Is Xifra A Scam? Legit CBD Program Or A Pyramid Scheme?

is xifra a scam

Welcome to My Xifra Review! 

The CBD (Cannabidiol) industry is slowly growing and even networking companies are taking advantage of this. In our website alone, Best Lifetime Income, we’ve reviewed more than a dozen brands promoting this product. 

Dose Of Nature, First Fitness Nutrition, and Navan Global just to name some.

Xifra Review Summary

Name: Xifra

Website: no longer active

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: $155 To get Started + $300 To $50,000 For The Investment

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Quick Summary: Xifra is a program that has more of a pyramid structure. No products or services to make money from and the only way to earn is through recruitment. There are  many red flags involved so it’s best to go over this review to point them out

Recommended: No

In this post, we’ll talk about a similar program called Xifra or Xifra Lifestyle. 

What makes it different from other CBD MLM programs? Is Xifra legit in the first place? Can you make money with the program? 

All these and more questions are answered in this Xifra review.

What Is Xifra About?

Xifra Lifestyle -- or Xifra in short -- is a multi-level marketing program (MLM) that offers CBD-infused products and an opportunity to make money.  

Launched in October 2019, Xifra’s plantations are located in California and Colorado. 

However, it seems like there are no websites or other resources that would prove their existence. There’s a LinkedIn account under their name though but it contains nothing. No photos or vital information about them to get more details about the owners. 

Xifra’s main target market is South America, such as Costa Rica; however, the brand’s address is listed in Mexico. 

Xifra Product Line 

As an MLM, the brand should offer tangible products or digital services; however, since they promote CBD, there should be a legit product, just like the other similar programs. 

With Xifra, the only way to make money is by buying into their investments. Remember the plantations from Colorado and California? The key is to become a member and make money by investing cash in their CBD farm. 

In their subscription program, members have access to various CBD products that claim to lose weight, detox the body, and improve libido. However, these products are just bonuses and not means to make money. 

You can’t sell them or promote them because as mentioned, you can only earn cash by investing in their Cannabis plantations.  

Since they offer investments as a way to make money, Xifra should be registered in Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC). This authorizes them to promote investment and trading activities; however, just like the owners, it’s non-existent. 

No proof of proper registration. No proof of generated revenue from the investments. No other way to make revenue than to recruit.

Is Xifra A Scam?

Considering all the red flags stated above we cannot recommend this program.  

It may look like a network marketing company but there are many red flags to take a note of. I know most people are confused about these but to enlighten you, here’s a quick explanation about the two. 

Networking or MLM is a legit business model. It often promotes tangible products, such as supplements, personal care, and even cooking ware. Some brands may offer digital services instead, such as coaching, financial education, etc. 

Members or distributors of MLM make money by selling their products or services and can earn more through recruitment. However, unlike scams, they only earn once their downline or recruits make a sale. 

As for scams or pyramid schemes, the only way to make money is through recruitment. No products or services and even if they do, members are forced to purchase tons of useless products. 

But then again, recruitment is the only key to earn commissions, making it unstable. Why? Because once the recruitment stops, the company has no other way to generate profit.  

A pyramid scheme is also illegal in many states and countries and I bet you don’t want to get your name involved in this kind of scheme.

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Xifra Compensation Plan

Referral Commission 

As mentioned, the only way to make money with Xifra is to recruit people.  

You can either subscribe to the Regular Investment Plan and earn 8% in referral commissions and another 2% for your referral’s referral. 

Or you can subscribe to the Plantation Investment Plan and earn 20% for your recruits, 3% from your recruit’s recruit, and another 2% from other levels. 

Rank Commissions 

You also have to advance in ranks to earn more commissions. The idea is to increase your level because the higher your rank is, the bigger commission you make. 

xifra review

Residual Commissions 

Again, the key is to recruit and build a team to earn commissions and encourage your team to do the same. This will help you earn more commissions. 

ROI Commissions 

By investing in their Cannabis plantations, you can earn around 0.5% to 2% daily with a cap of 200% to 240%. All investments and payout are done in Bitcoin.

How Much To Join Xifra?

To get started at Xifra, you have to pay $115 but that’s just the initial payment. To earn commissions. You need to invest at least $300 up to $50,000.



I don’t like anything about Xifra. There are just too many red flags that I’ll discuss below. 


Potential of a Pyramid Scheme 

There are products in Xifra but you only get this as part of your membership. You cannot sell it and earn commissions because again, the only way to make money here is to recruit. 

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Training Tools/Support

If you need customer support, you can send them an email or follow their official social media accounts.

Final Opinion/Verdict

It’s not hard to determine what Xifra is really about. 

The opportunity to make money is also sketchy. Members are supposed to invest and get ROI but there’s no proof that the brand has been registered. Therefore, we don’t know if they are legally operating their trading and investing activities. 

Also, there’s a hype on the recruitment, which is understandable since there’s no other way to make money than to build a team.  

What's Next?

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Thank you for reading my Xifra review. 

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

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