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Welcome to My Kairos Technology Review!

Sometimes, even if a company has been tagged as a scam, they find ways on how to continue their unethical practices. Therefore it’s best to learn more about the brand first to avoid being scammed. 

Kairos Technology Review Summary

Name: Kairos Technology

Website: www.kairosplanet.com

Founders: Undisclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $125 To $2777 For The Membership Fee

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Quick Summary: Kairos Technology is a Ponzi scheme, or so several countries say, that provides services, such as cloud storage and secure email. It doesn’t share a lot about its company and its founders so really, the transparency and existence of this company is questionable.

Read the entire review to learn more about Kairos Technology.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

For instance, one multi-level marketing company called Kairos Technology has received warnings; some of its leaders have already been arrested, too but still, some reports suggest that this Ponzi scheme is still ongoing.

In this post, we will talk about Kairos Technology -- what it’s about, how it works, and its compensation plan.

What Is Kairos Technology About?

Before going into details about the company, let me share something with you first. While doing this review, the first thing I did was to check Kairos Technologies website and I found out that there are two similar company names but with different URL -- www.kairostechnology.com and www.kairosplanet.com

The first link offers IT services and consultation while the other membership programs and has a multi-level marketing (MLM) component. Just to be clear, we will talk about the latter option.

Anyway, I can’t open www.kairosplanet.com anymore and probably it's because of the several issues it has been involved with. I did a background check about the website and I found out these things:

  • It is already registered, obviously
  • The creation date of the website is 2014-06-18
  • The expiry date of the website is 2020-06-18
  • The name of the owner was not disclosed

I also found out that Kairos Technology is based in the United Kingdom but other than that, there are no details about their leaders or the company itself. 

What’s fascinating about this is that most scams shut down after a couple of years or less and you will never hear of the company ever again; with Kairos Technology, they were able to last until 2018.

Kairos Technology Product Line

Unlike the usual MLM companies, Kairos Technology does NOT offer tangible products; they offer services rather after you pay for their membership fees.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are legit network marketing companies that offer services as their products, too. The difference they have with Ponzi schemes is that 1.) they offer a valuable service, such as mentorship and 2.) they apply ethical practices.

Anyway, here’s the outline of Kairos Technology’s products:


  • KairosDisk - Secure cloud data storage
  • KairosMail - Easy-to-use and encrypted mailing service
  • KairosSurf - Alternative to traditional VPN


  • KairosPhone - Secure communication device with these specs: quad core, 1280x720 pixel, 8GB capacity, etc.
  • KairosRouter - Confidential, secured network

How To Make Money With Kairos Technology

Since I can’t open the website anymore, I won’t be able to provide a copy of Kairos compensation plan. There’s a video explaining what you would expect as a member but it’s in a foreign language., which is kind of weird since it’s supposedly based in the UK.

Anyway, as an MLM company, there are two ways to make money with Kairos Technology.

The first option follows a Return On Investment Scheme. 

For instance, you get $312.50 on Annual Return On Investment for the Standard Membership that costs $125; $1492 On Annual Return On Investment for the Silver Membership that costs $597; $3942.50 on Annual Return On Investment for the Gold Membership that costs $1577; $6942 on Annual Return On Investment for the Platinum Membership that costs $2777.

The other option is to recruit people to join the platform so you can earn around 10% to 15% bonus.

There’s also an incentive if you rank higher or if you belong at the strongest branch or have the highest leadership. Of course, this sounds exciting but there are too many red flags to consider that I will discuss in the next section.

Is Kairos Technology A Scam?

Their website is closed. There are no details about Kairos Technology founders or the company. There are no reviews on their products so other than the reports and warnings against them, I can’t find any proof that this company still exists.

Scam is such a big word and considering the things I said above and will say below, I will let you be the judge.

Here are some red flags about Kairos Technology that I would like to share with you:

  • No Transparency

While the domain is registered, everything else is set to public. Even the name of the founders are not disclosed.

This is weird for me, especially nowadays, business people take advantage of the Internet and social media to promote who they are and their brands for sales and awareness purposes. 

As for Kairos Technology’s case, they chose to conceal almost everything other than their business opportunity. It’s pretty obvious that they are hiding something or they don’t want to be discovered.

  • Warnings Against The Company

Kairos Technology has been tagged as a pyramid scheme and has received warnings from several countries, such as Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, and Slovakia.

According to a source, the brand has collected $25 million from 50,000 people and the number of their victims just kept on growing. Apart from this, the brand is not registered in Turkey and since their scheme is outside the traditional sales method, it’s not allowed.

On top of this, the country prohibits pyramid schemes, network marketing, multi-added marketing, and the like as this can cause “consumer victimization.”

Another report suggests that thirty Kairos Technology leaders were arrested using riot police in Belarus.

  • No Real Products

While there are software and hardware sold as inclusions from their membership, there are no supporting details that these really work. Also, since the company’s probably closed now, there’s no guarantee that these services can still be used even if you’ve paid a hefty amount.

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To become a member of Kairos Technology, there are various options to choose from and each option has its own inclusions. Here’s an outline of their membership rates:

  • Standard $125

Inclusions: KairosMail

  • Silver $597

Inclusions: KairosDisk and KairosMail

  • Gold $1577

Inclusions: KairosDisk, KairosMail, and KairosSurf

  • Platinum $2777

Inclusions: KairosDisk, KairosMail, KairosPhone, and KairosSurf

First of all, the price is beyond unreasonable. You can easily find the same (or even better) services online on a cheaper price.

For instance, the top secure email providers I found online cost around $48 to $60 a year; the most recommended cloud storage costs less than a hundred dollar a year. 

Whether you want to have these services as a package or an individual, I suggest that you find a cheaper alternative or even if you have enough cash, it’s better if you find another option that’s worth its price.

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Who Is It For?

Kairos Technology is not for anyone, considering all the red flags stated above.

If you want to use the similar services that they are supposed to offer, I suggest that you look for a legit alternative online. 

If you want to make money from it, some brands offer affiliate programs that let you earn commissions. This is way more better than joining Kairos Technology since some won’t require you to pay anything other than the product itself.

You might also want to consider Wealthy Affiliate -- a legit affiliate marketing program -- if you want to earn an income online without the hassle of recruitment and overpriced investments.

Final Opinion/Verdict

Kairos Technology may have existed a few years ago but it’s not a legit program. You cannot view the website nor learn details about its founders and the company so it’s obvious that you should stay away from this program.

Despite the promising compensation plan, there’s no proof that their members are earning because they don’t share anything in the first place.

It’s the type of company that you should ignore at all cost because even the services they offer do not guarantee anything. If I were you, I won’t think twice anymore and just look for a better alternative.

What’s Next?

Nowadays, there are too many opportunities to make money online but not all are created equal. Some are low-quality; some are just downright scams.

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Thank you for reading my Kairos Technology review and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop it down below.

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