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is digital cash club a scam

Welcome to My Daily Digital Club Review! 

Cash gifting schemes may be quite unusual in most multi-level marketing (MLM) settings.  

Not only unusual but also fraudulent. We’ve reviewed similar products in the past, such as Up2Give and mind you, not one of them is legit. Unfortunately, despite all the victims and complaints, many people still fall into their trap.

Daily Digital Club Review Summary

Name: Daily Digital Club

Website: www.dailydigitalclub.com

Founders: Peter Wolfing

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $25 To $150 For The Membership Packages

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Quick Summary: Daily Digital Club is an online income opportunity that runs on a cash gifting scheme although it markets itself as multi-level marketing.

However, unlike a legit business model, there are just a couple of red flags about this opportunity, including the fact that the incentives are solely based on recruiting. Considering this, it’s more like a pyramid scheme than legit networking!

It may come claiming to be an e-Learning MLM but you can’t join unless someone refers you and gives their referral code. Now, there goes the recruitment hype!

On top of this, the owner has a bad reputation.

Overall Rating: 1/10

Recommended: No

After all, the opportunity sounds easy. Often, cash-gifting schemes won’t require experience or special skills to make money here. 

I’m no expert but what I know is, there’s no such thing as guaranteed cash or easy money unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery. 

In this post, we’ll dive into an opportunity called Daily Digital Club, a cash-gifting scheme that’s supposed to be an MLM.  

what is digital cash club about

We’ll answer important questions, such as what it’s about, how it works, whether Daily Digital Club is legit or not, and more.

What Is Daily Digital Club About?

Daily Digital Club is an MLM company that offers training on the digital money-making space through videos, audios, and documents. However, you can’t just take part unless someone refers you to the program and gives you their referral code. 

So, basically, it runs a reverse 1-up cash gifting scheme, which is a telltale of a pyramid scheme, by the way. In this platform, you will recruit people to get payments and pass up these payments as well. 

With regards to the owner of Daily Digital Club, the company or website wasn’t able to mention it. Yet, with further digging, a person by the name of Peter Wolfing appears to be the owner and founder of Daily Digital Club.

While Wolfing is a real person, he has a bad reputation because of being an infamous scammer.

Here is the list of scams he has been involved with:

  • Turbo Cycler – An illegal cash gifting scam.
  • Ultimate Cycler – A pyramid scheme that collapsed in 2013.
  • Pay Me Forward – An illegal cash gifting.
  • Business Toolbox – An outright pyramid scheme.
  • National Wealth Center – An illegal cash gifting.
  • Infinity 100 – An illegal cash gifting.
  • Direct Mail Pro – A collapsed pyramid scheme.
  • Hand of Heaven – A pyramid scheme aimed at Christians.
  • Ueconomy – You guessed it, right! Another illegal cash gifting scheme.
  • Easy1Up - Up-to-date and still running, this is a training program that turns out to be a pyramid scheme. 

As you can see, he’s so used to these cash gifting schemes and if he had done it a couple of times, would it not be any different with Daily Digital Club? 

Daily Digital Club was said to have started in March 2020. However, checking on their website domain, it was created on January 26, 2008, and is addressed in New York, USA.  

Apparently, this scam has been around for far too long!  

Daily Digital Product Line 

Daily Digital Club (DDC) comes as an e-Learning MLM that offers training on the digital money-making space with the help of videos, audios, and documents.  

Below are Peter Wolfing's online e-Learning Club’s Sample Courses. Take note that the titles vary in each package. 

  • List Building Basics
  • Facebook Marketing Basics
  • Facebook Ad Basics
  • Facebook ReMarketing Basics
  • Product Launch Basics
  • Product Creation Basics
  • Bonus Creation Basics
  • Mobile Marketing Basics
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Banner Marketing Basics
  • Twitter Basics
  • Twitter Marketing Basics
  • Video Marketing Basics
  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Facebook Relevance
  • Split Testing
  • Timeline Advertising
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Hiring and Outsourcing
  • Email Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • E-Learning
  • Affiliate Recruiting
  • Native Ads 

On Daily Digital Club’s domain, they claim that the content on the training mentioned above is said to be updated monthly and the videos are up to date. 

However, there are no retail products or services offered. 

The perks mentioned above are all just part of the inclusions to be a member of their opportunity. As discussed, affiliates only take part in this income opportunity by signing up for the membership.

Therefore, what is really marketed here is the affiliate membership itself. 

Is Daily Digital Club A Scam?

Daily Digital Club appears to be a scam. From the part that it has no retailable services or physical products up to the reputation of the owner makes it already fraudulent. 

They may offer training and whatsoever but apparently, what they the market is the affiliate membership itself. Most probably, your income here will come from recruitment alone. 

