What Is Hungry Bark About ? What You Have To Know About This Pet Supplement MLM!

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Welcome to My Hungry Bark Review!

Well, we’ve reviewed a couple of networking opportunities but this one here that Hungry Bark offers is something fresh and I could say great news for those who are animal and pet lovers.

Hungry Bark is probably the first niche that caters to your pet's needs. Well, who would want an opportunity to make money but also an avenue to look out on your fur babies' health and wellness. 

Hungry Bark Review Summary

Name: Hungry Bark

Website: www.hungrybark.com

Founders: Nick Molina

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Free

hungry bark logo

Quick Summary: Hungry Bark is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that markets customized food supplements to your pets. Apparently joining as an affiliate is free and you get to gain commissions once people buy Hungry Bark products through your referral link.

But on the downside, their products are pretty expensive. Well, they're relatively new and no income disclosure statement could prove yet if affiliates are really earning from the program. 

Overall Rating: 4/10

Recommended: No

But would it be worth the shot?

As we will go through this review, we will reveal what Hungry Bark offers.  

We will learn more about this pet supplement multi-level marketing (MLM), from its background, products, compensation plan, down to its costs and pros and cons, and more! 

what is hungry bark about

So without further ado, let’s get started with this Hungry Bark review.

What Is Hungry Bark About?

From the company name alone, you could tell that it’s something for man’s best friends - dogs! The name, Hungry Bark alone will then speak to your animal lover's heart. Well, Hoomans would definitely be interested right away! So what is this Hungry Bark?

Hungry Bark is a multi-level marketing company built with the purpose to cater to your pet dogs nutritional needs and being a network marketing, it also provides an affiliate program that allows one to gain commissions.

Hungry Bark basically operates in the pet supplies niche. And as I mentioned above, Hungry Bark is probably the first and only MLM company that caters to pet dogs needs and is basically marketing to pet owners. The company operates and is based out of Florida, USA. 

Hungry Bark was founded by Nick Molina in the middle of 2019. 

hungry bark founder  Nick Molina

Apparently, outside of Hungry Bark, Nick Molina doesn’t have any prior experiences with other MLMs. So, it’s safe to conclude that Hungry Bark might be his first MLM venture. Before his involvement with Hungry Bark, he worked in the vaping and telecommunications industries.  

Nick Molina appears to be an animal lover himself as he is a member of the Board of Directors of Support Pets, which is an online technology platform that connects pet owners with medical professionals to provide Emotional Support Animal certifications. 

He is also the Founder of Endangered Investments, which is a group that claims to be made up of “smart money investors”. 

Hungry Bark Product Line 


Hungry Bark's product line is customized nutritional food supplements specifically catered to your pet dogs' needs. They have this custom meal plan for your furry babies, starting with a MEAL and they consider these pet foods to be “superfoods,” which are food with ingredients based around real meats. 

Thereby giving your pets the optimal nutritional value. Next are chewable vitamins and supplements. And then, they also Protein Mix-Ins.  

MEAL - Superfood ingredients paired with real meat proteins like fresh chicken, lamb, turkey, duck, salmon and fortified with probiotics, vitamins and minerals are all-natural with no fillers or artificial preservatives. It is also Vet Approved.

  • SuperFoods with Chicken, Turkey, and Brown Rice
  • SuperFoods with Turkey and Duck (Grain-Free)
  • SuperFoods with Lamb and Turkey (Grain-Free) – $21.49 (4 Ibs), $43.55 (12 Ibs), and $61.99 (24 Ibs)
  • SuperFoods with Salmon (Grain-Free)
  • Supplements - Vitamins and supplement tasty chews double as treats and help support hip & joint health, healthy digestion, skin/coat plus heart health to your pets.
  • Happy Heart – Chews for the skin, coat, and heart.
  • Move + Groove – Chews for hip and joint health. 
  • Balanced Belly – Chews for pets with sensitive tummies and digestive issues. 
  • Whole Health – A multivitamin chew that retails for $21.49 for a jar of 60 chews
  • Chill Chew – Chews made to relieve anxieties in dogs and to provide stress relief. 
  • Protein Mix-Ins - Single-ingredient protein mix-ins you add to your dog’s meals for added flavor and nutrition. It’s all-natural and is freeze-dried raw. It’s also made in the USA just like the 2 above. 

Product wise, pet owners appear to be satisfied with Hungry Bark. in fact, it is known to be a Superfoods supplier. Not only that meat derivatives are their primary ingredients but it’s also good that Hungry Bark emphasizes that their food products are grain-free.

hungry bark product line

Also, it doesn’t present as a veterinary alternative but really more on promoting your pet’s general wellness. 

Is Hungry Bark A Scam?

Hungry Bark appears to be a legitimate MLM company that offers legit products and an earning opportunity that enables people to gain extra income. 

It’s almost the same as Vivri, LurraLife, and Eniva.

