MOBE have proven its legitimacy but it did not last for a long time. Despite the high commissions, the way they promote their program is unethical. Also, the price for their offers are unreasonable and not recommended for beginners and even seasoned marketers. There are other programs to choose from, so even if you see MOBE working again, it’s best to just ignore it.

What's Next?

Now that you’ve learned the truth about Wifi Millionaire and you’re having second thoughts about it, don’t worry, I have a better (if not the best) alternative.

Join my top-recommended program now so you can enjoy the following perks:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive guide
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  • Webinars and training resources
  • And many more!

Thank you for reading my honest Wifi Millionaire review and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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