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Welcome to My Slice The Pie Review! 

How would you like to listen to music and get paid for it? I bet this is something most, if not all of us want to do. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why there are companies, such as the ones we’re going to talk about below, that have created an opportunity for music lovers or anyone who just want to earn easy money online. 

Slice The Pie Review Summary

Name: Slice The Pie


Founders: David Courtier-Dutton

Product Type: Music Review Engine

Price: Free

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Quick Summary: Slice The Pie is a platform that allows aspiring artists and bands to share their music, get rated, and reviewed. It also pays people for their lengthy opinions and rates. It’s legit and has been running for many years.

The downside is the pay -- it’s too low and it’s not even enough to be considered a side hustle.

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

I’m referring to Slice The Pie, a service that pays people for their opinion about certain music or song. While the company looks legit, there are a couple of drawbacks to watching out. For instance, the pay is terribly low. 

what is slice the pie about

But then, there are also a few advantages, such as us sharing our review or opinion about a new track. Thanks to Slice The Pie, we can freely share our thoughts and earn from it.

What Is Slice The Pie About?

Founded in 2006, Slice Of Pie is a service that serves two types of clientele -- aspiring musicians and people who want to make money online.

Aspiring musicians can share their music on this platform and have the chance to hear other members’ opinions about it. This way, they can have their music rated and be able to raise funds for their songs.

Musicians with the best-rated music can showcase their tracks.

Meanwhile, “scouts” or the term they use for people who want to earn money from them, can share a thorough review about a certain track and rate it.

Scouts also have the chance to earn perks, such as merchandise, access to gigs for free, and free tracks.

How Slice The Pie Works?

There are different “Scout Rooms” within the platform where artists can submit their tracks.

Random songs were given to the Scouts for review, without knowing who the musician is nor the title of the song. This way, the feedback can be biased. They will listen to a 90-second track, rate it, and answer a few questions, such as talking about what they think about the song. 

The review should have at least 60 words and if the Scout prefers to listen longer than a minute and/or write a lengthy review about it, they can do so.

However, you should know that even if the longer review means getting more pay, it won’t be over a dollar. For instance, if you write 60-word feedback, you will receive about 4 cents. 

Your compensation is also affected by your rating; obviously, if you’re a new Scout, you only have 1 star.

If you want to reach 5 stars, you have to write reviews for Slice The Pie for a long time.

Once you are done with their in-depth review, the name of the artist and song will be revealed.

This is just fair because I think that’s how most reviews should work; I mean, if you only rely on the music itself and not about who the artist is, you can fairly judge the track.

For the music to be assessed, each song should have thirty reviews and for the artist to be able to go to Showcase, they should be top-rated.

As for the reviews, Slice The Pie claim that Scouts can also review fashion accessories and commercials; however, many Scouts experience reviewing only music.

Slice The Pie Product Line

What the product line offers is a service for musicians so they can have their music reviewed. However, artists will pay for it and perhaps, this is where the brand gets their payment for their Scouts.

The other service they offer is the opportunity to make money by reviewing tracks.

Is Slice The Pie A Scam?

Is Slice The Pie legit?

Based on the gathered information, Slice The Pie is not a scam. There are no claims or promises of big returns nor any sketchy recruitment required. However, I can’t recommend this platform to you.


Simply because it’s a waste of time. Sure, providing feedback is good as this helps us voice our concerns, opinions, etc. But then, the pay is terribly low, it’s barely enough to pay the time wasted, which should have been spent on something more valuable and profitable.

slice the pie review

As for the musicians, it’s good to hear other people’s thoughts on your music and have the chance to showcase your tracks; however, you need to remember that you will pay a certain fee to have your music reviewed.

The good news is that there are other programs, such as, that can acquire feedback from other people.

If you want to learn more about Slice The Pie, you can watch the video below:

Is Slice The Pie A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

The good news is that Slice The Pie is far from being a pyramid or Ponzi scheme. No recruitment is required at all and members are not asked to invest any amount to get started. There is also no claim of huge returns of investment.

The drawback, however, is the income potential as it’s too small, I cannot even recommend it as a side hustle. 

But then if you’re into music and you want people or the artists to hear your thoughts about their work, you can use this platform to voice out your opinion.

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Slice The Pie Compensation Plan

As mentioned, you can make money with the platform by writing a lengthy review about a track. As a Scout, you can rate songs and share your opinions about them and the number of words, which should be over 60 and above, affect your compensation. 

If you write 60 words, you get around 4 cents and 5 cents if you have written a 100-word review.

Take note that you need to listen to a 90-second track per review so, in an hour, you’ll earn about a dollar or less.

Another way to make money here is through referral. 

how to make money with slice the pie

For every successful, you’ll earn 10% of their earnings. This can make Slice The Pie a good side hustle in case you can refer to people who are willing to earn a dollar for an hour but if not, then forget about it.

While the opportunity it’s legit, it won’t take you anywhere. It’s too small to be even considered a side hustle but then again, if this is something you enjoy, you can use this in your free time.

If you want to make money doing reviews, I suggest that you create a blog and monetize it or join affiliate programs, such as Wealthy Affiliate, and earn commissions.

How Much To Join Slice The Pie?

Joining as a Scout is free. All you have to do is provide personal details, such as your name, email address, password, gender, and birthdate.

As an artist, you have to pay for your tracks to be rated and reviewed.



Legit Way To Make Money

There are tons of ways to make money online but only a few are legit.

Slice The Pie is one of the legitimate platforms that you can earn from if you have extra time and you want to write reviews about new tracks. 

It helps new artists learn about what’s good about their songs and what needs to be improved.


Low-Income Potential

If you’re looking for a regular source of income or a side hustle, this is NOT the option. The rate per word is too low and it’s barely enough to buy a meal.

I’m not going to recommend this to you but I’m not saying that it's a bad opportunity. I mean, if you have free time and you want to spend it on something that will let you earn a dollar, then why not?

But then again, there are other legit and profitable options.

Limited Market

The site is only available in the US; if you’re not from the United States, you can’t even access it. 

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Training Tools/Support

For support, Slice The Pie has social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn you can follow and reach. There’s also an FAQ section on their site 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Overall, Slice The Pie is a good site for aspiring artists who want to showcase their songs. There’s a lot of competition in the music industry and this platform gives them a chance to be heard.

It also offers an opportunity to make money at home by writing reviews. It’s not a lot but for those who are just into sharing their opinions, this can be a good place, too.

The downside is that it can’t be used as a source of regular income, let alone a side hustle. There are other writing gigs you can use as an alternative if you want to write a review and receive good compensation.

What's Next?

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If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

Thank you for reading my Slice The Pie review!

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