Well, it’s not bad that you could earn something from an opportunity that is even free joining, right? And Hungry Bark is still pretty new in the industry, as it's only been around for more than a year. But we’d like to think that this has still the potential to be big in the next few years as Hungry Bark still has a lot to prove of itself.  

And up to now, we still don’t have an idea of how much people are actually making from their affiliate program. Let’s just wait until they release an official income disclosure statement. 

Is Hungry Bark A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

Apparently, Hungry Bark is not a pyramid scheme. It’s a real business that comes with tangible products and an opportunity to uphold your pet's well-being and also earn commissions as you promote their product. 

Imagine, joining is free yet it comes with an earning opportunity. Yes, you’ll probably opt to recruit but you only not recruit aspiring affiliates but you also refer customers to subscribe or buy their products. 

And apparently, commissions on orders made by referred customers are bigger compared to commissions from recruited members. So basically, Hungry Bark is more about marketing their brand and selling their products to the people rather than selling for the sake of the MLM opportunity. Thus, it’s not a Pyramid Scheme and it is also not a Ponzi scheme. 

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Hungry Bark Compensation Plan

Hungry Bark’s Compensation Plan is a bit different but apparently, as an affiliate you’ll earn from the orders (sales) made by the customers you refer and through recruitment by those you refer to join the program as well. 

Hungry Bark’s compensation plan has a 2-tier affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn commissions when they refer buyers or recruit members and this is how it works:  

Tier 1 (Subscription Orders & Non-subscription Orders from Customers)

  • Subscription Orders - Affiliates earn a 20% commission when they refer a customer who signs up for a subscription. And this 20% is based on their customers’ first order. They’ll then earn a 5% recurring commission on all subsequent orders.  
  • Non-Subscription Orders - Affiliates earn a 20% commission on orders made by people they refer even if they don’t subscribe. 

Tier 2 (Recruitment)

  • Affiliates get a 5% commission on every subscription sign-up and non-subscription purchase generated by members they referred into the Hungry Bark affiliate program.
  • Affiliates earn a 1% recurring commission if the first order was a subscription and for each subsequent order.

How Much To Join Hungry Bark?

Joining to be an Affiliate in Hungry Bark is free. There’s no membership fee to pay and it’s not even associated with Hungry Bark’s compensation plan. 

Instead as an affiliate joining the program for free, you get a referral link and promote it and you then get commissions from people who buy through your link and commissions from people you recruit to join the program as well. 

Well, they have a minimum payout of $50, which means you’ll only get your payment once you’ve earned a total of $50 commission. 

To join, you just have to go visit their website and click on the “Affiliate Program” button at the bottom to get started.



Free To Join

Yes, the affiliate program is absolutely free joining and it’s something rare for an MLM opportunity! But of course, if you want to go buy the products for your pet, you’ll have to purchase one.  

Unique And Interesting

As mentioned, it’s something fresh and is probably the only MLM in its scope that provides food supplements for dogs. It’s really some great news for dog lovers who would want their pets to be healthy and well. 

I’ve also seen that this MLM supports dog charities. Not only it allows earning some money but also it comes with a mission to help other furry friends.  


Products Are A Bit Expensive

Hungry Bark products are a bit expensive but it’s probably worth its price as when you look at the ingredient list, you could understand why it’s priced like that. Most pet owners would even go the extra mile to give the best for their dogs. Yet in reality, it’s still gonna be a bit of a challenge to market expensive products. You definitely know to find the right leads. 

No Income Disclosure Statement 

Yes, it’s still pretty new in the industry and so we may not be able to see the income disclosure statement yet. However, we haven’t found any feedback on whether or not people are making money from their affiliate program. So, we are not sure if affiliates are really earning or not.  

Good As Side Income

Well, for an opportunity that is free joining, you won’t expect too much from Hungry Bark. Yet, it’s a good thing that you could earn from something that is even free joining but apparently, it’s only good as a side income. 

It may not really equate to full-time income enough to sustain a living as affiliates only earn an average of $8 per sale based on commissions and $2 for every succeeding order on average if they subscribed to Hungry Bark. 

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Training Tools/Support

As part of the Affiliate Program, affiliates will have access to Hungry Bark’s dedicated affiliate team, which consists of individuals whose only job is to support Hungry Bark affiliates. Affiliates can then count on them for technical support, marketing support, and even emotional support! 

Final Opinion/Verdict

Hungry Bark is something fresh for an MLM niche. It suits dog lovers who want to keep their fur babies healthy and at the same time earn some spare income from the opportunity itself.  

Yes, it’s not a scam and in fact, it’s a legit business that comes with quality products and a program that even goes on a noble cause for dogs. Yet, if you’re looking for a full-time income, it’s not the best opportunity for you. 

But if you just want to give your fur babies the best nutritional food intake possible while making money at the same time, then this might be something you can try. 

What's Next?

Perhaps, you’re looking for a full-time income online and have come to know that Hungry Bark is definitely not the opportunity for you? Don’t worry, I definitely have the best alternative for you. 

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That ends my Hungry Bark review. Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope that this has been a valuable source of information for you.

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