In case you don’t know, that’s already a huge red flag, especially if you base it on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) guideline.

Indeed, it’s a cash gifting pyramid scheme where you pay direct payments to the one who recruited you with the motivation of also gaining the money from your downlines. These schemes are definitely illegal and are bound to collapse!

Daily Digital Club A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

All information points to Daily Digital Club being a pyramid scheme.

It is geared towards promoting their program and the membership itself, thus a scam.

There are no other retailable products and your earnings will only come when another person decides to buy into the membership.

This may sound confusing, especially since there are MLM companies that don’t sell tangible products.

Here’s the thing, a legit networking company may have no tangible products but they will offer digital services, such as mentorship or eBooks that members can make money from. Meaning, they can earn profit from these products by selling them.

what is Daily Digital Club

They can earn additional commissions by inviting people but instead of getting directly compensated, they will only get bonuses once their downline makes a sales, too.

A pyramid scheme, on the other hand, may disguise their real identity by offering “products or services” but if you take a closer look, the only thing that they are selling is their membership.

Beware of this kind of program not only to avoid losing money but also getting involved in fraudulent activities.

Considering all the information we gathered about DCC, there’s no doubt that it’s a pyramid scheme.

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Daily Digital Club Compensation Plan

Since there are basically no retail sales, DDC’s compensation plan simply revolves around referral commissions.  

Here are some details about their compensation plan: 

Daily Digital Club compensation plan

Referral Commissions - DDC’s referral commissions follow a unilevel compensation structure. The first level of the unilevel structure will contain the person you recruited; the second level contains the next person that your recruit or downline gets; the third level covers the members of the second level’s team, and so on. 

But DDC has this unique plan called the “Reverse 2-Up” compensation plan. The “Reverse 2-Up” compensation structure involves passing up the monthly subscriptions to the 2nd and 4th recruited members to your sponsor.  

Below is a breakdown of it based on a $100/month subscription: 

  • 1st Personally Recruited Member – You get the commissions for this person.
  • 2nd Personally Recruited Member – You have to pass-up the commissions for this person to your sponsor.
  • 3rd Personally Recruited Member – You get the commissions for this person.
  • 4th Personally Recruited Member – You have to pass-up the commissions for this person to your sponsor.
  • 5th Personally Recruited Member And On – You are qualified to keep the commissions for every person that joins you from here on.

 As mentioned, the breakdown above is based on the model of joining through the $100/month subscription. But if you join at the $25/month subscription, anyone that subscribes higher than you will get passed on no matter what order they join in. 

See more about their compensation plan in the video below:

How Much To Join The Daily Digital Club?

In joining to be a member of Daily Digital Club, you have to subscribe monthly for a membership, and below are the rates:

  • $25
  • 100
  • $125



I don’t like anything about the Daily Digital Club so I’ll go straight to its cons. 


Lack Of Transparency

The first thing that people would like to see on an online business opportunity is the information about its owner or its executive team as this brings a sense of trust. 

However, on DDC’s official website, it does not disclose any details about its owner or founder and it would even take third-party research to reveal the name of Peter Wolfing. For me, this is taboo! Why hide such vital information? Well, unless otherwise you're scheming something bad! 

Founder’s A Serial Scammer

Another red flag is with Peter Wolfing’s involvement with the scams mentioned above. It’s alarming because it’s not only once or thrice, what’s worse is it’s more than that! It’s not to disdain him but with such bad records, would you entrust your future income with his lead?  

A Pyramid Scheme

There are no tangible or digital products to make money from and the only way to earn commissions is through recruitment. Following FTC’s guidelines, Daily Digital CLub is considered a pyramid scheme.

It’s unstable and it won’t take long until programs like this will shut down.

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Training Tools/Support

Daily Digital Club membership comes with access to its “e-learning library,” which contains various Internet marketing training guides in the form of PDF or video files. 

Final Opinion/Verdict

At first glance, it seems appealing to find an earning opportunity that also provides training. However, the truth is terrifying!

Its income opportunity is solely based on recruitment, which is definitely a big no! They don't have retail products or services to make money from and what DDC does is that they only incentivize recruitment of new members, making it a downright scam.

What Daily Digital Club is really about is a cash gifting scheme, which is illegal! 

There’s nothing good about joining this opportunity since it’s unsustainable. Once the recruitment stops, it will most likely fail.

There are many better alternatives to choose from and sadly, Daily Digital Club is not one. 

What's Next?

Too bad Daily Digital Club is a pyramid scheme but don’t worry, I have prepared a way better alternative for you!  

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  • One-on-one coaching
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Anyways, thanks for reading my Daily Digital Club review.

I hope this has enlightened you and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

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