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TradeDoubler Review – Can You Really Make Money With One Of Today’s Oldest Affiliate Marketing Program?

Welcome to My TradeDoubler Review!

If you’ve been searching and trying different ways to earn online for quite some time now, perhaps you already know that affiliate marketing is one of the best programs you should try.

TradeDoubler Review Summary

Name: TradeDoubler

Website: www.tradedoubler.com

Founders: Felix Hagnö and Martin Lorentzon

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Website

Price: Free

tradedoubler review

Quick Summary: TradeDoubler is an affiliate marketing network that has acquired various recognition including being one of the Top Affiliate Networks. It claims to help affiliate marketers earn cash in exchange of promoting the goods of their merchandizers.

With all the positive things related with this brand, it has still acquired a number of critics. So the question is: can you really trust this website in terms of earning income online or is it just another scam in disguise?

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommended: Yes

The income is unlimited and it gives you the flexibility to choose whatever niche or products you like, unlike an MLM wherein your only choice are the products they sell. Aside from these, there are numerous reasons why you should become an affiliate marketer and that I’ll discuss more in a bit.

For now, let’s find out if TradeDoubler — one of the oldest affiliate marketing program — is something you should consider.

What Is TradeDoubler About?

TradeDoubler is an affiliate marketing website founded by two Swedish businessmen, Felix Hagnö and Martin Lorentzon. Established in 1999, the digital marketing brand has continuously grown as a business and achieve numerous recognitions such as being one of the Top Affiliate Networks in 2017 according to mThink.

As of now, it has 10 physical offices in the UK and other European countries like France, Germany, Poland Spain, and Sweden. With over 350 employees, TradeDoubler is continuously developing its program to provide world-class performance in the internet marketing industry. In addition, the Swedish company is the only company known for offering network and technology solutions.

How TradeDoubler Works?

Like other affiliate marketing program, there are two parties involved in TradeDoubler: the merchant (advertiser) and the publisher (affiliate). The merchant’s role is to increase the traffic and sales on their affiliate websites while an affiliate, on the other hand, promotes the products or services from an affiliate website to earn a commission.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be given a special link you need to use to promote the specific product in different channels like social media, blog posting, website banners, etc. To earn the commission, a visitor should click on the special link and make a purchase or “conversion” to earn a percentage of the sale.

When joining TradeDoubler, you will earn your commission based on your performance, and it comes with several payment models such as:

  • CPA (cost per acquisition) — One of the famous ways to earn in affiliate marketing, this means obtaining money from a merchant through a successful sale.
  • CPL (cost per lead) — No actual sale is involved, however, the affiliate earns after a successful sign up in an online form or a newsletter. The reason behind this is because they can use these contact details as leads, which could end up as a successful sale in the future.
  • Cost Per Download — An affiliate earns a commission after a successful download of a mobile app or platform.
  • Cost Per Call — As the name suggests, the affiliate gets paid if a potential client calls the company’s call center. No actual sale is necessary because some brands depend on their call center representatives to seal the deal.

With a lot of payment models available, this also means a lot of earning potential. But the question is — are you really going to earn with TradeDoubler?

Before we worry about that, let’s proceed with how to get started.

From the home page, click the “Publishers” option; this will lead you to another page telling you “How you can monetise your website”. Simply click “Join Our Network” and fill in the necessary details such as the country, language, type, first name, last name, and so on and so forth. Once submitted, you will receive an email that contains the activation link — just click it and you’re done.

how to join tradedoubler

Is TradeDoubler A Scam?

For over 10 years, TradeDoubler has been in the affiliate marketing industry and until now, it’s worked with different brands and received several recognitions. Also, there are proofs online that proves affiliate marketer getting paid.

tradedoubler reviews

Rough Translation: Amount received: 143 € After a long wait of validation of the leads (count 6 months) first payment.

