Your Eternal Seed Review – Why Should NOT Be Part Of This Gifting Scheme!

is your eternal seed a scam

Welcome to this Your Eternal Seed Review!

In the past, we’ve already discussed some multi-level marketing (MLM) companies with cash gifting schemes, such as Up2Give, Million Money, and Daily Digital Club.

Unfortunately, most of them are scams and perhaps that’s one reason why they are not upfront about it in the first place. However, unlike the main topic in this review, Your Eternal Seed is transparent about the nature of the opportunity.

Your Eternal Seed Review Summary

Name: Your Eternal Seed


Founders: Not Disclosed

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $35 For The Membership Fee + $70 To$1,125 For The Investment

your eternal seed logo

Quick Summary: Your Eternal Seed comes as a private association that has come together for charitable purposes.

Participants have chosen to exercise their right to freely give to others who have joined with the same purpose and also earn profit from the opportunity through receiving. However, it’s just another cash gifting scheme that will benefit only the ones running it.

Amusingly, they’re upfront that the program is indeed a cash gifting scheme. However, they're not that totally transparent because there were no names mentioned to who really runs or owns the company.

And also, with no retail products and with probable sole source of income coming from members, it’s basically your typical pyramid and a Ponzi scheme in disguise.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

For those who are not familiar, cash gifting is when someone gives you a sum of money as a gift rather than an exchange for goods or services. However, schemes like this can turn into an illegal pyramid scheme, which can cost you a fortune and even land you in jail. 

So, anytime you are giving or receiving cash as a gift, make sure it’s legal. 

In this review, we will talk more about Your Eternal Seed and answer questions, including:

How does it really work?

Is Your Eternal Seed a pyramid scheme?

What makes it different from similar programs?


Be sure to read the entire review to catch all the red flags and help you decide which program is right for you!

what is your eternal seed about

What Is Your Eternal Seed About?

Your Eternal Seed is an online opportunity with a mission to provide an avenue for participants to practice giving and receiving. Apparently, you don’t just give; you also earn profit from it.

The company is pretty transparent that they are a cash gifting program but no matter how open they are on that matter, the founder’s information, on the other hand, is inaccessible. 

The names of the people involved in the platform were not disclosed and the only description we have based on their website is that they are a team of professional and experienced individuals.

The company’s website domain “” was registered on August 4, 2016, and was addressed in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. This suggests that whoever is running or operating Your Eternal Seed, they are also based out of the US.

Your Eternal Seed Product Line

Though the idea of giving and receiving is good, the terrible truth is that there are no retail products and/or services offered in this program. The only thing that participants or affiliates are markets is Your Eternal Seed’s affiliate membership itself.

Is Your Eternal Seed A Scam?

If you take a look at Your Eternal Seed reviews online, it would obviously suggest that it is one.

Yes, participating in a cause to donate or give is good but participating in a cash-gifting platform where you give gifts with a purpose to qualify to receive money in return is indeed fraudulent.

Since there’s actually no real product in Your Eternal Seed, recruitment is the only source of revenue, making it a pyramid scheme.

It is illegal and it deceives people that they are participating in a noble cause when in reality it’s just to mask their real agenda, which is to scam people. Basically, it’s just another fraud that aims to get money from people.

Is Your Eternal Seed A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Though they present that the company has a mission to help people earn profits via their platform, they can’t sugarcoat the fact that it’s a pyramid scheme.

The opportunity offered is sketchy since there are no real products or services and what really is marketed is the membership itself. 

It’s also a Ponzi scheme. 

As mentioned, recruitment paves the way as the donations or the cash gifting came from the new recruits and it’s gonna be the pool of income. Basically, it works like most illegal cash gifting schemes where gifting comes by collecting money from affiliates and uses it to pay other members.  

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Your Eternal Seed Compensation Plan

Basically, Cash gifting should be the act of giving someone cash without expecting something in return. Thus, the word “gift,” right? 

But on the contrary, most cash gifting platforms are done with the expectation of a return that could even be higher than what you had given. Your Eternal Seed basically revolves around a compensation plan like this.

This is how you'd profit in the Your Eternal Seed Compensation Plan, the income structure as what is posted on their website.

Apparently, affiliates give gift funds to each other through a series of 8×1 matrix queues. An 8×1 matrix is basic, requiring eight positions to be filled. As each position is filled, the following commissions are paid out:

  • Queue 1 (positions cost $35) – Receive $100 and cycle into Queue 2
  • Queue 2 – Members have to invest at least $70 to receive $300 and cycle into Queue 3
  • Queue 3 – Members have to invest at least $150 and receive $3,000 and cycle into Queue 4
  • Queue 4 – Members have to invest at least $550 and receive $,5000 and cycle into Queue 5
  • Queue 5 – Members have to invest at least $1,125 and receive $24,000 once all eight positions are filled

An 8x1 matrix is a kind of income structure that is not suitable for making any kind of significant profits. Thus, everyone should avoid investing in such platforms.

your eternal seed compensation plan

How Much To Join Your Eternal Seed?

Joining Your Eternal Seed affiliate membership costs a gifting payment of $35; $25 of this is gifted to the affiliate who recruited you and the $10 goes to the Your Eternal Seed admin.

And on top of this, you’ll have to invest $70-$1,125 to move and cycle into queue positions and receive your corresponding cash gifts for each level. 



Well, I do commend them that they are pretty upfront that they are a cash gifting platform. However, there’s nothing really to like about Your Eternal Seed. 

The idea of having a chance to give and get something in return may be quite appealing. It might even lead you to think that you’re doing a noble act as you donate. But then again, it’s a cash gifting scheme and these are just gimmicks to lure you into a scam. 


No Owners Disclosed

Your Eternal Seed may have been transparent with other details or how it’s so upfront that it’s a gifting platform but unfortunately, it doesn’t have founder information.

This is crucial as one of the first things people would like to see on online money-making opportunities is the information about the person who runs or owns. It establishes a program and promotes a sense of trust, which Your Eternal Seed has failed to provide.

It would be hard to find someone to blame if things go wrong, thus a red flag.

Illegal Cash Gifting Platform

In reality, the Cash Gifting System is a deceptive front. Since participating in a cash-gifting system like this, where you give cash gifts in order to be gifted in return is definitely illegal. 

So don’t be deceived! You’re basically making investments to a Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme that would just scam you, and should anything go wrong, your name might even get tainted for being involved with them.

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Training Tools/Support

Joining Your Eternal Seed gives you access to a complete virtual back office with checks and balances through online controls ensuring gifts are received. It also claims easy access to members' information for communication purposes. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

No matter what they say, the company has a mission to help people earn profits via gifting, and no matter how they sugarcoat it, cash gifting schemes are still breeding grounds for pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

We’ve reviewed over a dozen similar programs and most, if not all of them end up as a scam.

The emotional factors of such platforms that come with a noble cause may move you and let you join but remember that giving should be given alone but if your purpose is to receive something in return, things are different.

It doesn’t make sense to be called an act of giving if you are also expecting. 

So for me, I will have to say NO to Your Eternal Seed right away!

What's Next?

Now that you are probably convinced that Your Eternal Seed is NOT the opportunity for you, I believe it’s time to welcome a better, legit opportunity. 

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  • Thank you for reading my Your Eternal Seed review!

I hope you have been enlightened with this review. If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to share it below.

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