In addition, TradeDoubler has worked with the biggest names in the market, and that’s more than enough to prove that it’s not a scam and to attract more and more affiliates. Some of the merchants who have trusted this affiliate marketing company are The Body Shop, ING, Philips, HP, etc. 

However, despite being well-known and proving its legitimacy, TradeDoubler has received more negative feedback compared to the positive ones. Some of which includes having an unpleasant interface, inexperienced customer representatives, and more. While receiving bad reviews is normal, no matter how stable your company is, I believe that it should not outweigh the good feedback to prove how helpful it is for aspiring and seasoned affiliate marketers.


Unfortunately with TradeDoubler, the details on their pricing are not stated on their website. Joining is free but the network admission fee, as well as the other transaction fees, are not disclosed on their page. You can contact their sales agent to know more details about these.

However, I found out that the payment threshold is $40. This is fairly low enough; however, I think that it’s still better if the minimum payout is lower or probably, a lot better if there’s none at all.

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  • Lots of big names and high-quality products are present on this platform.
  • Different payment models available which mean, more chances to earn.
  • Affiliate marketers can add more than one affiliate websites.


  • The details, especially the amount you can earn as an affiliate, posted on their website are very limited.
  • The affiliate website must generate a lot of UK traffic since most of the brands they are working with are from the UK. So if you’re living outside the United Kingdom, it will be very challenging.
  • The number of good reviews is very few that I find it quite risky to join this program.
  • No demo or tutorial videos are available.
  • The training tools limited. In fact, I can’t even see anything at all. This is will be challenging for newbies who have little to less knowledge about how things work.
  • The home page is not user-friendly and there’s little to no way to know how much you have earned. Who knows? You’re not getting what you deserve.
tradedoubler scam


Learn How I Started Highly Profitable Online Business From Comfort of My Home Following This Blueprint

Who Is It For?

In this post, we’ve answered whether TradeDoubler is a scam or not and fortunately, it is legit. In fact, it has worked with the biggest names in the industry and has been a trusty affiliate marketing program for more than 10 years. 

However, it’s important that you have a great UK traffic before joining in. Yes, even those who are living outside the United Kingdom can join; however, if you can’t generate a substantial amount of UK traffic, then this is definitely not for you!

Also, since the information are quite limited and you need to talk to the customer service representative to know more, it’s just not convenient. If you’re someone who’s always busy but has enough time to do more important matters, you’re better off with another affiliate marketing brand that can provide all the necessary information you need, such as the one I am with — Wealthy Affiliate!

I am recommending this website not only I’ll earn a small commission when you decide to join using my link but also because I am confident with it. I’ve tried a number of affiliate marketing websites in the past and believe me or not, this is the only one that satisfied me the most. It’s free to join, no upsells, and almost everything you need to know is in that one platform. It even comes with an active, highly supportive community that you can interact with should you need further assistance. And the best part is — you’re guaranteed to earn a promising amount as long as you are willing to commit your time and effort to it.

Just a piece of advice though: this is a no get rich quick scheme, it’s not even close it. It won’t bring you a thousand of dollars overnight however, I guarantee that this is the best way to earn online without investment. All you need is to focus on every free training you will and apply it in your online business.

You can watch the video below to know more about TradeDoubler.

Training Tools/Support

Should there be a problem or concern, you can reach TradeDoubler using the online form found on their website or contact them via email or phone call.

Final Opinion/Verdict

TradeDoubler is a good and legit affiliate marketing program, however, I cannot recommend to everyone.

First, the income is limited since you need to generate UK traffic. The training is not provided so if you’re a beginner, it will be pretty tricky and it looks like you have to figure out most parts on your own. Also, other important details, such as the pricing, are not disclosed over their page and the only way to know these is to contact their customer service.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or even if you’ve been doing it for quite some time, it’s still helpful to have a step-by-step guide on how you can improve your online business. You can check resources online to enhance your skills and expertise or you can also check my alternative below.

What's Next?

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We hope that this TradeDoubler review has helped you and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to share it below.

Thank you!

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